Natural Language Processing (NLP) Market Research Report- Global Forecast to 2030

Natural Language Processing Market research report: by Technology (auto-coding, text analytics, pattern & image recognition, and speech analytics), by type (rule-based, statistical and hybrid), by Service (integration, consulting and maintenance), by deployment (on-premise, on-demand), by Vertical (healthcare, Retail Sector, Media & Entertainment) - Forecast till 2030

ID: MRFR/ICT/0780-HCR | February 2021 | Region: Global | 100 pages

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Natural Language Processing Market Overview:

In traditional times computers used to understand only analog signals thus making computer operators provide binary signals for better understanding. But with the era of revolution came to machines that could understand digital signals that could be easily translated with the keyboard. Understanding human’s language and voice commands is the new addition to the computer technology called Natural Language Processing. With artificial intelligence computers are able to learn, decipher and understand the human command in interactive forms and derive meaningful insights from it. Natural Language Processing Market have advanced to a degree where translating different language for humans to use in different countries has made world easier.

Natural Language Processing Market Statistics shows an exponential growth in the automatic manipulation of the written and spoken human languages which through artificial intelligence and machine learning developed algorithms to examine the language patterns and give understandable instructions to the small-time devices. With increased statistical learning many companies have invested in NLP for driving small time applications to big-time technology. Syntax and semantics are the core by making a perfect text or voice note for NLP tools to translate them and giving meaning to it. Google is using NLP services in computers and smart devices by the name Google translate which is used to give directions in Google Maps. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Market Research Report forecasts a CAGR of 27.6% by the year 2030.

Natural Language Processing Market COVID-19 Analysis:

COVID-19 is one the most dangerous virus witnessed by humans in the last millennial impacting the world by increased number of patients and death per human life. The impact of the virus is huge on human life as well as the industries around. Natural Language Processing has helped hospitals and government understand doctors’ and patients’ commands in an easier manner and broadcast commands. Understanding the different patients gives real-time data that could be evaluated and have an edge of the virus by providing a before-hand response to uplift healthy measures. Government around the world worked together by decoding the articles published in different language using Natural Language Processing Statistics and developing a case study which helped government in tracking and containing effected parents.

Natural Language Processing Market Dynamics:


With growing data and conflicts to understand this data Natural Language Processing became the most used technology in coordination with artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning and providing meaningful insights to human commands. Humans give command to computers in form of text or voice note which is translated by machine and giving output in form of message or audio file. With understanding of complex syntax and semantics of the morbid information Natural Language Processing plays vital role in today’s world. People no longer have to learn and understand different languages as to travel the world or interact with people of different language origin, companies like Google, Microsoft, etc. have developed translation apps to make language barrier scarce.

Natural Language Processing Market Challenges:

Word segmentation i.e. breaking continuous big chunk of data into smaller chunks and making meaning out of it isquitet challenging as sometimes deciphering smaller chunks could be difficult. Understanding human language could be challenging as not all the commands humans pass is in human understandable form. High-level language or nasty sarcastic comments which humans use to express feeling of anger, anguish or happiness is not exactly in computer understandable format. Plural form of language is sometimes misinterpreted by machine learning algorithms and can cause fiscal typos and commands. Humans can identify language patterns easily and remove ambiguity in the natural language selection but computers on the other hand could face issue in identifying ambiguous patterns.

Value Chain Analysis:

Natural Language Processing works on the study of data science, machine learning and deep learning that helps human language in an understandable format and provides insightful meaning and commands. Natural Language Processing tools have marketed value in performing text and voice analysis in form of social media pictures, videos and sound, documents, and many more. The scalability of NLP has a curved way of performing and analyzing data and build models and algorithms that help streamline processes that provide value to industries by being cost-efficient. More customers are attracted to using NLP configured apps as it helps people to give commands and their requests are transferred to critical sometimes management systems of the app’s core and provide accurate results. Marketing officials have gained immense customers by making NLP the core of their marketing strategies reducing the human efforts and time consumed in practically decoding the commands of various customers. Online data from social media have made NLP the core to understand online users’ demand. The word ‘Translate’ is mentioned on most of the online sites and apps depending on the different geographical locations and providing different users with different language translations conditions.

Natural Language Processing Market Segment Overview:

By Service:

Natural Language Processing market is segmented by service as text recognition and sound recognition. Computers are made profound in understanding the text message and voice-controlled messages and decode the message and interpret them and send to the buffered algorithms that can give appropriate answers to human queries. Understanding different languages and slang of people can be difficult sometime but artificial intelligence and machine learning have derived algorithms that store these complex commands and predict patterns of the message and reduce errors for future use.

By Vertical:

By vertical Natural Language Processing Services are segmented in many industries evolution like medical, educational, healthcare, transport, manufacturing retails, etc. Medial Departments use NLP to keep track of patients and the disease in form of medical history forms that can be used globally by doctors to track and use it on patients of similar disease in different areas of the world. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Paytm have used Natural Language Processing Services to provide outcomes for human queries. For instance, google use transportation service and payment services to give directions to customers and users in user desired languages. Paytm gives vocal output on every payment received for companies giving receiver and sender confirmation of payment.

Natural Language Processing Market Regional Analysis:

With the interactive form of communication from human to machine, interaction has changed the way of working with modern technology.  A profit of more than 60 billion US dollars is expected in Natural Language Processing (NLP) Market by the year 2023. Natural Language Processing tools have been useful in rural and urban areas by bridging the gap between people and machines. Virtual assistant app libraries like google home, Alexa, Siri, have given a comprehensive platform to Natural Language Processing Systems focusing on the human interactive forms of communication with smart devices. With voice control we can send and receive messages, call from our contact list, play music from the apps library, and many more functions. America is the leading country of several companies that have developed and outsourced their NLP services across the world followed by Europe who works on SAP-HANA for creating and analyzing data through statistical algorithms. Asia-Pacific countries like China and Japan have boomed in technology by creating independent voice and text translators giving them an edge over the rest of the world.

Competitive Analysis:

Natural Language Processing Market Size has grown immensely in the past decade. Earlier message and voice translation were subjected on for industrial use but with increased interactive platforms NLP is now available for commercial use also paving its way in our smartphones for daily purpose use. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Market Research Report was at 21.1% by year 2020 but with the increased use of NLP service a world forecast of 36% CAGR by the year 2023 marking an increase in revenue of 85% for the world’s NLP using companies. IBM (US), Oracle (US), Apple (US), Microsoft (US), HP (US), Netbase Solutions (US) are the Natural Language Processing Market leaders of North America attracting more usecustomerLP market and generating greater revenue.

Recent Developments:

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Market has crossed more than 80 billion users in the past 5 years due to highly transformed algorithms that provide app analysis analysis and statistics for customer’s customers’ Technologies have developed algorithms thas bank servers and using text messages and accounts that help detect falsie insurance claims. Micro that Google and Apple have made entries in customers home by introducing text and voice-controlled messages. Ukraine has made advancements and bringing more customers to the automobile industries by analyzing marketing data and embedded voice-controlled systems in their automobiles. Neural Metrics Inc in the year 2019 developed Smart Radio Platform by accepting customer requests and attracting more customers based on historical data.

Report Overview:

The global Natural Language Processing (NLP) Market Research Report accounts for an increased adaptation of the latest technology of NLP using deep learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in the statistical analysis of data and giving meaningful insights to customer messages and voice commands. Natural Language Processing Market Statistics shows exponential growth in the automatic manipulation of the written and spoken human languages which through artificial intelligence and machine learning developed algorithms to examine the language patterns and give understandable instructions through smart devices. With increased statistical learning many companies have invested in NLP for driving small time applications to big time technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Hospitals, medical care, retail and household sectors are major segmentation of NLP by vertical.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Market Research Report forecasts a CAGR of 27.6% by the year 2030.

Deep learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence are major reasons of NLP adaption.