How is Activated Carbon Affecting Our Lives?

Published On: November 2022

Any product that can generate a useful product from its waste is a treasure. Activated Carbon, also named Activated Charcoal, is produced from the destruction of its coal, bamboo, coconut husk, wood, petroleum pitch, coir, and lignite to be used in various activities beneficial to the end user. Depending on the chemical property and the material used in the source, the product of the activated carbon obtained differs.

The process is done at a high temperature of around 600-900 degrees Celsius with Carbon dioxide that makes Char, and then it is chemically treated and heated again at a temperature of 600-1200 degrees combined with air. The carbon is then subjected to steam in the heat tank to create activated carbon, a porous substance that draws organic molecules to itself.

Motive Behind Producing Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon organically removes impurities and withdraws unrequired materials, making it effective in several industrial applications.

  • Soil Remediation- The waste produced from industrial waste and unfaulty ways of disposing of products like metals, paint, pesticide, pipe leakage, and many other wastes contaminate the soil and make it harmful to the environment and humans. To reverse this detrimental effect, activated carbon is used as a soil remediation agent to manage to minimize the impact of contamination.

  • Gold Mining Industry- Activated carbon, through its adsorptive quality obtained from its pore structure, separates gold from cyanide solutions for a minimal loss in extracting gold.

  • Water and Air purification – During the manufacturing process, water gets contaminated and needs to be treated well before reusing or releasing it into the environment. This undesirable liquid or gas produced from industries can be removed by Activated Carbon due to its porosity and high carbon content. Activated Carbon also treats water for drinking purposes, where it is mixed with silver to filter contaminated materials from water that makes it suitable for drinking.

  • Food and beverage Industry – Activated Carbon is fruitful in extracting it from odor and color contamination. This makes it super effective in processing done for extracting juices, vegetable oils, honey and sugar, and soft drinks as it removes the contaminants and impurities while it’s processed.

  • Healthcare Sector- To cure specific health issues like gastric problems, skin and tooth problems, or in a few cosmetic applications, activated carbon has been used for its multiple benefits to individuals.

It is not surprising to understand why Activated Carbon has been one of the fastest-growing segments and is extensively used in many applications. It is gaining massive admiration in different types of industries. Activated Carbon Market size is projected to be worth USD 10.62 billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 7.61% during the forecast period (2022 - 2030)

What one needs to take care of before trying Activated Carbon?

By gathering information on the enormous benefits of Activated Carbon, if it tempts you to try it for household or medicinal purposes, taking the Activated Carbon needs to be ascertained as it is available online and in stores.

Activated Carbon is available in powdered, granulated, extruded, acid-washed, and wood-based activated forms. Based on the purpose of usage, activated carbon is tested and tried. The central pointer to be noted while consuming it is that the dose of the charcoal needs to be measured before its use.

In case of medicinal purposes, it must be streamlined in the following ways:

  • Through a prescribed source- As a caution, AACT (The American Academy of Clinical Toxicology) has warned against using activated carbon in case of holes in the gut, blockage, or bleeding. Thus, activated charcoal should be carefully used as prescribed by the doctor.

  • Look through the instructions clearly: Although active carbon is found beneficial as an Antidote for Poisoning and hangover prevention, the protocols and dosage for children and adults differ, which should be carefully understood. And if any discomfort is experienced, immediate action must be taken for the same.

  • Pre medications care- Activated carbon absorbs the impurities and lessens the effect of medical properties due to the same functioning. Hence, patients should consult with a doctor before consuming activated carbon on medications.

Is it Safe to Use Activated Carbon?

Activated Carbon has taken a little space in our lives, from toothpaste to facial kits to desserts. Hence, it becomes even more necessary to know if it’s safe to use and consume a small portion.

Sporadic cases are found where activated carbon has shown symptoms of side effects like vomiting or bowel blockages and reduced the role of pre-medications (if any). Else in most cases, activated carbon is found safe in its use.

Waste generation is much bigger than we can imagine. A little effort to reuse, recycle, and re-produce can help save us in many ways. Activated Carbon through waste made from sources is a super utility product beneficial in many ways.

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