Accurate Background Expands its Portfolio of Compliance-driven and Service-focused Employment Screening Services throughout EMEA

By Aarti Dhapte, 23 January, 2023

Accurate Background, the biggest privately held provider of compliant background checks, drug and health screening, and monitoring solutions, has signed and concluded the takeover of Vero Screening Ltd., the United Kingdom's largest independent employment screening service. Accurate's global expansion strategy is being maintained with this acquisition, which expands its EMEA market reach and offerings of compliance-driven and service-focused employment screening products. Accurate's global expansion continues with the addition of Vero Screening to meet the needs of global multinational organisations as they effectively onboard personnel and manage risk through industry-leading screening and monitoring services.

The merger brings together tenured, highly experienced employees, customer-driven cultures, compliance knowledge, and advanced technological improvements from two global leaders in job screening. Accurate opens a new EMEA headquarters in Brighton, UK, where the Vero team will continue to serve its loyal customers while also assisting an expanding number of multinational organisations. Accurate's range of employment screening and monitoring solutions is supplemented by Vero's products and services, and the firm has substantial vertical experience in the legal, financial, and professional services industries, as well as a strong global compliance practise.

In an industry where candidate and client experience are critical, Accurate and Vero are linked with a focus on service quality and a safer hiring process from start to end.

Accurate background checks give companies of all sizes the confidence to make faster and more informed hiring decisions. Experience a new level of assistance with a specialised team, smart technology and intelligence, and the most comprehensive coverage and search options to assist organisation in growing while protecting your brand and personnel. While Vero is a UK-based screening service provider that provides expert knowledge and world-class service to clients in over 200 countries, with a focus on financial services, banking, legal, professional services, and technology. Its mission is to provide outstanding job screening services and solutions that reduce client risk and boost applicant engagement.

Accurate Background introduces AccurateConfirm, a candidate-driven alternative for employment history verification

AccAccurate Background, the biggest privately held provider of compliant background checks, drug and health screening, and monitoring solutions, has added AccurateConfirm to their range of verification products, providing a more efficient and cost-effective way to validate work history. AccurateConfirm offers an optimised workflow that uses payroll data to confirm the information provided by a candidate in circumstances where hiring may not require the same level of detail, or where a simple confirmation that the applicant was employed by the claimed business is all that is necessary. When payroll data is unavailable, candidates must scan or submit suitable employment-related documents.

AccurateConfirm provides a report that includes the employer's name and confirmation of employment within the candidate's stated time limit. This upfront document collection accelerates the process, reduces turnaround time, and lowers the cost of employment verification, allowing employers to quickly authenticate candidate-provided information on current or previous work and accelerate hiring.
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