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Medical Bionic Implant Artificial Organs Market Share

ID: MRFR//4593-HCR | 100 Pages | Author: Rahul Gotadki| April 2024

The Medical Bionic Implant/Artificial Organs Market, a burgeoning sector within the healthcare industry, is witnessing intense competition as companies vie for market share positioning. In this dynamic landscape, firms employ various strategies to gain a competitive edge and solidify their presence. One prevalent approach involves differentiation through technological innovation. Companies invest heavily in research and development to create cutting-edge bionic implants and artificial organs that offer superior performance, enhanced features, and improved patient outcomes. This innovation-centric strategy not only attracts healthcare professionals seeking advanced solutions but also positions the company as a leader in technological prowess, fostering a positive brand image.

Moreover, strategic partnerships and collaborations play a pivotal role in shaping market share positioning. Many companies forge alliances with research institutions, academic centers, and other industry players to leverage collective expertise and resources. Collaborative efforts enable the sharing of knowledge, which accelerates the development and commercialization of novel medical bionic implants. Additionally, partnerships with healthcare providers and insurers facilitate market penetration, ensuring that the advanced technologies reach a broader patient base. By establishing a network of collaborations, companies can enhance their market reach and strengthen their position in the competitive landscape.

Price competitiveness is another key element in market share positioning within the Medical Bionic Implant/Artificial Organs Market. While innovation is crucial, companies must strike a balance between offering high-quality products and ensuring affordability. Pricing strategies that consider the economic constraints of healthcare systems and individual consumers contribute to broader market accessibility. This approach not only widens the customer base but also enhances the company's reputation as a socially responsible entity, fostering customer loyalty and positive brand perception.

Furthermore, effective marketing and branding strategies are essential to carve out a distinctive market share. Companies invest in creating compelling brand narratives that emphasize the life-changing impact of their medical bionic implants. By aligning their messaging with patient success stories, companies can establish an emotional connection with both healthcare professionals and end-users. This emotional appeal not only differentiates the brand from competitors but also reinforces the notion that the company is dedicated to improving lives through innovative healthcare solutions.

Additionally, geographical expansion is a crucial facet of market share positioning in the Medical Bionic Implant/Artificial Organs Market. Companies often tailor their strategies based on regional healthcare needs, regulatory landscapes, and cultural nuances. By understanding and adapting to diverse market conditions, firms can establish a strong presence in key regions, thereby gaining a competitive advantage over less adaptable competitors.

Medical Bionic Implant/Artificial Organs Market Overview

The Medical Bionic Implant/Artificial Organs Market is expected to reach USD 22.17 Billion by 2030 at 7.90% CAGR during the forecast period 2022-2030. Artificial organs and implants are types of special devices made to carry out the implantation of organs in the human body. It is mainly used so that the organs can function or intimate the original organ. Bionics is divided into parts and are biology and electronics. Medical bionics are substituted robotic versions of the body parts that are damaged.

Organ transplants become necessary when an organ of a body gets damaged due to any reason. However, there are also chances that the brogan transplant will not succeed as sometimes the body rejects the organ transplant. It is a substance introduced in the body to improve the body and make it function like before. The most developed bionics organs, heart and kidney and the most developed medical bionics, are pacemaker and cochlear.

At present, the market is influenced by the increasing demand for organ transplantation among patients. Nevertheless, the feasibility of transplantation is limited because to the scarcity of donors in comparison to the number of patients in need. The market expansion is bolstered by the continuous innovation in technology within the healthcare industry, particularly in the areas of equipment, treatment, and diagnostics. Ther is a growing public awareness regarding various ailments and their corresponding treatments, and the progress in the field of Artificial Organs industry procedures is playing a significant role in attracting attention to this industry.

The growth of the Medical Bionic Implant/Artificial Organs Market is further stimulated by advancements in 3D printing technology. The industry is seeing significant expansion due to the rising incidence of accidents resulting in organ damage and subsequent organ transplantation. The market expansion of eye illnesses within the context of a regulatory framework is likewise seeing an upward trend. The market expansion is being driven by the increasing prevalence of organ failure, which is mostly attributed to age-related diseases and aging factors. The Medical Bionic Implant Market Share is seeing accelerated growth due to rapid technical advancements and government efforts in the healthcare sector, creating a promising new potential. The increasing awareness among individuals regarding their health and the regularity with which they seek medical check-ups have also resulted in significant business opportunities.

In April 2023, Pixium Vision, a startup focused on addressing visual impairment through the implementation of bionic implants, potentially received an expedited regulatory pathway from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  The Prima system, developed by a French company, has been granted a breakthrough designation. Its primary objective is to address the issue of deteriorating light receptors located at the posterior part of the eye in those suffering from dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The primary objective of the Prima system is to partially reinstate visual acuity within the central region of an individual's visual field, which is the area most impacted by the aforementioned ailment, while simultaneously preserving the normal functionality of their peripheral vision. The system comprises of a wireless retinal implant of around two millimeters in size, accompanied by a camera affixed to a pair of spectacles, which is coupled to a compact processing device that can be conveniently carried in a pocket.

Covid-19 analysis

Pandemic affected most of the business, but the healthcare sector gained growth. The Healthcare sector is the one sector that improved its marketplace. Due to the virus spread, people got dependent on the healthcare sector for treatment, which positively impacted the market. But due to the constant attention to the covid patients, other patients got ignored and didn't get the required treatment which is a major issue for the market growth. When the manufacturers and production facilities were ordered to closed and people were told to stay inside to lessen the spread, the shutdown of markets and quarantine orders by the government impacted the market negatively.

Chief Factors Existing In The Market 

  • Key drivers

Currently, the market is driven by the rising number of patients in need of organ transplantation. However, the transplant is not possible for everyone as the number of donors is very less than the number of patients. Continuous advancement in technology in the healthcare sector like equipment, treatment, and diagnosis boosts the market growth. The public is getting aware of several diseases and treatments, and advancement in the Artificial Organs Market procedure is helping the market to gain the highlight. The development of 3D printers in the Medical Bionic Implant/Artificial Organs Market also propels the market to grow in the forecast period. The increasing cases of accidents that lead to organ damage and organ transplant are the major growth factor for the market. The growing eye diseases with regulatory framework is also gaining market growth. Due to age-related issues and aging factors, people are experiencing organ failure enhancing the market growth.

  • Market challenges

The less number of donors and growing number of transplant patients is a huge challenge for the market to overcome. Although the number of patients increases, the advanced technology has still not made each transplant successful, due to which the Medical Bionic Implant/Artificial Organs Market is still facing several obstacles.

  • Market opportunities

Rapid technological advancement and government initiatives for healthcare are accelerating the market, forming a new opportunity for the Medical Bionic Implant Market Share. People getting more aware of their health and getting them check-ups once in a while also creates ample opportunity for the market.

  • Market restraints

The drivers are accelerating the market, but with the acceleration, several factors are also restraining the market from further growth. The drawbacks of holding the market are the high cost of the devices no certain reimbursement. The development cost is high, and with that, fewer experts doctors for such challenging roles is less, which is also negatively affecting the market growth.

Cumulative Evaluation Of The Market

The cumulative evaluation of the market shows various research done in the Medical Bionic Implant/Artificial Organs Market to develop the overall marketplace. Different segments like drivers and opportunities are accelerating the market and forming new ways for the new key players who are keen to invest in it. However, the key players must know about the restraints and challenges of the market to tackle them and try to overcome them as soon as possible to register a high growth rate in the forecast period. The impact of COVID is also mentioned in the evaluation of the Medical Bionic Implant Market Outlook to give the market a new form and depict that the market will grow further in the future.

Medical Bionic Implant/Artificial Organs Market Segment Insights

Medical Bionic Implant/Artificial Organs technology Insights

The market is bifurcated into Mechanical and Electronic Bionics based on the technology segment. Both segments make the market grow and contribute to the Medical Bionic Implant Market Value.

Medical Bionic Implant/Artificial Organs By-products Insights

Based on the segment product, the Medical Bionic Implant/Artificial Organs Market is classified into Vision, Ear, Orthopedic, Heart, Neural/Brain. The Vision bionics has further been divided into the bionic eye. The bionic ear segment is classified into the cochlear implant and bone-anchored hearing aid. Orthopedic bionics are segmented as bionic hand, bionic leg, bionic finger, exoskeleton, and electrical bone growth stimulators. Sub-segments of the bionic leg include bionic knees and bionic feet. Electrical bone growth stimulators include invasive bone growth stimulators and non-invasive bone growth stimulators. Heart bionics are segmented into pacemakers, total artificial heart, ventricular assist device, an artificial heart valve. The pacemaker has an implantable cardiac pacemaker and an external pacemaker. The sub-segments of the artificial heart valve include the mechanical heart valve and tissue heart valve. Neural/brain bionics of the market are divided into deep brain stimulators, vagus nerve stimulators, and spinal cord stimulators and improve the Medical Bionic Implant Market Size.

Medical Bionic Implant/Artificial Organs fixation Insights

The fixation of the Medical Bionic Implant/Artificial Organs Market is segregated into Implantable and Externally Worn. Each segment variable is pushing the market forward and making the market grow to get a place in the global marketplace.

Medical Bionic Implant/Artificial Organs End-User Insights

The medical bionic implant/artificial organs market is segmented into hospitals and clinics, research and academic institutes, and others.

In December 2022, VanEck introduced the inaugural exchange-traded fund (ETF) in Europe that specifically focuses on firms engaged in the field of bionic engineering within the healthcare sector. The main allocations of the ETF consist of Dexcom, a company engaged in the production of glucose monitoring implants, Stryker, a manufacturer of orthopaedic and neurotechnology implants, and Edwards Lifesciences, a specialist in artificial heart valves. With the advancement of technology, it is anticipated that there would be a heightened prominence of applications centered around the functionalities of the brain and nervous systems. VanEck has just introduced CYBO as its second offering aimed at the healthcare industry.

Regional analysis

The Medical Bionic Implant/Artificial Organs Market is studied in America, Asia, Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and other parts. America is experiencing a high growth rate due to the presence of major key players and the introduction of advanced medical bionic equipment. Europe is dominating the market in the second place owing to the government's support in the region towards the development of the region and expenditure for research. Also, due to the rising cases of organ failures and other complications. Due to the increasing number of patients, rising demand for advanced treatment, healthcare sector development, growth in healthcare in the various Asian region is increasing, which directly accelerates the market growth. The Middle East and Africa are not showing the required growth as the region lacks technical knowledge and is not developing. Due to the poor medical facilities in the region, the market is lacking growth region. Other regions are showcasing significant growth and are expected to increase the CAGr of the market. The Medical Bionic Implant Market Analysis shows the market's growth in different regions.

Competitive Intensity Within The Industry 

Several key players are investing in the Medical Bionic Implant/Artificial Organs Market is expecting the market to grow in the forecast period. The Market development is based on the strategies don by the prominent players for market growth. The report consists of several details about the competitor. Other than that, that are many more details depicted in the report by the competitors are market production, market dominance, finance, investment, profit, and others. The key players are expected to improve the market value with several techniques. The competitive intensity between the prominent market investors will have a positive impact. The major key payers those are Medical Bionic Implant Market Growth are

  • Aleva Neurotherapeutics S.A. Switzerland

  • ¬†Biocontrol Medical Israel

  • ¬†Biomet, Inc. U.S.

  • Boston Scientific Corporation U.S.

  • ¬†Cochlear Ltd. (Australia), Cyberonics, Inc. U.S.

  • ¬†Ekso Bionics U.S.

  • ¬†LivaNova PLC U.K.

  • ¬†Medtronic, Inc. U.S.

  • ¬†NeuroPace, Inc. U.S.

  • Orthofix International N.V. The Netherlands

  • ¬†Ossur Iceland

  • ¬†Second Sight Medical Products, Inc. U.S.

  • ¬†St. Jude Medical, Inc. (U.S.).

Recent development 

  • The first pig to human transplant reported its success for the operation two months ago, but the patient David bennet Sr. at the age of 57, died for unknown reasons. The pig heart transplant needs more improvement.

  • Cyber firm Kaspersky has become one of the first organizations in the world to develop and implement a security policy covering the use of bionic devices and other forms of human augmentation.

Report Overview

  • The report provides research that is advanced and formative. The data mentioned in the report are made with proper research regarding the¬†Medical Bionic Implant Market Trends.¬†The report also contains details about the market segmentation and how they impact the market's growth in the forecast period. Covid 19 impact, drivers, restraints, highlights of the prominent key players and recent development happening in the market is predicted in the¬†Medical Bionic Implant/Artificial Organs Market¬†report.

Medical Bionic Implant/Artificial Organs Market Segmentation

Medical Bionic Implant/Artificial Organs technology Outlook

  • Mechanical

  • Electronic Bionics

Medical Bionic Implant/Artificial Organs products Outlook

  • Vision

  • Ear

  • ¬†Orthopedic

  • ¬†Heart

  • ¬†Neural/Brain

Medical Bionic Implant/Artificial Organs fixation Outlook

  • Implantable

  • Externally Worn

Medical Bionic Implant/Artificial Organs end-user Outlook

  • Hospitals

  • Clinics

  • Research and Academic Institutes

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