Corrugated Boxes to Mould the Future of the Packaging Industry

Published On: November 2022

Corrugated boxes are varied layers of paper material made from zigzag patterns of cardboard to make it thick, strong, and durable to transport shipments and other items from one place to another while protecting it from being shattered from its fragile form. The corrugated box market is widely spread in every industry, and we get a glimpse of the corrugated box almost daily.
Application of the corrugated boxes
Whether it is shifting a house (Relocation Sector), buying groceries in huge quantities (Food and beverage Industry), purchase of a new electrical appliance (Electronic Product Sector), shopping for new clothes (Textile Industry), or industrial packaging for containers or components (Industrial packaging), or a box full of medicines ordered online (Healthcare and E-Commerce platform), all of them have one thing in common, its packaging is done in corrugated boxes. Corrugated box applications are all over every industry and are used in Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) transactions to source materials, produce and get the final output. The most significant contributor to the growth of the corrugated box market is the food and beverage sector, where the demand for organic food products drives it to the top contributor in the list of other sectors.
What is boosting the corrugated box market?
E-Commerce Industry
The change in the lifestyle of shoppers and consumers has given a sales boost to the E-Commerce Industry, which has paved its way to being a driving force for the market of corrugated boxes.
Corrugated boxes are made of craft paper and test paper that is cut and glued into boxes that provide a cushion to protect them for handling and shipping items. Paper is one of the most significant sources of renewable energy. This makes the corrugated box market drive acceleration as the world is moving for a safer way to utilize products that carry to a greener environment.
Every product has a different quality and needs another packaging for its product safety, different size and shape demand for its shipment, and the correct weight of thin and thick layers for a reasonable price. In this case, the end user can customize corrugated boxes based on size, shape, or weight. Many countries expect an increase in numbers for a spurt in the corrugated box industry.
What makes corrugated boxes stand out from the rest in their packing quality?
Corrugated boxes are made from recycling old, torn packages and millions of tons of used containers; mixed waste of trees is processed to get customized shapes and sizes and fresh boxes.
Hurdles in the growth of the corrugated box market
Despite its numerous benefits, the corrugated box market has some huge potholes on its way that hinders its growth. The primary ingredient raw material that makes up the corrugated box is paper. It is observed that the paper cost rise has shot up the price of corrugated boxes by nearly 70% pre- and post-COVID period due to a sharp increase in its commodity price. The COVID outbreak has seen many industries suffer worldwide and businesses shut down due to heavy losses. This move affected the secondary packaging industry of the corrugated box market and hindered its growth due to volatility in demand and supply of its market.
Way out to surpass the rising cost of paper.
There is a huge demand for corrugated boxes, but a shortage in the supply of paper and an increase in prices are forcing manufacturers to prey. Hence, many companies have found a more innovative way of using less paper by single - wall board style that can be used as a layer of protection, divider to the products, and decrease the total cost of the corrugated box as the weight of the package comes down through lowering of layers. However, each product requires different packaging, and all the boxes cannot be made in this style.
Future analysis of the corrugated box market
The market size of Corrugated and paperboard boxes is expected to reach USD 388.36 Billion by 2027 and record a CAGR of 6.45% throughout the forecast period of 2027. 
 Choosing the proper manufacturer for the corrugated box
We need to understand and choose an excellent corrugated box manufacturer to get the correct supplier for the product type. A company that specializes in the proper manner based on the quantity and quality of the box is the right fit choice. The increasing popularity of the corrugated box market is due to its durability, sustainability, and usefulness in almost every industry type for secondary packing solutions.