Global Portable Gaming Console Market Research Report- Forecast to 2027

Portable Gaming Console Market, By Type (Mobile Gaming Consoles, Tablet Gaming Consoles), Platform (IoS, Andriods), By Product (PS4, Xbox) - Forecast 2027

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Market Overview

Portable gaming console market expected to garner USD 17 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 6%. In the Forecast Period, the Portable Gaming Console Market has witnessed high growth. This growth is attributed basically to the new and advanced audiovisual gaming console unit. Companies like Microsoft Corporation (U. S.), Nintendo Co., Ltd., (Japan), Sony Corporation (Japan), Nvidia Corporation (U. S.)., Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. (U. S.), contributes to the largest market revenue in the production of best portable gaming console. In 2017, Vying portable gaming console industry is gaining largest portable gaming console market share during the forecast period which was developed by Nintendo Co., Ltd (Japan) in 2004.

In the region of North America, the portable gaming console market is attending high attention worldwide. The portable gaming console market trend is due to the console being embedded with integrated circuits which protect the device from activities like battery clones or short circuits. The framework of the market has provided the stakeholders with a faster and efficient understanding of the market. The stereoscopic image has improved the in-depth illusion and has offered better 3D gaming in the marketing platform.

Covid 19 Analysis

The breakdown of the pandemic of COVID 19, had a great impact globally. This has also brought a bad impact on the gaming console market business across the industries. Each sector of the business is facing such an issue. The rise in the pandemic has disrupted the supply chain in the industry and the constant lockdown put forward has risen the demand at the same time.

The countrywide lockdown has to be imposed by the government to forbid the widespread of this virus. Support and the funds raised by the government and companies during this situation. The government is giving efforts to help the business grow and sustain and to prepare them for the near future.

Market Dynamics


The type of screen and the weight of the gaming console are the driving factors of the market. The sensors in it offer real-time motion sensing which provides a gaming experience to the users.


global portable gaming console market is more attractive in the APAC region which increases the opportunities during the forecast period. Digitally the gaming consoles have made the market profitable.


trying to maintain a balance between the quality and price along with the incorporation of new advanced features in the portable gaming console is the major challenge for the market. Lessening the blockbuster owing to the high price of production of offers a great challenge. The migration of consumer trends to alternative platforms including online games and mobile games becomes a challenging factor.

Cumulative growth

Multipurpose features in the gaming consoles like entertainment along with serving as game drives the portable gaming console market demand. The enhancement of companies for adopting high-tech games has a great impact on the portable gaming console market size.


the high price of the gaming console along with the high rated disk cost becomes a major hindered force of the market. The invention of smartphones and tablets became the major restraints of the portable gaming console industry. The online smartphone games so available at a low price make their demand high on the market, thus hindering the portable gaming console market growth. The increase in penetration and shifting of consumer investment from the hardware field to the software field hurdles the market growth.

Value Chain Analysis

The value supply chain management of the gaming market has accelerated the growth in building a strong network and constantly outsourcing peripheral activities. Due to the network, it has built a good relationship between the commercial partners. These chains are managed to create value to migrate to the links having better earning potential.

Segment Overview

By Type

as per the portable gaming console market is divided into type, platform, multimedia, and region. the type of console gaming includes mobile gaming consoles, tablet gaming consoles, and many others. The platform is again bifurcated into iOS, Android, and others. As per portable gaming console market analysis, it is marked that the multimedia gaming can be used in Hulu plus, Youtube, Skype, Netflix, etc.

By Technology

with the advancement of technology and with the innovation of new products several audiovisual consoles are in great demand. An increase in demand for high-end sound systems and displays gives improved and well-developed consoles to the consumers. Also due to the advancement of 3D technology the gaming consoles have been used by electronic consumers. With this, the technology has enabled us to securely download and play games on handled products.

Regional Analysis

North America holds the largest portable gaming console market globally. It holds the largest market size owing to the industry’s investment in the production of different types of console products like video gaming consoles and tablet gaming consoles. Along with North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and many other regions occupied the largest market share.

In this portable gaming console market forecast period, the European region showed rapid portable gaming console market growth. Markets in Asia Pacific countries like China, Japan, South Korea are emerging at a high rate and are expected to attain a CAGR in the upcoming period. This region holds the shares in terms of market shipments and revenues thus contributing to the increase in gamers.

Competitive Landscape

The market is engaged in doing business with top-level players. Key market participants like Nvidia Corp., Valve Corp., Microsoft Corporation (US), Sony Corporation (Japan), Playjam, Vtech (China), Bit Corporation (Taiwan), OUYA Inc., Mattel Inc. (U.S.), Mad Catz Interactive Inc., NEC Corporation, Atari SA(France), and many others. These players especially focus on innovation and providing maximum product differentiation to build the portable gaming console market size. These competitive players include players, mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships with the companies of the same or other regions impacting market trajectory. These players take good business decisions and use those opportunities in a better way.

Recent Developments

  • Sony Corporation has discovered the new-generation PlayStation 5 gaming console which has adapted new changes.

  • 4K TV discovery has a great advantage for the growth of consoles and has a great gaming experience for users.

  • The launch of ‘Scarlet Nexus’ by Microsoft Company has stunned the market. Due to technology, it has a super loading capacity along with animation at 120per second.

  • Sony invented a dual sense controller which helps in starting to ship to control the game. It helps to capture a broad range of motions. It is so made that it has inbuilt microphones where you need have to use headsets. The trigger buttons in it will help to adapt it to different activities.

  • The Microsoft company is trying to upgrade the version and use 12 teraflops of power in the Xbox series. They want to design the gaming console in such a way that it supports advanced features like the use of ray tracing, 8k resolution, GDDR6 memory, etc.

Report Overview

Portable gaming console market analysis examines the trends related to the growth, supply, recent developments, and rates. Factors affecting the drivers, restraints, challenges that provide the market scenario of the market.  The market report signifies the policies and regulations implemented in various regions. It also highlights the competitive landscape and has shown the attractiveness of the gaming console. These gaming console enhances the user’s experiences and brings reality to the home play. You will mark that the key players make it easy to navigate through market-related changes. It also covers the segmentation of the market by type, by technology, regionally, and geographically.

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