Is the Capsule Coffee Machine a Safe Bet for the Environment?

Published On: November 2022

Mornings are cozy, and the laziness of waking up with an alarming sound is very discouraging. However, if the aroma of the strong smell of coffee awakens us and the dark-colored bitter taste of coffee grants a freshness in us, then we are sure coffee lovers.

This makes us even more eager to know about a device that can provide us hot, expresso-type coffee at our convenience, either in offices or at home. Possibly, in that case, the only machine that can fill us with delicious coffee would be a capsule coffee machine.

The magic of the capsule coffee machine is the joy of having coffee anytime with the same flavor and taste as experienced in coffee shops. Various advantages of bringing one for self-use are:

  • A tricky process made simple

  • Saves time for visits

  • Pocket friendly

  • No need to suppress the mood of making a coffee any time of the day

  • A surplus coffee portion is guaranteed whether pressed or grind in the machine than in the coffee shops.

  • Variety in flavors with every drink

  • Pre-set process structure for operating and cleaning the automatic and semi-automatic machines.

How Does it Operate?

Coffee machine makers cater to specific brands and capsule types. They are sold based on two methods:

  • Open System- In this method, the customer has complete freedom to choose the brand of coffee they like based on their taste buds and the location from where it is grown. The choice of capsules is with the consumers in this style due to the increasing demand and love for this system.

  • Closed System- Here, the capsule and the machine to be used are fixed. A particular device will be compatible with a specific time of capsule, and once the unit is purchased, the customer must stick with only the committed product.

An open system can be adequate if the consumer has an adequate knowledge of different coffee beans and brand recognition regarding the coffee taste and flavor they want. Otherwise, the closed system works well for consumers who need to learn these details.

However, it depends entirely on the customers’ willingness and habit patterns to select the right type.

There is absolutely no doubt that there are several coffee fans worldwide. As per reports, in 2020, 40% of households in the US had a coffee brewing machine, and the number has grown over the years.

Capsule coffee machines have revolutionized the coffee habits of individuals with their experience with in-home coffee experience. The already set parameters of the water temperature, the pressure, the coffee grinds, and the capsule package make it uniform for consumers, providing an enhanced taste.

The capsule coffee machine market is expected to reach a value of USD 16 billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 7% from 2022 to 2030.

Call for a Greener Environment

  • Role of Manufacturers

Sustainability, environmentally safe, and biodegradable products must be addressed in manufacturing coffee machines.

Aluminum and plastic are the most used items to manufacture coffee capsules. They are small containers that have a portion of coffee powder in it.  Earlier, the aluminum or plastic-made coffee capsules sent to the junkyard were more in numbers giving a call to sustainability in the environment, which led more brands to opt for recyclable, compostable, and reusable capsules to float in the market. Companies are now attempting to lower the waste and produce bio-based material rather than focusing more on coffee production.

  • Role of Consumers in a Sustainable Environment

As part of manufacturers, companies are trying for alternatives to make their products as a safer product for the environment but finally, when the customers dispose of the capsules, they need to ensure that they are put in respective bins for recycling as it is found out that though consumers are aware while disposing of, a right thing is not done many times.

The Change in Approach by Both Companies and Consumers

Single-use plastics are a concern for the environment, but if sustainable options to reuse the cups are adopted by the consumer or if the companies adopt a reverse back policy to take back the Polypropylene(PP) cups that can be recycled at their end for which consumers get a certificate for contributing to a safer atmosphere or they are rewarded with gift coupons on their purchase orders, it could be a good marketing technique for the manufacturing company to push higher sales with greater customer satisfaction.


Capsule coffee machines are highly praised for their approach to a delightful experience that it gives three consumers. Still, if it contributes to one of the reasons for global warming, it will only sustain in the market for a short time.

The greatest treasure to our planet is a solid attitude to take the first step by us toward a safer environment!