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Workplace Transformation Market Research Report - Global Forecast to 2027

Workplace Transformation Market: by Service Type (Enterprise Mobility, Telecom Services, Unified Communication) Organization Size (Small, Medium Size & Large Enterprises) End-User (BFSI, Government, Healthcare & Life Sciences) – Global Forecast till 2027

ID: MRFR/ICT/3810-HCR | February 2021 | Region: Global | 100 pages

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Market Overview

The workplace transformation market is expected to witness considerable growth during the forecast period. The CAGR of the market is expected to be 17% during the forecast period, and the WT Market value is expected to be around USD ~22 Billion by the end of 2023.

The market's services consist of the technologies that are a vital factor for the workforce to complete their tasks in their particular workplaces. The services cover a wide range of tasks in an organization. A few of them are instant messaging, virtualization, enterprise mobility, and automation tools for the workplace.

COVID-19 Analysis

While the world is still grieving over the loss they had to face because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now the time to bounce back for sure. With no end to this pandemic any sooner, the organizations need to make sure that they change the way they work, which supports the current pandemic situation. Sitting back is not an option, but the big step to bringing a change is not an easy task.

 Proper guidance and mentorship are needed that can take them towards the right path. The industry experts have prepared reports from years of expertise in the sector and the help of thorough studies in the Workplace Transformation Industry. They include the current market scenario and the qualitative and quantitative Workplace Transformation Market Analysis of the Global Workplace Transformation Market and Workplace Transformation Market Size.

Market Dynamics


The market expects considerable Workplace Transformation Global Market Growth with an increase in the market value from 8 billion USD in 2017 to USD 18.06 billion by the end of 2021. Also, the expected CAGR of the market during the forecast period is 17% which is relatively good.


Various factors have been acting as the driving force behind the growth of the market. Some of them introduce the latest technology in every business, which has been a significant factor in growth. Moreover, the adoption of the changes in the cloud and also the mobility market has also bought considerable growth in the Workplace Transformation Industry.


There are two significant factors that act as restraints and hamper the growth of the market to a great extent:

  • Lack of proper training among the workforce

  • Several issues related to the transformation and the integration process of the organizations

Regulatory implications

The regulatory implications directly affect the working efficiency and, subsequently, the Workplace Transformation Business growth. The primary concern of the government and the regulatory bodies has been the fact that it tends to impose some severe threats on the safety of the organization.

Safety in terms of the data breach and cyber-attacks have been seen. Hence, the stringent laws tend to make the companies rest assured that they will not have to face any such dreadful complications. Strict laws are indeed required to keep a proper check on the Workplace Transformation Market Trends. 

Workplace Transformation Market, 2017-2023 (USD Billion) Workplace Transformation Market Image


Segmentation Overview

The Workplace Transformation Global Market Segments are:

  • Based on the service type

  • Based on the organization site

  • Based on the end-user

Based on the service

Based on the service type, the Workplace Transformation Industry can be subdivided into the following:

  • Application management services

  • Enterprise mobility and telecom services

  • Workplace automation services

  • Service desk

  • Field services

  • Workplace upgrade and migration services

  • Unified communication and collaboration services

  • Desktop virtualization

  • Asset management services

  • Others

Based on the organization site

Based on the organization site, the Global Workplace Transformation Market can further be divided into the following subsections:

  • Small and medium enterprises

  • Large enterprises

Based on the end-users

Based on the end-users, the following are further classification of the WT Market:

  • BFSI

  • Health care and life sciences

  • Government

  • Others


Regional Analysis:

The Workplace Transformation Global Market Segments based on the region are as follows:

  • North America

  • Europe

  • Asia Pacific

  • Rest of the world

North America dominates the market with the largest Workplace Transformation Market Share.

The Asia Pacific is expecting the fastest Workplace Transformation Market Growth due to increased digitization across the region, especially in countries like China, Japan, and India. With the introduction of the internet in the workplace, the workplace transformation market has taken a big step towards growth. The increasing economy in the region has also played a vital role in the growth of the Workplace Transformation Market Trends.

Competitive landscape

Some of the major Workplace Transformation Market Players are as follows: Accenture PLC (Ireland), and Intel Corporation (U.S.), NTT Data Corporation (Japan), Tata Consultancy Services (India), Cisco Systems, Inc. (U.S.),  Infosys (India ), Atos (France), IBM Corporation (U.S.), Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP (HPE) (U.S.), Unisys Corporation (U.S.),  Capgemini (France), Wipro Ltd. (India),  Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation (U.S.), Citrix Systems (U.S.), HCL Technologies Ltd. (India), Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) (U.S.),  Citrix Systems (U.S.) and Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) (U.S)

Workplace Transformation Market Players have been striving hard to bring growth and increase the quality of the services in the workplace transformation global market. Collaborations, acquisitions, and mergers have helped them gain a tremendous amount of growth in the Workplace Transformation Business. They have been making sure to bring the latest in the technology to the market so that it stays up to date and takes care of the quality and the pricing. Also, various strategies that they have been following are being shared among the newcomers in the market to help them get the joist of the working pattern.

Recent developments

Here are some of the recent developments in the workplace transformation in the global market:

  • Accenture expanded its business horizons and took its services to japan in January 2019. It introduced a new intelligent operations center in the city of Fukuoka. It was established to focus on the enterprises that have been driving innovations in the Workplace Transformation Market.

  • Citrix introduced the Citrix workplace feature in December 2019, which takes café of personalized workflows and intelligent feed systems.

  • TCSNSE was introduced by Tata consultancy for assisting in the assets servicing in September 2018. It automates the services of all assets across all the markets.

  • IBM introduced IBM's immediate move in May 2019, an innovative approach designed to offer faster digital transformations.

  • IBM introduced a new service in November 2018, which was aimed at helping the organizations to fasten up the complex process of migrations and modernization of the data to the cloud systems.

Report Overview

The report that has been prepared exclusively by the industry experts after thorough research and study is next to perfect indeed. They have all the factors that an organization would need for the efficient running of the business. The overview of the workplace transformation market has been discussed in detail, along with the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the market. The comparisons have been made from pre and post covid times, and a thoughtful insight has been presented in the report. The market dynamics have also been explained pretty effectively, covering the growth, drivers, and restraints. The regulatory implications of the market have also been discussed in the report.

 The segmentation of the market and the regional Workplace Transformation Market Analysis have also been made a part of the report. The major players in the workplace transformation market have also been mentioned in the report. The plans and strategies they have been implementing to bring growth to their organization have also been added. The recent development in the market helps the companies to stay up to date and implement the ones that fit the best.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Government, BFSI, Healthcare & Life Sciences and others are the main end-users in the market.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP (HPE) (U.S.), Cisco Systems, Inc. (U.S.), Atos (France), Accenture PLC (Ireland), NTT Data Corporation (Japan), and others are the top tech giants in the market.

Accenture PLC stands as one of the most renowned vendors in the workplace transformation market, offering services like automatic software upgrades, virtual desktop capabilities, collaboration tools and self-service support options, delivering top-quality operating skills for distributed platforms.

Given the service type segment, the market has been considered for application management services, enterprise mobility and telecom services, workplace automation services, service desk, field services, workplace upgrade and migration services, unified communication and collaboration services, desktop virtualization, asset management services, among others.

rapid economic growth, foreign direct investment and globalization, rising penetration of smartphone, as well as internet adoption in the workforce promote the market growth in APAC.