Mask Alignment System Market Research Report - Global Forecast To 2027

Mask Alignment System Market, By Type (Semi-Automated, Fully Automated), By Application (MEMS Devices, Compound Semiconductor, LED Devices), By End-User (Foundry/Factory, Memory Chips Manufacturers, IDM) - Forecast till 2027

ID: MRFR/SEM/3659-HCR | February 2021 | Region: Global | 100 pages

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Mask Alignment System Market Overview

In 2021, the global mask alignment system market value is witnessed as USD 1.5 billion and is estimated to grow at a significant rate of 10% CAGR during the forecast period 2017-2023.

Mask aligner machines are used to produce the mask alignments. This machine shifts the designed pattern onto the wafers. Now the mask with the same pattern is placed over the wafer and this mask is exposed to ultraviolet light. Then this ultraviolet light passes through the mask openings allows the pattern to be burned into the photoresist which is present in the water. If the lithographic process is needed on only one side of the device wafer, then the top side orientation is used for aligning the architecture on the mask. Moreover, this system is used to hold the mask in the lithographic process at the proper position. This system ensures that the image projected on the wafer is accurate and proportional and checks for errors in the position of the mask.

To produce several semiconductor components like quantum dots and carbon nanotubes (CNTs), most manufacturers depend on nanotechnology solutions. Rising demand for nanosensors is boosting the market growth of mask alignment systems due to the application in weather condition forecasting and the building health in the surrounding. These nanosensors observe the faults like internal stresses, concrete corrosion and cracks, and other physical forces and deliver this data on the health state of a building or bridge as an early symptom. Furthermore, the aligners are used for several applications like printed circuit boards, flat-panel displays, and the semiconductor process of MEMs devices.

Mask Alignment System Market COVID-19 Analysis:

The COVID-19 outbreak is negatively affected various types of businesses and reduced their demand in the market. The coronavirus has started spreading from December 2017 all over the world and raising the number of deaths globally. To control the spread of the virus, most of the emerging countries' governments implemented stringent regulations like lockdowns, transportation bans, public places closed, and manufacturing industries shut down. Due to these restrictions, the mask alignment system market was also negatively impacted for a short period.

Due to the lockdown, and travel bans, there is a shortage of raw materials, and a lack of workers for the mask alignment system industry. Hence, the production of mask alignment systems is stopped and reduces the demand for these systems in the market. Moreover, the electronic and semiconductor industries are closed which losses a lot for the market growth. After the lifting up of lockdown, the demand for the market rapidly regains.

Mask Alignment System Market Dynamics:

  • Drivers:

Rising the growth of the electronic device industry increases the demand for semiconductor ICs for different applications like sensor devices, consumer electronic devices, and memory devices which in turn increases the requirement of lithography systems and mask aligners. Growing requirements for large-panel displays and compact electronic devices are propelling the mask alignment market growth in the review period.

Rising demand for photolithography tools, and growth in the smartphone, and foundry industry are escalating the growth of the market. Apart, the need for high precision and accuracy in semiconductor production and introducing the advanced MEMS devices over other lighting sources like fluorescent lights, halogen lamps, etc. are accelerating the mask alignment system market growth. Rising focus on safety, passenger comfort, and energy efficiency need more ICs, and production of these ICs requires semiconductor equipment and a mask alignment system that fosters market growth.

  • Restraint:

Lack of knowledge among the consumers regarding the benefits of the mask alignment system is hindering the market growth.

  • Opportunities:

To introduce the advanced mask alignment lithography systems, more research is going on. To support further miniaturization, they use ArF (Argon Fluoride) exposure system to develop various semiconductor materials. Global mask alignment lithography plays a vital role in attaining the era of miniaturization, customization, and fast and efficient delivery which provides a significant growth opportunity for the market.

  • Challenges:

Rapid technological changes are the major challenge for mask alignment system market growth.

Study Objectives –

  • To offer information regarding the mask alignment system market structure along with various forecast segments and sub segments for the next 10 years.

  • To provide the factors that are reducing the growth of the mask alignment system market value.

  • To evaluate the mask alignment system industry analysis based on factors-price analysis, supply chain analysis, etc.

  • To provide history and forecast revenue segments and sub-segments of the mask alignment system market revenue for the four main geographies.

  • To offer the country-level analysis of the present market size and forecasting perspective.

  • To provide country-level analysis of the mask alignment system market industry growth by region, form, type, end-user, and application.

  • To offer a depth profile about the top leaders in the market, analyze their core competencies, statistics, and draw a global market growth landscape.

  • To study and analyze new product developments, strategic alliances, mergers, acquisitions, and global market research.

Segment Overview:

The global mask alignment system market has been divided into four segments based on type, application, end-user, and region.

  • Based on Type

The mask alignment system types are bifurcated into semi-automated and fully automated.

  • Based on Application

The mask alignment system applications are classified into three types such as MEMS devices, compound semiconductors, and LED devices.

  • Based on End-user

By end-user, the mask alignment system market analysis is trifurcated into foundry/factory, a memory chip manufacturer, and an integrated device manufacturer.

  • Based on Region

Region-wise, the global mask alignment system market is categorized into four main geographies like Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, and the Rest of the World. Out of these regions, Asia-Pacific is leading the highest growth rate for being the leader in the manufacturing of electronic and semiconductor components.

Regional Analysis

Geographically, the mask alignment system market based on regions is divided into four major regions such as North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Rest of the World. Among them, Asia-Pacific is holding the highest mask alignment market share for being the leader in the manufacturing of semiconductor and electronic components. Most of the market players in the semiconductor market space are present in emerging countries like China, Taiwan, and Japan. Foxconn is the global leader in the production of contract electronic components and it serves a huge number of global players in the production of smartphones and electronic devices. These are the factors that boost the growth of the market in the Asia-Pacific region.

North America is holding the second-largest position due to the early adoption of emerging technologies like mask alignment applications are mostly used in U.S and Canada. The shifting trend towards LED devices instead of major lightning systems in homes and commercial spaces is one of the major applications of the mask alignment system. Moreover, most semiconductor companies like Texas Instruments are expanding their product line and investing in the development of the latest technologies.

Mask Alignment System Market Competitive Landscape

The top leaders of the mask alignment system market outlook are the following:

  • Bruker Corporation (U.S)

  • Vistec Electron Beam GmbH (Germany)

  • SUSS MicroTec AG (Germany)

  • Neutronix Inc (U.S)

  • Aixtron SE (Germany)

  • Applied Materials, Inc (U.S)

  • Veeco Instruments, Inc (U.S)

  • E V Group (Austria)

  • ASML Holding (Netherlands).

Mask Alignment System Market Recent Development 

  • EV group introduced the innovative IQ Aligner NT mask alignment system which is the most productive and technically sophisticated and automated. This is designed for high-volume applications. It has the latest features like the highly advanced print gab control and zero-assist dual-size wafer processing capability that fully addresses the high-volume manufacturing (HVM) requirements of users. Also, it is designed with 2X improvement in alignment accuracy & throughput compared to the previous generation IQ Aligner system

Mask Alignment System Report Overview:

This global mask alignment system market research includes the Market Overview, COVID-19 analysis, Market Dynamics, Study Objectives, Segment Overview, Regional Analysis, Competitive Landscape, Recent developments, Segmentation Table, and FAQs. The market scenario includes the mask alignment system market drivers, restraints, challenges, and opportunities. The mask alignment system market forecast segments into four forms as type, application, end-user, and region.

Segmentation Table

The mask alignment system market trends have been segmented into four forms globally based on the type, application, end-user, and region.

  • By Type

Semi-automated and fully automated are the two types of the market.

  • By Application

MEMS devices, compound semiconductors, and LED devices are the three applications of the market.

  • By End-user

Foundry/factory, a memory chip manufacturer, and an integrated device manufacturer are the three end-users of the global market.

  • By Region

Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, and the rest of the world are the four main geographies included in the global market of the mask alignment system.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

High demand for nanosensors and production of light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

Bruker Corporation, Vistec Electron Beam GmbH, SUSS MicroTec AG, Neutronix Inc, Aixtron SE, Applied Materials, Inc, Veeco Instruments, Inc, E V Group, and ASML Holding.