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Substance Abuse Treatment Market Research Report Information By Type (Alcohol Dependence and Tobacco & Drug Abuse), By End User (Outpatient Treatment Centers, Residential Treatment Centers, and Inpatient Treatment Centers), and By Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, And Rest Of The World) โ€“ Market Forecast Till 2032

ID: MRFR/HC/5763-HCR | 90 Pages | Author: Rahul Gotadki| July 2024

Global Substance Abuse Treatment Market Overview

Substance Abuse Treatment Market Size was valued at USD 8.10 Billion in 2023. The Global Substance Abuse Treatment industry is projected to grow from USD 9.10 Billion in 2024 to USD 23.38 Billion by 2032, exhibiting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.50% during the forecast period (2024 - 2032). Growing drug awareness campaigns and increasing prevalence rate of the addicted population are a few market drivers of substance abuse treatment.
Substance Abuse Treatment Market

Due to reasons like budding public awareness of available therapies and an upsurge in the prevalence of substance addiction problems, the sector is intensifying quickly. During the forecast period, it is anticipated that greater public awareness of the harmful effects of substance misuse, the launch of new initiatives, and an increase in the number of rehabilitation facilities will all fuel the expansion of the global market for substance addiction treatment. A bigger population will now have simple access to treatment thanks to the market's increasing number of treatment facilities holding alliances with private recovery facilities. The rise in prescription drug usage, advantageous reimbursements for smoking cessation therapy, awareness campaigns launched by governments and manufacturers, and the significance of addiction treatment are the key factors propelling the worldwide addiction treatment market.

Additionally, the growing popularity of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) due to increased public awareness of the harmful effects of smoking is anticipated to create potential opportunities for the market. Additionally, it is anticipated that with the adoption of technological advancements in therapies and the launch of novel products such as heat-not-burn products, flavored chewing gum, and lozenges, the adoption of NRT will rise. Additionally, the development of the global market is aided by the increased awareness disseminated through informational pamphlets, television ads, newspapers, and other forms of media. Additionally, industry growth is anticipated to be fired by favorable government measures such as drug education efforts and preventive plans over the projection period.The use of alcohol, prescription or over-the-counter medications, or unlawful drugs for purposes other than those for which they were intended or in extreme doses is referred to as substance abuse. Furthermore, tobacco usage is higher in emerging and needy nations, particularly in the Pacific and East Asia. In the upcoming years, these factors are projected to accelerate the segment's expansion in developing and developed nations. Rising drug awareness campaigns, an increase in the population's addiction rate, and preventative initiatives further propel market expansion. One of the main reasons contributing to expanding the market under study is the rise in drug awareness campaigns. This involves encouraging governments in various nations to stop the use of drugs.

In April 2024, the Be Well Institute on Substance Use and Related Disorders will be established by the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UT Health San Antonio). This innovative initiative is committed to the advancement of research, education, and evidence-based treatments. The current Be Well Texas initiative of UT Health San Antonio is incorporated into the new institute as part of a new comprehensive center of excellence with national scope for research, clinical, and public health programs, as well as education and community engagement, to advance the field addressing addiction and related conditions. The Be Well Institute aspires to be a nationally recognized center for clinical care and research in substance use and addiction, with the objective of enhancing comprehension of this area. The institute will provide person-centered, interprofessional, and comprehensive care, partner with organizational entities at UT Health San Antonio whose activities are pertinent to these priorities, and support grants and contracts. It will also initiate clinical and translational research programs to expedite the understanding of substance use from scientific discovery to daily practice, thereby enhancing health and reducing sickness and mortality.

In April 2024, Pelago, the premier digital clinic partner to U.S. businesses and health plans for substance use management, implemented contingency management to incentivize behaviors that are most likely to enhance member engagement, motivation, and health outcomes.. Pelago becomes the first nationwide digital substance use management provider to offer contingency management (CM) with the introduction of this evidence-based treatment program. CM will be integrated into its comprehensive substance use disorder (SUDs) treatment offerings. Contingency management is a behavioral health intervention that is predicated on the notion that positive behaviors can be reinforced with rewards, privileges, or monetary incentives, as defined by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). These "positive behaviors" encompass activities such as participating in substance use disorder treatment and improving one's ability to manage or abstain from substance use. The efficacy of CM is well-documented and potent.

Substance Abuse Treatment Market Trends

  • Growing addicted population to propel market growth

Alcohol is a psychoactive substance with addictive qualities that have been used for centuries in many different cultures. Alcohol abuse has serious social and economic repercussions and a high disease burden. More than 200 diseases, injuries, and other health conditions are caused by alcohol use. Alcohol consumption is linked to an increased risk of developing serious noncommunicable diseases like liver cirrhosis, some cancers, cardiovascular diseases, mental and behavioral disorders, and alcohol dependence. According to the World Health Organization, the harmful use of alcohol contributes to 3 million deaths worldwide each year. This amounts to 5.3% of all fatalities. Early in life, alcohol use results in death and disability. Approximately 13.5% of all deaths in people between the ages of 20 and 39 are related to alcohol. Moreover, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), In the United States, from 2015 to 2019, excessive alcohol use resulted in over 140,000 fatalities and 3.6 million YPLL (years of potential life lost), reducing the lifespan of those who died by an average of 26 years. Thus, growing alcohol consumption is one of the factors driving the market CAGR.

Figure 1: Deaths from tobacco, alcohol and drugs, World, 2019Deaths from tobacco, alcohol and drugs, World, 2019Source: Secondary Research, Primary Research, MRFR Database and Analyst Review

The government is taking the initiative to create awareness regarding the problems of alcohol & drug addiction. Government and Regulatory bodies are emphasizing the development, gathering, and dissemination of scientific knowledge on alcohol use, dependence, and associated health and social consequences, as well as the development, implementation, and evaluation of cost-effective interventions for harmful alcohol use. For instance, WHO has created the Global Information System on Alcohol and Health (GISAH) to dynamically present data on levels and patterns of alcohol consumption, alcohol's effects on health and society, and all levels of policy responses. Moreover, in August 2022, the City Police in Tiruchirappalli held a drug addiction awareness event for the administrators of local colleges and schools. The event, which took place at the City Armed Reserve police campus, was presided over by Commissioner of Police G. Karthikeyan. Mr. Karthikeyan emphasized the importance of teamwork in preventing drug use and addiction among school and college students. He asked the principals of the schools and colleges to call the police immediately if they saw anyone selling drugs to students close to their respective establishments. Thus, it is anticipated that this aspect will accelerate the Substance Abuse Treatment market revenue globally.

Substance Abuse Treatment Market Segment Insights

Substance Abuse Treatment Type Insights

The Market segments of Substance Abuse Treatment, based on Type, includes alcohol dependence and tobacco & drug abuse. The tobacco & drug segment held the majority share in 2022 in the Substance Abuse Treatment Market data. Growing tobacco & drug use among the adult population is one of the critical features propelling the market growth. Moreover, growth in the expansion of international campaigns to educate the addicted population is also among the major key driver of the segment. On May 31 each year, the WHO observes World No Tobacco Day. Thus, growing consumption has led to a rising need for treatment. Additionally, a number of market participants are putting strategic plans into action, which helps the market expand.

June 2021 DC Health launched the public awareness campaign MyRecoveryDC to aid in providing access to treatment and recovery services for those who are dependent on alcohol, drugs, or both.

Figure 2: Substance Abuse Treatment Market, by Type, 2023 & 2032 (USD Billion)Substance Abuse Treatment Market, by Type, 2022 & 2030Source: Secondary Research, Primary Research, MRFR Database and Analyst Review

Substance Abuse Treatment End User Insights

The Substance Abuse Treatment Market data, based on End Users, includes outpatient treatment centers, residential treatment centers, and inpatient treatment centers. The n outpatient treatment centers segment dominated the market revenue of Substance Abuse Treatment in 2022 and is projected to be the faster-growing segment during the forecast period 2024-2032. Rehabilitation centers are one of the most common places where substance abuse treatment is provided to patients. Overall, rehabilitation programmes are making great progress in treating the population with the worst impact on substance abuse. Restoration programmes help people regain control over their lives and reintegrate into society. Drug recovery organizations support and direct victims through 12-step programmes, remedial meetings, and other activities.

Substance Abuse Treatment Regional Insights

By region, the study provides market insights into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Rest of the World. The North America Substance Abuse Treatment market accounted for USD 2.4 billion in 2022 with a share of around 45.80%, and is expected to exhibit a significant CAGR growth during the study period. The growing population exposed to addiction, the legalization of marijuana in several states, well-structured reimbursement policies, and the developed healthcare sector with effective therapeutics for drug addiction are major factors attributed to the market growth in this region. These factors support the growth of the market in this region. According to the  U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, nearly a quarter of adults and adolescents reported binge drinking within the past month, and more than 27 million Americans have recently admitted to abusing prescription drugs or using illicit drugs. Alcohol abuse is estimated to have an annual economic cost of USD 249 billion, and illegal drug use has a yearly cost of USD 193 billion.

Further, the major countries studied in the market report are: The U.S., Canada, Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Spain, China, Japan, India, Australia, South Korea, and Brazil.


At Rochester Institute of Technology, researchers from five colleges are experimenting with a novel method of providing aggressive behavior and alcohol/drug addiction sufferers with mental health therapy. In alliance with the Food and Drug Administration, RIT is conducting a randomized clinical trial to assess the efficacy of the "RITchCBT" therapy platform for treating individuals whose substance use disorders have resulted in intimate partner violence (IPV). The National Institutes of Health are backing the study. Depending on the achievement of milestones and NIH clearance to move on to the second phase of the award, total funding might exceed $4.8 million. RITchCBT, a virtual environment created at RIT and configured to deliver cognitive behavioral treatment via an avatar, will be tested in the NIH clinical trial to determine its viability. The study will contrast human-led therapy sessions with the identical subject matter to RITchCBT.

Figure 3: SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT MARKET SHARE BY REGION 2023 (%)SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT MARKET SHARE BY REGION 2022Source: Secondary Research, Primary Research, MRFR Database and Analyst Review

Europe Substance Abuse Treatment market accounts for the second-largest market share. Alcohol and tobacco addiction affect a large portion of the population in European countries, which is a serious public health issue. With the aid of donations from individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations, numerous initiatives have been undertaken to support various awareness-raising activities. These actions encourage people to choose de-addiction therapies, fostering market expansion in this region. According to the 2021 World Drug Report released by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, over 275 million people used drugs in the previous year, and over 36 million people worldwide suffer from drug use disorders (UNODC). Moreover, the UK market of Substance Abuse Treatment held the largest market share, and the Germany market of Substance Abuse Treatment was the fastest-growing market in the region.

The Asia Pacific Substance Abuse Treatment Market is expected to grow at the fastest CAGR from 2022 to 2030. Some of the factors attributing to the market growth in this region include the increasing number of people dependent on alcohol, marijuana, cigarettes, cocaine, and other dangerous products. Additionally, the rise in drug awareness campaigns and associated preventive programmes is one of the major drivers of the market's expansion in this region. Further, the China market of Substance Abuse Treatment held the largest market share, and the India market of Substance Abuse Treatment was the fastest-growing market in the region.

Substance Abuse Treatment Key Market Players & Competitive Insights

Major market players are investing & funding to support the R&D activities such that they can launch new treatment solutions in the market. Companies are also taking initiatives to grow their market share, with key market developments such as new product launches, increased investments, and collaboration with other companies. Players in the Substance Abuse Treatment industry must offer more effective solutions and help in the treatment.

One of the business strategies adopted by companies in the global Substance Abuse Treatment industry is collaborating with research institutes to conduct studies. The Substance Abuse Treatment markets major players such as Pfizer Inc., Alkermes Plc, GlaxoSmithKline Plc., Purdue Pharma LP, Allergan, Mylan Laboratories, Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Forest Laboratories, and Accord Healthcare are launching new treatment solutions. 

Pfizer Inc is a pharmaceutical company that promotes medical innovation and provides underserved communities access medications that might not otherwise be available. In January 2021, Pfizer and the Stockholm-based Digital Therapeutics (DTx) company Alex Therapeutics teamed up to offer patients evidence-based, clinically validated, and personalized digital therapies. Together, the businesses provide a wide range of expertise in the fields of psychology, marketing, clinical validation, AI, and medicine. One of the biggest unified healthcare markets in the World, Germany, will be the partnership's initial focus.

Alkermes, Inc develops therapies in the fields of neuroscience and oncology that address unmet patient needs in diseases that are complex and hard to treat. The Alkermes Inspiration Grants programme has contributed to developing original and creative initiatives to improve patient communities. In April 2021, Alkermes, Inc., a division of Alkermes plc, launched a new website called to provide information on alcoholism. Although alcoholism is a disease that can be treated, some people may be reluctant to get help because they think they are morally or personally flawed. Launching this new resource coincides with the possibility that an increasing number of people are rethinking their drinking habits.

Key Companies in the Substance Abuse Treatment market includes

  • Pfizer Inc.

  • Alkermes Plc

  • GlaxoSmithKline Plc.

  • Purdue Pharma LP

  • Allergan

  • Mylan Laboratories

  • Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals

  • Teva Pharmaceuticals

  • Forest Laboratories

  • Accord Healthcare

Substance Abuse Treatment Industry Developments

November 2022: Indivior PLC and Opiant Pharmaceuticals entered into an agreement to strengthen and expand Indivior's position in the market for addiction treatment.

November 2021: Sahyog Clinic, launched its new programs that include inpatient treatment of drug abuse and alcohol addiction, behavior and group therapy, substance abuse counseling, and detoxification from alcohol and drugs.

November 2021: Pear Therapeutics, Inc. and Sandoz, a division of Novartis, announced the commercial launch of reset for patients with substance use disorders (SUD). The first and only prescription digital therapeutic with FDA authorization is reSET.

Substance Abuse Treatment Market Segmentation

Substance Abuse Treatment Type Outlook  

  • Alcohol Dependence

  • Tobacco & Drug Abuse

Substance Abuse Treatment End User Outlook 

  • Outpatient Treatment Centers

  • Residential Treatment Centers

  • Inpatient Treatment Centers

Substance Abuse Treatment Regional Outlook 

  • North America

    • US

    • Canada

  • Europe

    • Germany

    • France

    • UK

    • Italy

    • Spain

    • Rest of Europe

  • Asia-Pacific

    • China

    • Japan

    • India

    • Australia

    • South Korea

    • Australia

    • Rest of Asia-Pacific

  • Rest of the World

    • Middle East

    • Africa

    • Latin America

Report Attribute/Metric Details
Market Size 2023 USD 8.10ย billion
Market Size 2024 USD 9.10 billion
Market Size 2032 USD 23.38 billion
Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) ย 12.50% (2024-2032)
Base Year 2023
Market Forecast Period 2024-2032
Historical Data 2018 - 2021
Market Forecast Units Value (USD Billion)
Report Coverage Revenue Forecast, Market Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, and Trends
Segments Covered Type, End User and Region
Geographies Covered North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World
Countries Covered The U.S, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, China, Japan, India, Australia, South Korea, and Brazil
Key Companies Profiled Pfizer Inc., Alkermes Plc, GlaxoSmithKline Plc., Purdue Pharma LP, Allergan, Mylan Laboratories, Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Forest Laboratories, and Accord Healthcare
Key Market Opportunities Changing ways of life and developing urbanization
Key Market Dynamics Moving Work Culture Explicitly Incorporate Industry

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The Substance Abuse Treatment Market size was valued at USD 8.10 Billion in 2023.

The global market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 12.50% during the forecast period, 2024-2032.

North America had the largest share of the global market

The key players in the market are Pfizer Inc., Alkermes Plc, GlaxoSmithKline Plc., Purdue Pharma LP, Allergan, Mylan Laboratories, Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Forest Laboratories, and Accord Healthcare.

The alcohol dependence category dominated the market in 2022.

The outpatient treatment centers had the largest share of the global market.

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