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Operating Table Parts Market Share

ID: MRFR//4346-CR | 100 Pages | Author: Rahul Gotadki| April 2018

The Operating Table Parts Market is an imperative fragment inside the healthcare hardware industry, assuming a vital part in surgical strategies. Market players utilize different vital situating procedures to improve their market offer and satisfy the advancing needs of healthcare suppliers all around the world.
A key system includes a steady obligation to item quality and constant development. Organizations put resources into innovative work to present high level and mechanically refined operating table parts. By offering superior grade, imaginative arrangements, they intend to catch the consideration and loyalty of healthcare establishments looking for cutting edge hardware.
To take care of the assorted necessities of various clinical claims to fame, organizations decisively differentiate their item portfolios. This includes offering a scope of operating table parts with specific elements custom-made to different surgical prerequisites. Expansion upgrades market reach and positions organizations as comprehensive arrangement suppliers.
Venture into new geographic markets is a major methodology for operating table parts producers. Organizations look for open doors in arising economies and team up with neighborhood wholesalers to lay out a vigorous presence. Adjusting to territorial inclinations and guidelines is pivotal for fruitful worldwide extension.
Perceiving the necessities of various surgical strengths, organizations center around customization. Fitting operating table parts to oblige the necessities of muscular, neurosurgery, or cardiovascular strategies, for instance, draws in a different client base and lays out the organization as an expert in taking special care of remarkable surgical requests.
Offering strong after-deals administrations and support programs is an essential move to guarantee consumer loyalty. Solid help and fast reaction to specialized issues add to long haul client connections. Organizations that focus on post-buy administrations upgrade their market situating and construct a positive standing.
Perceiving the financial plan imperatives in specific healthcare markets, organizations might embrace a methodology of offering practical arrangements without settling on quality. This approach penetrates cost sensitive markets and extends the client base.

Operating Table Parts Market overview 

The Operating Table Parts Market is anticipated to reach USD 1.2 Billion by 2032 at 3.2% CAGR during the forecast period 2023-2032. The operating table is a crucial accessory during patient surgical procedures. The operating table comes with an elevated surface that supports and stabilizes the patient's body position. There are various types of operating tables that suit different surgical procedures. The operating table most often comes handy with other surgical accessories. The operating table is versatile that offers high accuracy and customization to the hospitals. The table is sturdy and durable as it carries the patient’s entire body weight throughout the surgical procedure.

The operating table parts market is growing at a rapid pace. The surgical operating-table parts market growth is promising in the forecast period. There are two types of the operating table such as manual operating table and controlled operating table. The different surgical operating table is used for different medical procedures. There are fluoroscopic operating table, bariatric surgery tables, cardiology operating table and operating table for back surgery. With the rising needs, the demand for this market is also growing at an exponential pace. 

Covid analysis 

The outbreak of the covid 19 viruses has caused a decline in demand in several global markets. Likewise, the operating table parts market is facing difficulties during the pandemic. The number of surgery has decreased during the pandemic. Most of the healthcare units are the priority for covid 19 patients. Also, the rate of even common lung, heart and organ surgeries has reduced during this period. It is affecting the operating table parts market. 

There are stringent governmental rules from the government for surgeries during the pandemic. These rules are regarding safe and effective surgeries during this period. The doctors need to follow several precautionary steps before a surgical procedure. These stringent rules and the shift of priority are causing a decline in the overall market. However, the overall growth trend of the operating table parts market remains stable. The steady rise in demand will continue till the forecast year 2023. 

Market dynamics 

  • Crucial market drivers¬†

General surgeries such as cardiovascular, gynecology, orthopedic and ENT require the operating tables. Due to the prevalence of these surgeries, the operating table parts market is also constantly growing. The need for operating tables during general surgery is a crucial driver for this market. In the Europe and Asia Pacific regions the number of general surgeries has increased massively in recent years. The requirement of the operating tables during surgical procedure drives more demand.

Today, the healthcare infrastructure is witnessing plenty of new developments. Most of the hospitals are integrating smart-operating rooms. The rooms contain advanced scanning systems, quality surgical accessories and durable operating tables. Also, the development of healthcare infrastructure is another crucial driver for the operating-table parts market. Further, there s rising investments by the health care industry towards medical accessories. It is another factor that influences market growth. Moreover, in recent years the rate of arthritis, obesity and geriatric population is rising. It is another significant factor that drives demand for the overall operating table parts growth. 

  • The market growth opportunities¬†

The medical industry is always prone to plenty of new developments. The operating-table parts market is a developing market. There are tons of new product innovation and developments in the upcoming years. The growing popularity of the hybrid operating table will provide lucrative growth opportunities for the market. The hybrid table comes with plenty of exceptional features that are suitable for versatile purposes. The tilt and unique support features are incorporated to suit different medical procedures. Some of the other features are the sturdy carbon fibre surface, adjustable stature and drifting tabletop. The hybrid operating table is gaining popularity in several regions. They are also helping in successful surgical procedures.

The key market players are investing more in the hybrid operating-table parts market. The Eschmann mr operating table is one such hybrid version that is highly essential in the medical industry. Cardiovascular, orthopedics or any other surgery can be performed in a hybrid table with slight adjustments. Billions of investments are made on this hybrid operating table concept. Also, the governments factor these investments in medical accessories. The high governmental support for the investment of operating-table part is another crucial factor that creates more growth opportunities. All these factors create a promising future for the operating-table parts market. 

  • The market restraints¬†

The medical surgery cost is ever higher in recent years. From cardiovascular to obesity surgeries everything is expensive. The high cost of therapeutic surgeries can cause several difficulties in the supply-demand chain of the operating-table parts market. Moreover, the operating tables are expensive medical accessories. The cost of cats is a barrier for the small clinics from utilizing the quality operating tables. These surgical table restraints can intensify in the forecast period that can hamper the growth rate. 

Moreover, there are plenty of local alternatives for the operating tables. The local players overshadow the market quality operating table parts market. The benefits of the quality operating table are unaware of the audience. The lack of product awareness can restrict the market growth in the future years. Moreover, with the lack of awareness and high cost, the audience becomes hesitant to purchase the product. 

  • The market challenges¬†

The operating table parts market has both internal and external challenges. The operating table can be effective during surgical procedures with proper use. However, most of the hospitals lack the skilled labour to operate this accessory. The lack of expert labours is a vital challenge in this market. This external market challenge can affect the market growth severely. With product awareness, the market players need to create more awareness about the proper way to operate the surgical table. 

  • The cumulative growth analysis¬†

The operating table parts market has both strong market drivers and severe market challenges. However, the market will witness stable growth during the forecast period of 2023. There is a serious need to fix the cost and lack of awareness issues in this market. Further, the hybrid operating table concept will provide immense growth opportunities in the upcoming years. As per the operating table parts market report, the key players of the market will receive high profitability in the upcoming years. Also, the overall market will develop with new product development and innovation. 

  • The value chain analysis¬†

North America will outgrow the other operating table part market in the forecast period. Governmental support and high investment rates are the crucial market drivers in this region. The surging number of general surgeries is also a main factor for operating table market growth. Further, ambulatory surgeries are growing at an exponential pace in North America. It is a vital sector that promotes more demand and growth for the operating table parts market. Also, high purchasing power is another factor that enables high growth. 

Market segment 

By surgery type 

  • General surgeries¬†

  • Speciality surgery¬†

By material 

  • Composite¬†

  • Metal¬†

End users 

  • Hospitals¬†

  • Clinics¬†

  • Ambulatory surgical centre¬†

  • Medical institutes¬†

By geography 


  • Spain¬†

  • Italy¬†

  • German

  • United kingdom¬†

  • France¬†

North media 

  • US¬†

  • Canada¬†

  • Mexico¬†

Asia pacific 

  • South Korea¬†

  • India¬†

  • China¬†

  • Japan

  • Australia¬†

South America 

  • Argentina¬†

  • Brazil¬†

Middle East 

  • South Africa¬†

  • Middle East¬†

Regional analysis 

The operating table parts market is diversified into North America, Europe, South America and the Middle East. North America holds the maximum market share in the forecast period. Also, Europe is the second-largest operating table parts market. The growing awareness about medical accessories is the crucial drivers in the region. Also, the increasing cardiovascular, geriatric and obesity surgeries are rising the requirement of the operating table. As per the operating table parts market, Asia Pacific will witness the fastest growth in the forecast period. The high number of surgeries and developing medical infrastructure is the demand driving factor in this region. Also, the governmental support to implement high-end medical accessories is raising the market growth. South America and Middle East are emerging markets with exceptional growth rate. 

Competitive analysis 

The key market players of the operating table parts market are establishing new developments plans. They are making technological advancements in the forecast period. The new strategies will provide more growth opportunities in the forecast year 2023. 

  • Trumpf Medical

  • Aga Sanitatsartikel Gmbh

  • Stryker Corporation

  • Allengers Medical Systems Limited

  • Steris Plc

  • Alvo Medical

  • Staan Bio-Med Engineering¬†

  • Eschmann Holdings Ltd.

  • Skytron LLC

  • Getinge AB

  • Schaerer Medical USA

  • Merivaara Corp

  • NUVO, Inc.

  • Mizuho OSI

Recent developments 

  • The key market players launched the new version of the operating table in 2021. The hybrid version comes with a smart-hand control feature that enhances production efficiency. The table can be adjusted with ease through the hand control feature.¬†

  • In 2021 the key market players in the US launched the precision surgical table. The table is suitable for chronic surgeries that require accurate patient body positions.¬†

Report overview 

  • Market overview highlights¬†

  • Analysis based upon COVID 19

  • Explanation upon the Market Dynamics

  • Value chain analysis

  • Market segmentation overview

  • The regional analysis

  • Competitive landscape analysis

  • Recent Developments

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