Organ Transplantation Market Research Report- Forecast Till 2027

Organ Transplantation Market Research Report, By Type Of Organ (Heart, Kidney, Others), By Products (Organ Preservation Solutions, Transplant Diagnostics, Tissue Products), By Type Of Transplant (Autograft, Allograft And Others), By Treatment (Analgesic, Immunosuppressant And Other), By End Users (Hospitals, Transplant Centers And Other)- Forecast Till 2027

ID: MRFR/Pharma/0410-HCR | February 2021 | Region: Global | 80 pages         

Organ Transplantation Market

Organ Transplantation Market was valued at USD 12.4 billion and is expected to CAGR of 9.8% during the forecast period of 2020 to 2027.


By Type Of Organ Heart Kidney
By Products Organ Preservation Solutions Transplant Diagnostics Tissue Products
By Type Of Transplant Autograft Allograft
By Treatment Analgesic Immunosuppressant
By End Users Hospitals Transplant Centers

Key Players

  • Novartis International AG (Switzerland)
  • Terumo Medical Corporation (US)
  • Transonic (US)
  • Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. (Switzerland)
  • ASTELLAS PHARMA Inc. (Japan)
  • Preservation Solutions Inc. (US)
  • Organ OX Limited (UK)
  • Bio-Med PVT. Ltd. (US)
  • Transplant Biomedical (UK)
  • Trans Medic Inc. (US)


  • Overconsumption of alcohol and unhealthy diet being prevalent among the population are leading to people getting affected with renal diseases.
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Organ Transplantation Market Overview:

Organ transplantation is a medical procedure in which an organ is taken from one body and is being transferred to another body, to fill up or replace the missing or damaged organ respectively. But before this dynamic procedure starts the consent of the family or the patient himself is very important. Without consent, organ harvesting is an illegal and heinous crime. This procedure of organ transplantation is mostly carried out with patients with a dead brain whose other organs are healthy and can be used to save another person’s life. It is mandatory thing that this organ transplantation is to be done right after the death of the patient until a couple of hours. This procedure is performed most of the time to treat organ failures in the lungs, kidneys, liver, and many more. 

The Organ transplantation market share is expected to grow compound annual growth rate of 9.8% during the period of forecast.

COVID-19 Analysis of Organ transplantation Market

The coronavirus pandemic has given a very hard time to most of the manufacturing, developing, production, and logistic units of the organ transplantation market. The organ transplantation market has been affected severely. Total transportation procedures went down to 50% during the Covid-19 pandemic. Also, the transplantation procedures which were getting performed during the pandemic were performed after four weeks of infection. The number of transplantation procedures was also limited as it was said in the recent researches that the post-transplantation patients were open to higher risks of getting infected by Covid-19.

Market Dynamics


Every 1 person out of 1000 is suffering from the chronic disease today which most of the time results in organ failure and the person affected is always awaits for an organ donor to come and provide him for filling up his deficiency. This factor is driving the organ transplantation industry growth to a large extent. Other factors like overconsumption of alcohol and unhealthy diet being prevalent among the population are leading to people getting affected with renal diseases that also lead to organ failures. So this is another factor responsible for growth of organ transplantation market.


The first thing the transplantation of a human organ is a very complex procedure and requires very fine skills to perform it and there is a very less number of surgeons present in this field who can perform these types of procedures so the cost of this transplantation procedure is very high priced. This factor may hinder the organ transplantation market growth to a great extent. Secondly, the number of organ donor are very less in number as compared to the people who need such organs. And day by day increasing incidents of organ failure is yet another major factor that may hamper the growth of organ transplantation market. 

Technology Analysis

Well, the transplantation of a human organ is itself a new-fangled invention in the field of medical science. The kidney is the most transplanted organ followed by the liver and eyes. But the need for organ donors is much more than the number of people who donate organs. According to the national kidney foundation, every month, almost 3000 new patients are added to the kidney waiting list. According to research reports every day, about 21 people die while waiting for organs and more than 1 lakh 20 thousand men, women, and children look for life-saving organ transplants. Every medical science college and university is indulged in researching new ways of preserving the organs during their transportation and how to efficiently reduce the complex procedure of transplantations into a simple one without affecting patient’s health.

   Figure 1- Global Organ Transplantation Market, by type of organ 

Organ Transplantation Market

Source- Annual reports, Press release, White paper, Company Presentation ,Council of Europe, MRFR Analysis

Study Objectives

  • To consider the viewpoint of various industry experts and leaders and predict compound annual growth rate and organ transplantation market growth rate by the end of the global forecast in 2023.

  • To highlight a competitive Organ transplantation market outlook and examine the yield models of key market players, worldwide. 

  • To observe the various market dynamics like trends, drivers, and restraints that are most probable to play a role in helping the market and its different segments growing in the domestic as well as international organ transplantation market .

Organ transplantation Market Segment Overview

Organ transplantation's market share is anticipated to witness significant growth owing to the performance of different market segments. Among these segments, the organ preservation solutions and transplant diagnostics segment will be the fastest-growing and also contribute towards this market more than any other segment. The increasing incidents of organ failure due to various deadly diseases and their treatment is one of the factors responsible for the growth of organ transplantation market. Also while transporting the organ from the donor's place to receivers it is very important to preserve them and the need for such technologies is driving more inventions in this sector. For an amplifying use the organ transplantation market is segmented into the following on different bases:

  • Based on the type of organ, it has the heart, kidney, liver, lungs, and others.

  • Based on products, it has organ preservation solutions, transplant diagnostics, tissue products, and others.

  • Based on the type of transplant, it has autograft, allograft and ALLOTRANSPLANTATION, XENO graft and xenotransplantation, and others.

  • Based on end-users, it has hospitals, transplant centers, and others.

  • Based on treatment, it has analgesic, immunosuppressant, and others. An immunosuppressant is further divided into CALCINEURIN inhibitors, mTOR inhibitor, anti-proliferative agents, steroids and other. CALCINEURIN inhibitors are further divided into TACROLIMUS and cyclosporine. And MTOR is further divided into SIROLIMUS and EVEROLIMUS.

Organ transplantation Market Regional Analysis

The Organ transplantation industry movements are remarkably working in 5 major regions of the world that is North America, Asia Pacific, Africa, South America, and the Middle East. Among all these regions, the North American region will dominate the market and the reason attributed to it is the fully developed health care sector and massive expenditure on healthcare. Also the rising incidences of organ failure and increasing technological advancements in the healthcare sector of this region. Europe will be the second-largest industry followed by the Asia Pacific region. As a large population is suffering from chronic disease and rapidly developing economies are the major factors responsible for the growth of organ transplantation market in the Asia Pacific region.

Organ transplantation Market Competitive Landscape

To get a detailed and profound idea about the organ transplantation market insights, it is very important to create a competitive environment amongst the different key players at different market locations all around the country. . All the market players are competing with each other globally in the international markets by implementing various types of strategies such as product launches and upgradations, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, etc. The prime players of the organ transplantation market include:-

  • Novartis International AG (Switzerland)

  • Terumo Medical Corporation (US)

  • Transonic (US)

  • Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. (Switzerland)

  • ASTELLAS PHARMA, Inc. (Japan)

  • Preservation Solutions, Inc. (US)

  • Organ OX Limited (UK)

  • Bio-Med PVT. Ltd. (US)

  • Transplant Biomedical (UK)

  • Trans Medic, Inc. (US)

  • Accord Healthcare GmbH (Spain)

  • SANOFI (France)

  • Pfizer, Inc. (US)

  • VELOXIS Pharmaceuticals A/S (Denmark)

  • GlaxoSmithKline Plc. (UK)


  • In March 2019, the first-ever kidney transplantation was performed by a living donor going through HIV CONDITION was performed by surgeons of Baltimore. This surgery was a landmark in medical science for patients who need a new organ as they are affected with immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS virus).

  • In April 2019, a new organ transport system that will be much safer and efficient than the traditional measures was developed by a Boston-based tech company named PARAGONIX technology. The aim of developing this new system was to boost the capability of controlling the temperature of organs and extend the feasible standard window of 4 hours. 

  • In September 2016, INSTRATEK, a prime manufacturer of minimally intrusive soft tissue recession instruments was acquired by STRYKER for ankle, foot, and upper extremity procedures.

  • In November 2020, the launch of generic immunosuppressant drug TACROLIMUS was announced by LUPIN in the US market which indicated the prevention of organ rejection in the allogeneic liver, kidney, and heart transplant.

  • In September 2015, a new ORTHOBIOLOGIC product named ARTHROFLEX ACELLULAR Dermal Matrix was launched by ARTHREX Inc. which is intended to be used in capsular reconstruction

Intended Audience

  • Pharmaceutical companies

  • Research and Development (R&D) companies

  • Independent research laboratories

  • Market research and consulting service providers

  • Medical research laboratories

  • Academic medical institutes and universities

Report Overview

The Organ transplantation market report presents a shift analysis that includes market drivers, opportunities, and restraints that are available in the global market. The report discusses the impact of covid-19 on the key players of the Organ transplantation industry. The report also tells about the market segmentation on a different basis and how a competitive environment is developed among the key players around the globe. At last, the report presents some recent developments in the field of the Organ transplantation market.

Report Scope:
Report Attribute/Metric Details
  Market Size   2027: Significant Value
  CAGR   2018-2023: 9.8%
  Base Year   2019
  Forecast Period   2027
  Historical Data   2018
  Forecast Units   Value (USD Million)
  Report Coverage   Revenue Forecast, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, and Trends
  Segments Covered   Organ, Into Heart, Kidney, Liver, Lungs, And Other
  Geographies Covered   North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (RoW)
  Key Vendors

  • Growing Prevalence of Chronic Diseases
  •   Key Market Opportunities   Rapidly developing economies
      Key Market Drivers

  • Growing prevalence of chronic diseases
  • Increasing prevalence of renal diseases
  • Over consumption of alcohol

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

    The Organ Transplantation Market is expected to exhibit a strong 9.8% CAGR over the Forecast Period from 2017 to 2023.

    The Growing Prevalence of Chronic Diseases That Lead to Organ Failure Is the Major Driver for The Global Organ Transplantation Market.

    The High Cost of Organ Transportation and The Dearth of Suitable Donors Are the Major Restraint On The Global Organ Transplantation Market.

    The Americas dominate the Global Organ Transplantation Market.

    Leading Players In The Organ Transplantation Market Include GSK, Terumo, And Novartis, Among Others.