Frozen Food - From freezer to your kitchen

July 2016

The frozen foods are those food items which rapidly froze and are kept frozen until it is not being consumed, freezing food preservers the food from getting contaminated. Freezing food changes the moist in the food into the ice and prevents the growth of bacteria which slows down the process of decomposition. There are mainly two process of freezing food one is mechanical and other is cryogenic (also known as flash freezing). To keep the quality and standard of the food item intact the freezing kinetics is important. In quick freezing there are smaller ice crystal formed which preserver the cellular structure. The quickest technology being used for freezing in current era is cryogenic freezing as in this process there is ultimate low liquid nitrogen temperature which is -196°C (that is -320°F).

In the days back in 20th and 21st centuries there was the concept of household freezers, in the kitchens for protecting and preserving he food stuff. The consumers agreed on the suggestion to freeze the food on the same day when it is bought. In year 2012 a group of supermarkets took an initiative to encourage advising the freezing of food should be done as soon as it is possible to the food items ‘use by’ date.

The invention of frozen food was done by many but the main credit goes to Clarence Frank Birdseye II, in year 1929 he invented flash freezing in America. Firstly Birdseye was interested curious in knowing about food freezing while the fur trapping expeditions to Labradors, where he first saw freezing of food naturally.

The frozen food market is expanding rapidly and becoming more productive and cost-efficient. The mechanical freezers were first to be utilized in the industry of food product, and was used in majority for freezing line. They work by exchanging (circulating) a refrigerant, generally ammonia, works all around the system which helps in removing heat from the food stuff. The removed heat is moved to a condenser and then dispersed into air or water. The refrigerant is now of high pressure hot liquid and is directed toward evaporator, and goes through the expansion valve, then it is cooled down after that it is changed into vapor, and again the temperature is lowered and the gas is again transferred to the system.  

The concept of cooking the frozen food is taking it out from the freezer and put directly to the frying pan or microwave. Some of the companies who are selling frozen food products are Birds Eye,  Aunt Bessie's, Bubba Foods, Freezer Queen, Groupe Doux, Hot Pockets, Happy Belly, etc.


-Shubhra Ketan



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