Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) Market Research Report – Forecast to 2027

Global Mobile Virtual Network Operator Market, by Type (Reseller, Service Operator), by Service (Network Routing, Customer Care, Handset Management and Marketing & Sales), by Infrastructure (Skinny MVNO, Thin MVNO, and Thick MVNO) — Forecast till 2027

ID: MRFR/ICT/0462-HCR | February 2021 | Region: Global | 110 pages

Please note that the assessment period of report has been updated from 2018-2023 to 2020-2027. Cordially fill the sample form for updated data

Market Overview:

Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) often termed as Global System for Mobile communication system functions as the mobile operator which provides optimal wireless communication services to its users. Since no physical infrastructure is linked to MVNO, it works on creating contracts which multi-national companies who own the network providers to commoners. People can opt for the network they chose as per price, range, speed, and many more factors.

Globally stating many big brands are associated with Mobile Virtual Network Operator Market using different networks such as The Virgin Mobile using the sprint network is the global dominant mobile network service provides in the western region of the world i.e. UK, US, Australia, and Canada. MVNO deals with voice and data providing paid services to its subscribers. Being superior in Mobile Virtual Network Operator Market many companies invest in service infrastructure of their own and ruling spread control of all handled devices from providing SIM cards to marketing their network. To be widely spread usually Mobile Virtual Network Operators sell their services at a cheaper rate thus raising the competition in the market. This boost in technology predicts global growth at a high CAGR of 6.75% by 2023.

COVID-19 Analysis:

Since the November of 2019, the world has entered purgatory which has led the entire human race to come to a standstill. The complete world is under shutdown, humans under lockdown avoiding and physical contact to decrease the spread of COVID-19 we have completely transformed into a digital world using digital money which also works on Mobile Virtual Network such as apps like google pay, amazon pay, pay-pal, etc. . Market to Virtual Network has increased in terms of more data usage and paying more for online services on Online platforms to provide a better video quality, less buffering rate, optimal resolution, and high graphic identification system. Using cloud technology for storing and reading data has made a market for high-speed network and range for seeding the data. Google is a working example of making the most of technology from automated specs to smartwatches which use common apps installed in our smartphones to sync in data on one common location namely the cloud to make this information available whenever required without carrying and storage devices.

Market dynamics: 

  • Opportunities: 

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) Market has opened many doors throughout the world for many small-line and big fish industries in the virtual networking zone. Governments throughout the world have built a healthy competitive market for the regulators of the network (one who buys the mobile virtual network as retailers and provides to their subscribers. European countries have given the market to their local regulators by making networks on their own and selling them as a home product.

  • Cumulative growth analysis:

Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) Market forecasts huge growth in monetary aspects for global mobile communication systems. Feedbacks from consumers give the companies an idea about the wavelength and usage of their product. It specifies if it will survive in the market of their home region as well as foreign lands. The Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) Market Report helps companies all over to come up with new strategies and better marketing ideas for their product to give high sales and monetary benefits and build a global market rapport.

  • Value Chain Analysis:

Why always go for the noise-canceling earphones or why always opting for phones with less voice tolerance? It is so that we can communicate better. We are living in the technology of glitches where little mistakes can sometimes cost revenue losing mistakes. Thus, to avoid and maximize the voice traffic in mobile operators many MVNO providers like Orange, France Telecom, Vodafone, Airtel have gone to great lengths to give customers network satisfaction. Be it installing network towers for wireless communication to inbuild wifi in many handy devices these companies have paved their way to the top.

Marketing and Branding of the products from MNC’s is to the largest extend to attract more consumers. Giving high-speed internet services at a relatively low rate is one of the major schemes most companies follow. With a greater customer market comes greater responsibility to live up to customer demand as most of the competitors follow the same routine to attract consumers.

Segment Overview:

  • By Type

As stated above that there is no physical infrastructure for Mobile Virtual Network Operator so either company is resellers of the network where the companies buy the already available software in their domain and then selling to the customers or the service providers which build software of their own and sell to the customer at a cheaper price.

  • By Service

Spread across in various elements MVNOs provide services in terms of high-speed network provider (4G, 5G speed), customer care services for all the smart apps we use today, marketing and sales in terms of the better service provider, billing using the new digital apps linked to customer’s bank account for online payment processing.

Regional Analysis:

Global Mobile Virtual Network Operator Market has been on rising since the start of virtual network evolution. It is expected to grow more as per the market research report forecast to 2023. Europe, the US, Australia, Canada, Asia are in this rat race to make the maximum use of virtual technology and provide the virtual network users an optimized use of its services. Widely stating the Asia Pacific is the most dominant continent in operator’s market as it has its hand in telecoms, smartphones, and other global virtual network using devices and apps. Jio network from India has revolutionized technology by being the network creators and providers giving less market to resell market in India. 

China – the world’s technology guru has a top-notch approach to expanding telecom services in the modern world. Japan has seen a growth in MNVO services in areas of online gaming, surveillance systems, vending machines, etc. which is expected to grow in the future. European countries provide a market to low-level Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) providers to sell their product to consumers. Based on speed, durability, and cost European government has opened its doors to new network providers.

Competitive Landscape:

The world is open to resellers and home-grown networks. Throughout the world, there is no restriction on selling their products. In the past Europe and the US have dominated the market with their products but now Asian countries like China, Myanmar, India have developed their tech market by creating global Virtual Network Operators majorly in the telecommunication department. Virgin Mobile (US) has dominated the virtual world in MNVO Market. Red Pocket Mobile (US), Tracfone Wireless Inc. (US), KDDI Mobile (US), Freenet AG(Germany), Airvoice Wireless (US) are MVNO Market Leaders.

AT&T (US) in collaboration with FedEx has paved its way into the global market. Sprint Corporation (US) using the global mobile communication system, CITIC International Holding (Hong-Kong), Verizon Communication (US) shows promising growth for future years.

Recent Development:

MVNO Market has seen an immense boost in recent years and is expected to reach a high of approximately 92 billion US dollars, encountering a CAGR of 6.7% to the forecast of 2023. The variety of products introduced in the yesteryears has taken MVNOs from the just network provider to mobile services making them part of our daily lives. Mobile phones accessing the virtual network to tracks their order on shopping apps to tracking their health is proof of increased market growth of mobile virtual networks. Nowadays working professionals have two-factor verification and soft-tokens available for secured office login thus, maintaining the decorum and ethics of the companies they are serving. This prevents data loss and theft against the ransom virus and thieves tracking and bank official projects. Digital Market Strategy also ensures copyrights of the sellers and buyers. This ensures the data is secure in the virtually locked network. COVID-19 has increased the work from home culture thus increasing the demand for high-speed internet giving companies like Vodafone, Airtel, Jio, Orange and increased consumer market and network traffic.

Mobile Virtual Network Operator Market Research Report Overview:

the MVNO market is emerging as an immense service provide and is expecting to increase by a good CAGR by the end of the forecast period. This report includes: 

  • Market overview 

  • COVID 19 analysis 

  • Market Dynamics 

  • value chain analysis 

  • segment overview 

  • regional analysis 

  • competitive landscape 

  • recent developments 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Virgin Mobile (U.S.), Tracfone Wireless, Inc. (U.S.), RedPocket Mobile (U.S.) are the top key players being active in the growth of the market.

The emerging countries in the APAC region are India, Vietnam, Myanmar, and China, to expand and to modernize telecommunication services.

the Asia Pacific is leading in the regional analysis of the global mobile virtual network operator market because of growth in telecom industries.

The global market for the mobile virtual network operator is valued for raising at a significant rate during the assessment period from 2017 – 2023

The growth in the cloud and M2M technologies are in the list to boost the market demand over the assessment period.