Space Battery Market Research Report - Global Forecast till 2027

Space Battery Market Research Report: Information by Application (Satellite, Launch Vehicle and others), Orbit Type (Low Earth Orbit [LEO], Medium Earth Orbit [MEO] and Geostationary Earth Orbit [GEO]), Material Type (Nickel-Based Battery, Lithium-Based Battery, Silver-Zinc Battery ), Platform (Communication, Earth Observation, Military Surveillance, Science, Navigation ), Energy Type (Less than 100 Wh/kg, 100,150 Wh/kg and More than 150 Wh/kg),Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East ,Africa and Latin America) - Forecas...

ID: MRFR/A&D/6950-HCR | February 2021 | Region: Global | 168 pages         

Space Battery Market

Space Battery Market is projected to reach $ 2.1 Billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 7.1% During 2021-2030


By Type Portable and Non-Portable
By Source Batteries Engine Generators Fuel Cells Solar Power and Energy Harvesters
By Platform Air Marine and Ground
By Wattage Low Power Tactical Medium Power and High Power

Key Players

  • Eagle-Picher Technologies LLC (US)
  • GS Yuasa Corporation (Japan)
  • EnerSys (US)
  • Saft Groupe SA (France)
  • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Japan)
  • Arotech Corporation (US)
  • Bren-Tronics
  • Inc. (US).


  • Space Battery Market has many positive drivers of growth acting on it in the present
  • The increased use of space batteries in different private and public space missions
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Space Battery Market Overview 

Space Battery Market is projected to reach $ 2.1 Billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 7.1% During 2021-2030


Batteries are used in different vehicles, especially in space application equipment and vehicles. The Space Battery Market has been a significant sector that has grown in tandem with the space applications sector. As humans increase their expeditions into space, even going for private space tours with space science giants like SpaceX, the demand for space batteries has also increased to a huge extent. Space expeditions to different planets and solar systems in the universe have increased. This has brought about a natural growth in the Space Battery Market size in the present. In the future, too, the Market will grow further. The equipment and vehicle type used in space expeditions and initiatives has also gone up. 

While earlier, there were only telescopes, satellites, and rockets in use, now, there are advanced landers, camera equipment, rovers, etc., in use. Using this equipment in different initiatives for different purposes has led to more space batteries than before. Space batteries are mostly used as a secondary source of power or as an energy storage space that works as a backup option for space vehicles and equipment. Space vehicles need a high power supply and streams for efficiency. The use of complex space equipment on high-priority space missions has increased the demand for space batteries. As the space exploration sector gets ready to explore the future with more manned missions and even setting up human settlements on other planets, the  Market has great scope of development and growth. 

The multimillion-dollar sector of space batteries has been growing. As public and private ventures into space explorations grow, the scope for the growth of the Market also increases. According to reports, the Space Battery Market will grow at a healthy rate in the upcoming years. 

COVID 19 analysis 

The COVID 19 pandemic has affected every sector of the industry. The pandemic has also affected the Space Battery Market. The Market, as a manufacturing sector, faced a decline of an unprecedented scale in the immediate aftermath of the pandemic. The lockdowns imposed across different country lines, movement restrictions, and challenges faced by the manufacturing sector affected the Space Battery Market negatively in the COVID 19 pandemic. The delay of space exploration projects as the COVID 19 battle became a priority also impeded the growth of the Market Size. 

However, in the post-pandemic phase, the Space Battery Market will recover and grow. The resumption of manufacturing activity and the use of space batteries in new initiatives is the main factor in the post-pandemic phase for the growth of the Market. 

Market Dynamics 

  • Drivers 

The Space Battery Market has many positive drivers of growth acting on it in the present. For example, the use of space heater battery and other batteries for space applications is a driver for the Market. The increased use of space batteries in different private and public space missions is a definite growth driver for the space battery market. For example, the space batteries for the ISS are manufactured by SS/L, by an agreement with Boeing. The use of lithium-ion space batteries because of their durability is a major reason behind the growth of the Market. 

  • Opportunities

Apart from space exploration trips, the launch of space satellites for different purposes like weather monitoring and telecommunications is also a driver of growth. The launch of a high number of satellites to support a global network of high-speed communication and the internet is an opportunity for growth for the Space Battery Market. Many Satellite battery companies are trying to create more durable and advanced batteries for space applications to benefit from this opportunity. 

  • Market Restraint 

The Space Engineers Charge Battery Market experiences many restraints even today that oppose the growth of the Space Battery Market. The primary restraint is the high cost of space cell battery that the space battery market manufacturers have to bear. The high cost of manufacturing discourages many manufacturers from manufacturing and improving space cell batteries. The restraint of cost and the challenge of creating durable and improved space batteries are present in the Market. 

  • Market Challenge 

The Space Battery Market has some challenges that oppose the growth of the present market into its future potential. One of the major challenges that the Space Battery Market has to resolve with research and development is the development of compact and durable batteries that fit modern space shuttles and devices. Compact space batteries are in progress, and this challenge might resolve in the next few years. Most of the space battery market manufacturers will focus on resolving this issue in the next few years. 

Cumulative Growth Analysis 

After a brief look at the Space Battery Market and its drivers and other parameters, the conclusion is that the Space Battery Market will grow at a healthy rate of 6.5 percent in the Space Battery Market Forecast period. Although the overall growth rate is moderate for the market, the upcoming years will be highly beneficial for the Space Battery Market. 

Segment Overview 

The Space Battery Market has been divided into different segments based on different criteria for segmentation. An analysis of the industrial segments of the Space Battery Market is necessary to understand the production trends and leaders in the manufacturing industry. The various industrial segments divide based on platform, application, and type. The Market divides into Low Earth Orbit, Medium Earth Orbit, etc. The segments of the market by application are the satellite, launch vehicles, etc. The segments by the platform for the Space Battery Market are earth observation, communication, navigation, and military purposes. By material type, the Space Battery Market divides into nickel-based, silver-based, and lithium-based batteries. 

Regional Analysis 

The Space Battery Market is divided into different segments based on regional distribution and revenue. Many regions in the world have actively become part of the Market. The major regional markets of the Global Space Battery Market are North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, MEA, and Latin America. In terms of space engineers battery manufacturing, the biggest market share belongs to the North American region. However, the Asia Pacific region will show the highest growth rate in the forecast period because of manufacturing activity in China, India, and Japan. The rest of the regional markets will also contribute to the market growth to a huge extent. 

Competitive Landscape 

The Market has the presence of many space battery companies and manufacturers. These companies are the market stakeholders and shape their revenue and production trends. The major competitors of the Space Battery Market are as follows 

  • Saft Groupe SA Eagle-Picher Technologies LLC

  • GS Yuasa Corporation 

  • Ener Sys (US), Mitsubishi Electric Corporation 

These competitors are a part of the business landscape of the market. The competitor analysis of the market is necessary to figure out the leading companies and trends of the sector. The competitors engage in many development activities that fuel the growth of the entire sector. The recent developments of the Space Battery Market are discussed in the next section. 

Recent Developments 

The key companies of the market have taken up research and development activities to create more durable and powerful batteries for future use. Apart from this, the Space Battery Market companies are also engaged in collaborations, mergers, and acquisitions to expand the sector in the discussion, for example. Space Exploration Technologies Corp has planned to launch more than 4000 satellites by 2024 for communication purposes. This will increase the deployed number of satellites and space batteries. 

Report Overview  

The Report summary is as follows- 

  • Market Overview

  • COVID 19 Analysis

  • Market Dynamics

  • Segment Overview

  • Regional Analysis

  • Competitive Landscape

  • Recent Developments

The Market Outlook is a complete, concise report on the present condition of the market and its past influences that discuss the market’s prospects in view. The Space Battery Market report discusses the present drivers and opportunities that exist in the market. The report also talks about the restraints and challenges influencing the market to create a fair view of the present market. The report also considers the changes brought by COVID 19 and how they will shape the Space Battery Market in the future. 

The report also includes analysis by regions, industrial segments, and competitors to better understand the market composition and distribution. The Space Battery Market Report discusses CAGR and trends for the future that can create a clear, insightful view of the market forecast. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Global Space battery market is touted to surpass its previously recorded value of USD 2.84 million by 2025.

Global Space battery market is projected to register a moderate 6.5% CAGR in the forecast period.

The low earth orbit (LEO) segment is expected to observe substantial demand over the review period.

The satellite segment is slated to expand as the fastest-growing segment.

A few eminent market players operating in the global Space battery market are Eagle-Picher Technologies LLC (US), Saft Groupe SA (France), among others.