Asia to Use More than Half of the Global Electricity by 2025

By Snehal Singh, 22 February, 2023

By the year 2025, Asia will be the biggest consumer of electricity in the world. according to the survey reports of International Energy Agency, the share of Asia in the global electricity consumption is rising rapidly just from around a quarter in the year 2000.

China is the top most factor in this transformation, as in the year 2000, China used just 10 per cent of the world’s energy whereas by 2025 the share is expected to reach 33 percent.

As China is known for its population growth, it has now reversed its image, a rising living standard is still driving the rising demand for electricity. Air conditioners remain the important example to it. Other Asian countries are supposed to be growing with population until the next half of the century. This implies more demand of electricity as the nations are growing in the number of their people and the development too.

Asia is emphasizing more on renewable electricity sources but when it comes to great demand it is also trying to rely on the coal-fired electricity in many places. China is the major example of huge growth on both electricity sources in tandem.

On the other hand, the ongoing construction in coal-power plants, emissions in China are supposed to fall soon while remaining on a high stature.  But from the view of developmental timelines, other Asian nations in the field of emissions are expected to keep rising.

Asia Energy Generation
The image shows share in electricity generation of wind and solar (%)

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