Material Handling Robotics Market Research Report -Global Forecast To 2027

Material Handling Robotics Market: By Product (Articulated Material Handling Robots, Scara Material Handling Robot), Application (Pick & Place, Palletizing/De-Palletizing), End-User (Automotive, Electrical, and Electronics) ‚Äď Forecast till 2027

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Material Handling Robotics Market Overview:

Material handling robotics is utilized for transporting different objects. This is done by undergoing the fitting of the robot with a properly suitable terminal portion of any arm tool such as a gripper, via which the robot would accurately and efficiently move an object or product from one geographical location to another. According to the Material Handling Robotics Market Facts, these robotic materials are utilized for handling flexibility, steadiness, and proficiency in manufacturing procedures. The robust characteristics of these material handling robots not only minimizes the number of ergonomic threats in the manufacturing plant, but also assists in advancing the core management system of a particular business. 

According to Material Handling Robotics Market Forecast, the worldwide Robot Handling Device Market is assumed to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of approximately 10% in the course of the forecast period, i.e. 2017 to 2023.

COVID-19 Analysis:

Like various other industries, the Material Handling Robotics Market Size has also been hampered because nations like China witnesses a fall in the demand for this equipment in the automotive sectors and also various adverse effects of the China-US war. Consequently, the pandemic that began in late 2019 and has extended till the mid of 2021 is also adversely affecting the growth of Material Handling Robotics Market Size by harming various industrial roots. 

But, because of the regained Material Handling Robotics Market Demand, the market is still assumed to grow at the maximum CAGR during the forecast period. Even though the major nations are contributing to fulfilling the Material Handling Robotics Market Demand, because of the pandemic currently these nations are experiencing a greater slowdown in the industry growth, but their market share is still significant. 

Market Dynamics:

  • Drivers:

The most significant factor facilitating the growth of the Robotic Trolley for the Material Handling Market is the rising demand for robotics in various manufacturing units for overcoming accidents and human error. Also, the manufacture of the robot by the Robotic Trolley for Material Handling Market offers the ability to improve the effectiveness of a manufacturing plant and therefore increases the satisfaction level of the customers by delivering premium quality products that are also facilitating the growth of Robotic Trolley for Material Handling Market. The robots provide great assistance in the transportation of heavy objects from one particular location to another seamlessly. Moreover, the robots sold by the Robotic Handling Device Market carry out certain tasks like conveyor tracking and collision detection. 

Various components like batteries, computer chips, computer displays that are sensitive and small require to be handled with high precision and high speed. Therefore, the major drivers of the Asia Pacific region hold a massive share in the global robotics market. In Europe, the reason behind the growth of this market is the relevance of industrial robots in both smaller and larger enterprises. Also, penetration of IoT, governmental initiatives, and artificial intelligence are assumed to boost the sales of the robotic Robotics market in the post-pandemic scenario. 

  • Restraints:

According to Material Handling Robotics Market Analysis, the huge preliminary investment needed for the manufacturing of these robots are the major restraining factors behind the Material Handling Robotics Market Growth. Also, the requirement of a skilled workforce for maintenance and repairing are the major challenges for the Material Handling Robotics Market Growth in the upcoming future. 

Market Segmentation:

According to the Material Handling Robotics Market Forecast, the worldwide Robotic Handling Device Market can be divided by application, product, region, audience, and end-users. 

By Application:

According to the Material Handling Robotics Market Forecast, based on application, the Global Material Handling Robotics Market can be segmented into: 

  • Palletizing and De-palletizing

  • Product transfer or part transfer

  • Pick and place

  • Packaging and packing

  • Others¬†

By Product:

Depending on the product, the Global Material Handling Robotics Market can be classified into:

  • Scara material handling robots

  • Articulated material handling robots

  • Parallel material handling robots

  • Others

By Region:

According to the Material Handling Robotics Market Forecast, based on region, the Global Material Handling Robotics Market can be segmented into: 

  • Europe

  • North America

  • Asia Pacific¬†

  • Rest of the world¬†

By Audience: 

Based on audience, the Automatic Material Handling Fire Fighting Robot Market can be classified into:

  • Consultancy Firms

  • Technology investors

  • Research Firms

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers

  • Technology solution providers

  • Automotive manufacturer

By End-Users: 

Depending on the product, the Automatic Material Handling Fire Fighting Robot Market can be classified into:

  • Electrical

  • Metal and machinery

  • Food and beverage¬†

  • Automotive¬†

  • Electronics

  • Chemical

  • Others¬†

Segment Analysis:

According to the Material Handling Robotics Market Analysis, the worldwide Robotic Handling Device Market Growth can be divided by application, product, region, audience, and end-users. The commercial segment under the application section has held the highest Material Handling Robotics Market Share in 2019 and is assumed to generate a hefty amount of US Dollars by 2027, with a massive increase in CAGR. Also, based on the Material Handling Robotics Market Analysis, material handing robots play a very significant role in automobile manufacturing. 

The Material Handling Robotics Market Analysis also says that numerous stages of the automotive production process can be handled via these robotic applications starting from trim, door assembly, engine block assembly, to the interior. Each Material Handling Robotics Market Expert recommends that automation is basically related to the usage of these robotics machines for the completion of the tasks that had currently been undertaken by humans that can diminish the rate of error and can further improve the management of various repeatable courses. 

Regional Analysis:

According to the view of the Material Handling Robotics Market Expert, geographically, the Asia Pacific region is assumed to hold the maximum Material Handling Robotics Market Share by the end of 2027 with huge growth in CAGR. The Material Handling Robotics Market Expert implies that the reason behind such massive growth of Material Handling Robotics Market Share in the Asia Pacific region is due to the rising awareness related to material handling robotics. Due to the same reason, the Material Handling Robotics Market Statistics is also increasing in developing nations like China and also in various Southeast Asian Countries. 

Also, the increasing number of e-commerce industry is facilitating the rise of Material Handling Robotics Market Statistics in the future years. Moreover, the lower labor costs along with the decreased transportation cost are impelling the growth of Material Handling Robotics Market Statistics in the Asia Pacific region. Moreover, increasing demand for various cutting edge technologies like the IoT or Internet of Things and the big data analytics in logistics for managing the operational needs are propelling the rising Material Handling Robotics Market Share. China is expected to reach a significantly big Material Handling Robotics Market Size over the forecast period because of the improvement in warehousing and manufacturing infrastructure in the country. 

Report Overview:

The Material Handling Robotics Market Report provides an entire backdrop analysis of this particular industry that includes the assessment of its foreign market and also the significant alternation in market dynamics. The Material Handling Robotics Market Report also covers the important market segmentation, the projected size of the industry from the standpoint of both volume and value of the Material Handling Robotics Industry. Moreover, the Material Handling Robotics Market Report covers the evaluation and reporting of the latest industry developments, the strategies of the major Material Handling Robotics Industry players, and the market shares. 

Also, the report contains Material Handling Robotics Market Facts like the emerging regional markets and the niche segments. Adding to that, the report undergoes an adjective in-depth assessment of the trajectories of the Material Handling Robotics Industry. Also, the report contains Material Handling Robotics Market Facts such as how different regions are strengthening their foothold in this market. 

Scope of Report and Segmentation Table:

  • Base year ‚Äď 2017

  • Forecast period ‚Äď 2017-2023

  • Historical data ‚Äď 2017¬†

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The global material handling robotics market valuation is set to reach USD 31 billion by 2023.

The global material handling robotics market is expected to exhibit a 10% CAGR from 2017 to 2023.

Huge demand for robots for preventing accidents, improvement in productivity in the manufacturing sector, and deliverance of quality products are major drivers of the global material handling robotics market.

The Asia Pacific (APAC) can dominate the global material handling robotics market till 2027.

Epson Robotics, Fanuc, Nachi Robotic Systems, KUKA, Kawasaki Robotics, Denso Wave, ABB, Apex Automation and Robotics, DAIHEN Corporation, and Adept Technology are key players of the global material handling robotics market.