Medical Suction Device  Market Research Report- Global Forecast Till 2023

Medical Suction Device Market Research Report- Global Forecast Till 2023

ID: MRFR/MED/0103-HCRR | February, 2018 | Region: Global | 80 pages | Half-Cooked Research Reports

Medical Suction Device Market Research Report, By Types (Electric Powered, Battery-Powered, Dual, Manual), By Applications (Surgical, Research, Others), By Suction Parts (Vacuum Pump, Bacterial Filter, Vacuum Gauge, Moisture Or Debris Trap, Suction Catheter And Others), By End Users (Homecare, Hospitals, Clinics)- Global Forecast Till 2023


Market scenario
The medical suction devices are installed into hospitals for different medical reasons. A medical suction device used in respiratory conditions when secretion of mucous and serum has to be removed from the body. When the patient is unable to expel serum or mucous out of the body, these devices help them to remove it manually. They are also used during different surgical procedures such as respiratory surgery, delivery of baby, and others. Increasing prevalence of respiratory diseases, increasing birth rate and rapid development in technology drive the growth of the market. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 32% of all deliveries in America was caesarean. In addition to this, rising geriatric population, increasing pollution, and increasing need for the advanced technology fuel the growth of the medical suction device market. However, stringent reimbursement policy for suction devices may hamper the growth of the global medical suction device market over the forecast period.

The global medical suction devices market is expected to grow at a steady CAGR of 4.5% during the forecasted period.


Intended Audience

  • Medical Suction Device Manufacturers

  • Medical Suction Device Suppliers & Distributers

  • Suction Device Parts Manufacturers

  • Research and Development (R&D) Companies

  • Medical Research Laboratories

  • Academic Medical Institutes and Universities

The global market of medical suction device market is segmented on the basis of types, applications, suction parts and end users.

On the basis of types the market is segmented: electric powered, battery-powered, dual, manual and others.

On the basis of applications, the market is segmented into surgical, research and other. Surgical is further segmented into respiratory diseases, childbirth and others.

On the basis of suction parts, it is segmented: vacuum pump, bacterial filter, vacuum gauge, moisture or debris trap, suction catheter and others.

On the basis of end users the market is segmented into homecare, hospital, clinics, and others.


Regional analysis
The Americas holds the largest share of the global medical suction device market owing to the presence of huge number of patient with respiratory diseases, increasing geriatric population, and increasing healthcare expenditure. Europe is the second largest market followed by Asia Pacific due to increasing government support and changing reimbursement policies in Europe. The Asia Pacific region is the fastest growing market owing to the presence of huge patient population, increasing prevalence of the respiratory diseases, high birth rate, and the presence of rapidly developing economies. On the other hand, the Middle East & Africa is expected to have a limited but steady growth over the forecasted period.


Figure 1- Global medical suction device market, by region

Medical Suction Device Market
Source- Annual reports, press release, white paper, company presentation


Key players
ATMOS MedizinTechnik GmbH & Co. KG (Germany), Allied Healthcare (UK), Drive Medical (US), INTEGRA Biosciences AG (Switzerland), Precision Medical, Inc. (US), Siemens Healthcare Private Limited (Germany), Olympus Corporation (Japan), Medico, Inc. (US), SSCOR, Inc. (US), ZOLL Medical Corporation (US), Labconco (US), Amsino International, Inc. (US), Welch Vacuum (US), and Laerdal Medical (Norway)


Market Assessment

Medical Suction Device Market-

Source- World Health Organization (WHO, white paper, company presentation, annual report



Table of Contents

1    Report Prologue    

2    Market Introduction  

      2.1    Introduction    

      2.2    Scope of Study    

      2.3    Research Objective    

      2.4    Assumptions & Limitations    

            2.4.1    Assumptions    

            2.4.2    Limitations    

3    Research Methodology    

      3.1    Research Process    

      3.2    Primary Research    

      3.3    Secondary Research    

4    Market Dynamics    

      4.1    Drivers    

      4.2    Restraints    

5    Market Factor Analysis    

      5.1    Porter’s Five Forces Model    

            5.1.1    Bargaining Power of Suppliers    

            5.1.2    Bargaining Power of Buyers    

            5.1.3    Threat of New Entrants    

            5.1.4    Threat of Substitutes    

            5.1.5    Intensity of Rivalry    

      5.2    Supply Chain Analysis    

6.    Global Medical Suction Device Market, By Type

      6.1    Electric Powered

      6.2    Battery-Powered

      6.3    Dual

      6.4    Manual 

      6.5    Others

7.    Global Medical Suction Device Market, by Application

      7.1    Surgical

            7.1.1    Respiratory Diseases

            7.1.2    Childbirth 

            7.1.3    Others

      7.2    Research

      7.3    Other

8.    Global Medical Suction Device Market, by Suction Parts

      8.1    Vacuum Pump

      8.2    Bacterial Filter

      8.3    Vacuum Gauge

      8.4    Moisture or Debris Trap

      8.5    Suction Catheter 

      8.6    Others

9.    Global Medical Suction Device Market, by End Users

      9.1    Homecare

      9.2    Hospital

      9.3    Clinics 

      9.4    Other

10.     Global Medical Suction Device Market, by Region

      10.1    Introduction

      10.2    America

            10.2.1    North America



            10.2.2    South America

      10.3    Europe

            10.3.1    Western Europe






          Rest of Western Europe

            10.3.2    Eastern Europe

      10.4    Asia Pacific

            10.4.1    Japan

            10.4.2    China

            10.4.3    India

            10.4.4    Australia

            10.4.5    Republic of Korea

            10.4.6    Rest of Asia Pacific

      10.5    The Middle East & Africa

            10.5.1    United Arab Emirates

            10.5.2     Saudi Arabia

            10.5.3    Oman

            10.5.4    Kuwait

            10.5.5    Qatar

            10.5.6    Rest of Middle East & Africa

11    Competitive Landscape    

12    Company Profile    

      12.1    Atmos Medizintechnik Gmbh & Co. Kg

            12.1.1    Overview    

            12.1.2    Product/Business Segment Overview    

            12.1.3    Financial Updates    

            12.1.4    Key Developments    

      12.2    Allied Healthcare

            12.2.1    Overview    

            12.2.2    Product/Business Segment Overview    

            12.2.3    Financial Updates    

            12.2.4    Key Developments    

      12.3    Drive Medical

            12.3.1    Overview    

            12.3.2    Product/Business Segment Overview    

            12.3.3    Financial Updates

            12.3.4    Key Development    

      12.4     Integra Biosciences Ag

            12.4.1    Overview    

            12.4.2    Product/Business Segment Overview    

            12.4.3    Financial Updates

            12.4.4    Key Development

      12.5    Precision Medical, Inc.

            12.5.1    Overview    

            12.5.2    Product/Business Segment Overview    

            12.5.3    Financial Updates    

            12.5.4    Key Developments

      12.6    Siemens Healthcare Private Limited

            12.6.1    Overview    

            12.6.2    Product/Business Segment Overview    

            12.6.3    Financial Updates    

            12.6.4    Key Developments

      12.7    Abiogen Pharma S.P.A.

            12.7.1    Overview    

            12.7.2    Product/Business Segment Overview    

            12.7.3    Financial Updates    

            12.7.4    Key Developments

      12.8    Medico, Inc

            12.8.1    Overview    

            12.8.2    Product/Business Segment Overview    

            12.8.3    Financial Updates    

            12.8.4    Key Developments

      12.9    Zoll Medical Corporation

            12.9.1    Overview    

            12.9.2    Product/Business Segment Overview    

            12.9.3    Financial Updates    

            12.9.4    Key Developments

      12.10    Others

13    Conclusion

      13.1    Key Findings

            13.1.1    From CEO’s Viewpoint 

            13.1.2    Unmet Needs of the Market 

      13.2    Key Companies to Watch

      13.3    Prediction of Medical Devices Industry

14    Appendix