Mass Notification System Market Research Report-Forecast 2030

Mass Notification System Market Research Report, by Component (Hardware and Software), Solution (PCB Layout, Schematic Capture), Deployment (On-Cloud, On-Premise), Application (Emergency, Business Continuity, Disaster recovery) – Global Forecast till 2030

ID: MRFR/ICT/2561-HCR | October 2022 | Region: Global | 100 Pages         

Mass Notification System Market

The Mass Notification System Market is expected to witness a significant growth of USD 45 billion by 2030, registering 21% CAGR during the forecast 2020-2030


By Component Services Managed Services Professional Services Software Hardware
By Application Public Warning And Alerts Emergency Response Business Management And Continuity
By Solutions Wide Area Solutions In Building Solutions Distributed Recipient Solutions
By Deployment Modes On Premises Cloud

Key Players

  • Eaton Corporation (U.K.)
  • Blackboard (U.S.)
  • Honeywell International (U.S.)
  • Omnilert
  • LLC (U.S.)
  • Siemens AG (Germany)
  • Everbridge Inc. (U.S.)
  • Xmatters Inc. (U.S.)
  • Mir3 Inc. (U.S.)
  • Singlewire Software
  • Desktop Alert Inc. (U.S.)


  • Increased investments from constituting economies into research and development which drives the growth of the market.
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Mass Notification System Market Overview

The Mass Notification System Market is estimated to witness significant growth and will register a CAGR of 21% during the forecast period 2021-2030. Due to the increase in technology demand in the industry, the size of the mass notification system market will increase to 45 billion by 2030.

The Mass Notification System is a platform that helps to send one-way messages to people or groups for example employees, government officials, customers, citizens of a particular country. It helps to spread information regarding any upcoming event, emergency, or any natural calamity or disaster.

The rising awareness for public security, cyber-attacks in developing and developed countries is the main reason for the growth of mass notification system market. Also, the increasing demand for a vital system to give required information timely and providing safety to the people are pushing the market to grow.

Through, the Mass Notification System, the messages can be sent to thousands of people in different types of formats at a single time for example through social media, email, web, and SMS as well.

COVID-19 Analysis

The Mass Notification System Market helps to categorize certain groups. It makes it easier for the companies to reach the target audience without any hassle. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the companies have started to use this technology to inform people if someone has tested positive or not.  It helps to reduce panic and alerts people who worked during the same shift with that particular person.

Market Dynamics

  • Driving factors

The Mass Notification System Market has flourished in the past recent years due to digitalization. One of the most important driving factors of this market is the rising awareness and implementation and solutions to provide cyber-security and privacy among the users. These solutions are massively used in education institutes, business organizations, and other sectors.

  • Restraints

The major restraint of the Mass Notification System Industry is that several vendors track the records of the students, employees, and other personnel through IP addresses. To avoid this, students and other personnel do not want to share their phone numbers with their respective institutes or organizations. It is expected that data privacy will hinder mass notification system market growth.

  • Opportunities

Natural calamities and other disasters can cause a loss in terms of money and life. Disasters like an earthquake, rig fires, tornadoes, tsunamis, etc. can cause huge loss. So, to prevent the loss to a certain extent, the usage of MNS will act as a safety precaution and management.  The MNS plays a crucial role to protect the dams, reservoirs, power plants, etc. So it has a great opportunity to grow in the future.

  • Challenges

Cyber-attacks are one of the major challenges which are expected to face by the mass notification system market. It is reported that cyber-crimes have affected the financial sector by around 78%. It is also expected that to grow in upcoming years. Also, due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the rate of cyber-crimes has increased.

Cumulative Growth Analysis

With the rapid increase in technology and digitalization, the Mass Notification System Industry is expected to flourish in the upcoming years. Various factors such as alerting people at a single time and reaching them directly will help the market to grow. Whereas, factors such as the increasing rate of cyber-attacks and cyber-attacks will hinder the mass notification system market growth.

Value Chain Analysis

The Mass Notification System Industry is projected to have a rapid growth with a Comprehensive Annual Compound Growth Rate of 20% during the forecast year 2021-2027. Due to increasing technological advancements and rising demand in the automotive sector is expected to push the market to expand. It is expected as per the Mass Notification System Market Analysis, that the global market will reach around 12 Billion during the forecast period 20020-2027.

Segment Overview

The Mass Notification System Industry is categorized into these further segments- Application, Solution, Industry, Deployment, and Components.

By Deployment Type, the mass notification system market is divided into On-Premise and Cloud.

By Application, the mass notification system market is further classified as integrated public alert and warning, business continuity and disaster recovery, interoperable emergency communication.

By Components, the mass notification system market is bifurcated into Service, Software, and Hardware.

By Industry, the market is classified into power and energy, defense, transportation and logistics, government, education, automotive, telecom and IT, entertainment and media, life sciences, and healthcare.

By the means of solutions, the Mass Notification System Industry is divided into wide-area solutions, distributed recipient solutions, and in-building solutions.

Regional Analysis

The Global Mass Notification System Business is projected to grow at a substantial rate during the forecast period 2020-2027. The market is segmented into these five geographical regions- North America, South America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East and African Region.

The countries in the North American Region are currently dominating the Mass Notification System Industry. It is expected that the growth will further increase in the coming years.

The Global Mass Notification System Industry in Europe has observed that the companies in the automobile sectors have invested heavily in the research and development in this field. It is projected that the notification market will grow at a rapid speed in the European countries.

The Asia-Pacific region is observed to have the highest and fastest growth in Global Mass Notification System Market during the forecast period due to support by the government in countries like India. Also, heavy investments in China and inclination towards the automation sector and other several opportunities around the Asia-pacific countries are the major reason for growth.

The countries in the Middle-East and other African region is expected to have slow growth as compared to other regions across the world.

Competitive Landscape

There are many companies across the world which are constantly trying to expand their presence in the Global Mass Notification System Business. They are using different strategies such as collaborations, expansions, new ventures, product launches, etc. to increase their business.

One of the prominent companies in this market is Eaton Corporation (U.K.). In the year 2019, the company introduced a new advanced lighting platform called Trellix that helps make efficient decision-making for operations.

Some of the key companies in the global Mass Notification System Market are-

  • Google (US)

  • Siemens (Germany), 

  • IBM (US)

  • Omnigo (US)

  • Johnson Controls (US)

  • Rave Mobile Safety (US),

  • CrisisGo (US)

  • Desktop Alert (US)

  • BlackBerry (US)

  • Regroup Mass Notification (US)

  • Eaton Corporation (U.K.)

Recent Developments

  • In the year 2019, December, the Siemens Group launched the Design CC platform with an update that was essential to efficiently manage all the building sizes. The new product gives accurate adjustability and flexibility or the usage of both medium and small-sized buildings.

  • In the year 2020, the IBM announced the launch of "Watson Works" to identify the challenges of coming back to the workplace. The Watson Works is a systemized product that embeds applications and AI models that help several companies to identify the different challenges of “return-to-workplace” caused due to lockdowns to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Report Overview

The report overview of the mass notification system market is-

  • Overview of Market

  • COVID-19 Analysis

  • Market Dynamics

  • Value Chain Analysis

  • Segmentation of Market

  • Regional Analysis

  • Competitive Analysis

Recent Developments by the key players in the Mass notification System Industry.

The scope of this report is to provide information and clarity about the global Mass Notification System Market, its growth factors, and indicates its strength. It also provides significant information regarding the key players of the market.

Report Score and Segmentation

  • Study Period - 2020-2027

  • Base Year- 2021

  • Forecast Period- 2021-2027

  • Historical Period- 2020-2021

By Application

  • Public Warning and Alerts

  • Emergency Response

  • Business Management and Continuity

By Component

By Solutions

  • Wide area Solutions

  • In-building solutions

  • Distributed recipient solutions

By Deployment Modes

  • On-Premises

  • Cloud

By Size of Organisation

  • Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

  • Large Enterprises

By Verticals

  • Utilities and Energy

  • Life Sciences and Healthcare

  • Telecom and IT

  • Logistics and Transportation

  • Education

  • Entertainment and Media

  • Government

  • Others

By Geographical Region

  • South America

  • North America

  • Asia

  • Europe

  • The Middle East and African Region

Report Scope:

Report Attribute/Metric Details
  Market Size   USD 45 Billion (2030)
  CAGR   21% (2030)
  Base Year   2019
  Forecast Period   2021-2030
  Historical Data   2018
  Forecast Units   Value (USD Billion)
  Report Coverage   Revenue Forecast, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, and Trends
  Segments Covered   by Component, Deployment
  Geographies Covered   North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (RoW)
  Key Vendors   Eaton Corporation (U.K.), Blackboard (U.S.), Honeywell International (U.S.), Omnilert, LLC (U.S.), Siemens AG (Germany), Everbridge, Inc. (U.S.), Xmatters, Inc. (U.S.), Mir3, Inc. (U.S.), Singlewire Software, LLC (U.S.), and Desktop Alert, Inc. (U.S.).
  Key Market Opportunities   The increasing adoption of automation and huge opportunities across industries in the APAC countries, there is a better scope for advancement in the mass notification system market.
  Key Market Drivers   North America is dominating the Mass Notification System Market due to the increased investments from constituting economies into research and development which drives the growth of the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The mass Notification System Market is expected to grow at a significant rate of USD 45 billion by 2030.

Business Continuity, Emergency, Disaster recovery and others are the primary applications of Mass Notification System.

Mounting need for public security in developed and developing economies, soaring demand for business continuity plans, rising awareness of emergency systems coupled with the massive demand for swift notification systems are the growth-motivating factors in the market.

PCB Layout, Schematic Capture are the main market solutions covered in the report.

The U.S. is experiencing remarkable growth within the semiconductor industry and can note better growth during the review period.

Mass Notification System refers to a platform that helps send one-way messages to either a group or individuals including employees, customers, government officials and citizens, in order to keep them abreast of any emergency, event, or disaster.