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Volumetric Display Market Size

ID: MRFR//3607-HCR | 100 Pages | Author: Shubham Munde| May 2024

There are a lot of different market factors that affect how the volumetric display market moves. These factors shape the future of this new technology as a whole. The rising need for improved graphics solutions in many different fields is a major factor propelling market growth. There are uses for volumetric screens in healthcare, games, education, and industry because they can make three-dimensional pictures without the need for special glasses. Growing awareness of the benefits engaging and dynamic screens bring to many fields is driving this demand.
One of the main things that accelerates the growth and use of volumetric screens is the advancement of technology. As scientists and engineers push the limits of display technology, better hardware and software parts make volumetric screens work better and do more. This ongoing improvement not only makes these screens more useful, but it also helps keep their prices low, so more people can afford to use them.
A lot of what affects the volumetric display market is also affected by what consumers want and how they act. People want more realistic and interesting experiences, so there is a rising need for technologies that go beyond flat screens. People are increasingly using holographic screens because they want more realistic game and entertainment experiences and like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences. Consumers' desire drives market growth and affects the creation of new uses.
Another group of market factors that affects the use of volumetric screens is the economy and people's cost concerns. Whenever the economy is doing well, people and companies may have more money to spend on new tools. When the economy is bad, on the other hand, people may be less likely to spend. Because of this, the prices of volumetric screens and technologies that go with them are very important in determining how widely they are used.
In the market for volumetric displays, rules and regulations also play a part. Following industry rules and norms makes sure that these screens are safe, of good quality, and can work with other devices. Following the rules for intellectual property rights and licensing deals is another thing that affects how the market works and how competitive it is. The way the government handles technology guidelines and safety issues can help or hurt the growth and use of volumetric screens.

Covered Aspects:

Report Attribute/Metric Details
Growth Rate 34% (2020-2027)

Volumetric Display Market Size and Overview:

Globally, the size of Volumetric Display Device Market is set to grow at a CAGR of 34%, estimated to reach USD 747 million by 2027 driven by the market growth will snowball in the forecasting periods due to its wide range of acceptance in multiple industries including the health care and entertainment sectors.

Technological advancements and an increase in the demands of 3D displays are the major key factors that lead to developing the 3D Volumetric Display Device Market in the forthcoming years. Another essential developing factor is the increasing requirements for the 3D displays in the health care sectors for building in medical devices for imaging. All these leading factors are responsible for the evaluation of the global market during the forecast period.

However, the market has to face some declining factors as well. The need for specialized software and electronic components, and the high manufacturing costs can hinder the market growth. These factors may harm the Global Volumetric Display Market development.   

COVID 19 Analysis:

Due to the covid 19 pandemics, several industries were impacted and faced declines. The DIY Volumetric Display Device Market was one of the impacted industries experiencing downfalls. The market's distribution and supply chain systems have been harmed due to the pandemic's slowed flow of raw materials and finished goods. As a result, the cost and maintenance of volumetric displays are prohibitively high, limiting their global market expansion.The Volumetric Display Market Size is highly competitive due to a large number of active and diverse multinational competitors in the market. As a result of the severe rivalry, the expansion of the volumetric display market is being held back even further, especially in light of the covid 19 pandemics. Thus, the governments of various nations have made significant steps to assist organizations in overcome the losses suffered during the crisis.

Volumetric Display Market Dynamics:

The Volumetric Display Market dynamics consist of the major key factors that are responsible for market growth and downfall in the forthcoming years. The key factors involved are drivers, restraints, opportunities, challenges, and cumulative growth analysis.

Market Drivers:

The main effective drivers of the Volumetric Display Industry are 3D technologies along with 360-degree spherical viewing angles. These are frequently utilized in consumer electronics manufactures, such as 3-D displays on phones, laptops, tablets, and other consumer electronic devices. Real-time visualization of 3-D fluid flow, as well as security applications, are driving the expansion of the volumetric display industry, which is likely to accelerate the growth in the forecasting years.

The introduction of LED and LCD technology is helping the global Volumetric Display Market to grow rapidly. These technologies are found in a variety of consumer electronics devices, including smartphones, monitors, notebook computers, televisions, and more. Better performances of the major key players that are involved in the production of volumetric display products and services will also boost the international market.

Market Opportunities:

The major opportunities in the Volumetric Display Device Market are the increasing need for volumetric display technology in the defense sector of the developed countries.  Defense budgets in these developed countries have also increased significantly. Other opportunities are the increasing trends of better gaming experiences that have increased purchasing of 3D gaming devices all over the world.

3D gaming is available in a 360¬į view on volumetric displays. Rising research and development, as well as advancements in volumetric displays in surgery and telemedicine, will also open up new opportunities in the forecasting years. All these factors will lead to an utmost opportunity for industries dealing in volumetric products and services.

Market Restraints:

With all the driving factors and opportunities in the market, the restraining factors also appear in the global market. The prime restraining factor is the increasing requirements of electronic components and advanced software in the market. The increasing needs lead to increase Volumetric Display Market Demand. However, the huge cost involved in manufacturing leads to a decline in the market’s growth eventually. Also, this increases an uneven gap in the demand-supply ratio that to hinders the market growth.

Market Challenges:

Due to the covid 19 pandemics and sudden announcements of lockdowns in almost every nation, the demands for electronic components and advanced software increased. Huge demands and involvement of high costs were the most challenging factors in the Volumetric Display Market Growth. The manufacturers had to maintain the supplies as per the demands of the products. However, the huge manufacturing costs were acting as the major challenge to overcome during the forecasting years.

Cumulative Growth Analysis:

As per the Volumetric Display Market Statistics, the global market is expected to rise at a compound annual growth rate of 34% over the forecasting period. This increase in the international market will raise the market value to 747 million US dollars. Worldwide adoption of this technology across a variety of industries, including health care and entertainment leads to rising market growth over the projected period.

Value Chain Analysis:

The Volumetric Display Market Analysis depicts that there will be an increase in the international market during the forecasting years. Technological advancements and a wide range of acceptance of volumetric 3D display technologies will tend to accelerate the market growth. Also, increasing demands for consumer electronics over the forecasting years will boost the international Volumetric Display Market Share.

Volumetric Display Market Segment Overview:

According to the Volumetric Display Market Facts, the international volumetric display market is segmented into some classifications. The classifications are display type, components, applications, end-users, and technology.

Volumetric Display Display Type Outlook:

  • Swept Volume Display

  • Multi-planar Volumetric Display

  • Static Volume Display

Volumetric Display Components Outlook:

  • Lens

  • Memory

  • Screen

Volumetric Display Applications Outlook:

  • Marketing

  • Design and Prototyping

  • Production and Management

  • Data Visualization

Volumetric Display End-users Outlook:

  • Healthcare

  • Education

  • Aerospace

  • Entertainment

  • Media and Communication

  • Automotive

  • Military and Defense

Volumetric Display Technology Outlook:

  • Digital Light Processing (DLP)

  • Liquid Crystal on Silicon Technology (LCOS)

Regional Analysis:

The Volumetric Display Market Experts have studied a regional analysis of the global market in some regions. The regions are Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, and the Rest of the World. Considering the market shares, North America stands as the most dominating regional distribution in the global market. Because of the technological advancements and recent trends adopting volumetric display devices, the region has a high demand for the products.This increasing demand leads North America to dominate the largest market share. Due to increased foreign direct investments and a quickly developing consumer electronics sector, the Asia Pacific area is predicted to grow at a rapid rate. Furthermore, due to mass manufacturing facilities and low production costs, nations such as China and Japan are expected to grab a considerable market share.

Volumetric Display Market Key Player & Competitive Landscape:

According to the Volumetric Display Market Report, the rise in the needs and demands of the volumetric display market devices has made this market highly competitive. Significant market key players are using their innovative techniques and R&D activities to survive and grow in the highly competitive market. The essential market key players in this report are as follows:

Volumetric Display Industry Developments:

Light Field Lab:

  • November 15,¬†2023- Unveiled its "Light Field Display 2.0" with improved resolution and larger viewing area,¬†targeting premium entertainment and visualization applications.

Leia Display:

  • October 26,¬†2023- Introduced its "Star Wars:¬†Tales from the Galaxy's Edge" volumetric display system for home entertainment,¬†partnering with Disney.

Portico Display:

  • October 18, 2023- Launched its "Portico 3D" volumetric display solution for retail and advertising applications, showcasing products in 3D without requiring glasses.

Report Overview:

The Volumetric Display Market Forecastreport states all the effective market dynamics that increase the market growth globally. This essential report covers all the qualitative and quantitative Volumetric Display Market Facts. Also, this report holds all the essential information such as market segmentation, value chain analysis, regional distributions, and the recent developments in the global market. All the resources provided in this research report are collected from genuine primary and secondary sources.

Report Details:

  • Historic Period:¬†2017-2018

  • Base Year: 2019

  • Forecast Period:¬†2020-2027

Geographical Distributions:

  • North America

  • Europe

  • Asia Pacific

  • Rest of the World

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