Identity and Access Management Market Research Report - Global Forecast 2027

Global Identity & Access Management Market, By Deployment (On Cloud, On Premise), By Organization Size (SMEs, Large Enterprises), By Verticals (BFSI, Manufacturing, IT & Telecommunication, Government, Healthcare) - Forecast 2027

ID: MRFR/ICT/1966-HCR | February 2021 | Region: Global | 110 pages

Please note that the assessment period of report has been updated from 2016-2022 to 2020-2027. Cordially fill the sample form for updated data.


Identity and access management facilitates the management of the organization of electronics identities. IAM can be used for a variety of purposes like initiating, capturing, and managing user identities. Expansion in the automation industry and their high dependence on technology is forcing IT sectors to make more investments and to develop more new products. The global access management market is growing rapidly at a high pace. Adoption by large enterprises at a high rate is assisting this market to grow at a faster rate. The development of more new products and the growing market of automation in today’s technological environment are major factors affecting growth. Globally the market is expected to grow at USD 24 billion by 2022 with a 16% of annual growth rate.


The pandemic of COVID 19 has affected various sectors of society including individuals and businesses. The internet ecosystem has been playing a major role throughout the globe. This situation has made individuals depend more on the identity and access management market. During this impact, the IAM software will have a positive impact on the market and is hugely responsible for its market size. The vendors of IAM are coming forward to assist.


  • TYPE- it is segmented based on cloud, hybrid, and on-premise. It is also segmented based on access management, user provision, single sign-on, and password management.

  • TECHNOLOGY- the advancement of technology and the way of leading life are forcing companies to seek solutions. The IoT enables each object to be connected to the internet. Transferring files through online mode and increased efficiency and productivity reduces privacy risks. Mobility makes easy access. Cloud technology is modifying the way business perform their work.

  • SERVICES- segment accessing tools allow workplace owners to manage to which users can access different parts of workplaces. The users can access their account with either their email, password or by using the single sign-in.


North America plays a dominant role in the market of identity management. Development of technology at a great rate, the presence of global key players, and developing nations such as the U.S and Cannada, give North America a competitive spirit. Due to the growing manufacturing industry and the rich presence of BFSI, Europe is regarded as the second-largest market. Due to growth in the economy of China and India, you can see that Asia-Pacific is also showing a positive trend in the market. China, Taiwan, South Korea are the supporting regions of IAM which shows the expansion of the market.


Enterprises prefer more towards using multiple channels for accessing. They must cater to the needs of the business and play role in the integration of various users.


  • OPPORTUNITIES- The identity and access management industry considered the IAM technologies as capital technologies that have to be purchased and implemented at first. The cost structure of the IAM projects requires successful implementation. The IAM market trend is now changing due to identity and access management growth and implementing cloud-based IAM services which are becoming easier every day. Cloud-based IAM solutions need less capital revenue and low implementation time.

  • CHALLENGES- cybercriminals used many other advanced techniques to infiltrate into an organization’s data records. The use of new threat techniques has become a major challenging factor for a cyberattack. APTs and targeted threats have become very common in today’s world. Advanced techniques are used by cybercriminals to steal data and put the identity and access management industry in trouble. Challenges like on-boarding and off-boarding like the manual and slow process for accessing inappropriate approvals in decentralized environments. Delaying in accessing resources and delaying in the removal of from systems creates security risks.

  • RESTRAINTS- Cyber threat is one of the major concerns for the organizational industry. Deficiency in insufficient resources and identity standards based on the budget along with high installation costs of IAM solutions hinders the growth of identity and access management business. The initial investment costs and its high maintenance costs will unite the security technologies. The use of an insufficient budget is a very crucial challenge for IT professionals.

  • CUMULATIVE GROWTH- IAM technologies have helped healthcare organizations with security issues and provide them with healthcare services. Thus healthcare has registered the highest growth rate during the forecast period. Identity and access management studies show that IAM solutions are also used in financial institutions, retail, education, telecommunication, manufacturing, etc.

  • DRIVERS- the role of the identity and access management market in IoT is expanding at a vast rate. It focuses on identifying people and managing access to a variety of data across industries including both sensitive and non-sensitive data types. It also provides safety to the data against malicious activities and increases its demand for mobility solutions. The IAM system helps global enterprises to provide a good user experience. These benefits will drive the growth of the market globally.


IAM consists of many global and regional players, a moderate contestant in the market space. By innovation, market players are succeeding in gaining sustainable competitive advantage.Major competitors in the market who contribute to identity and access management growth factors are F5 Networks (U.S.), Amazon Web Services (U.S.), HP (U.S

IBM (U.S.), Microsoft Inc. (U S.), Oracle Corporation (U.S.), Siemens AG(Germany), Dell Inc (U.S.), CA technologies, and many others. CyberArk put forwards its abilities to manage and protect the identities at various privileges. It uses its experience mode and enables the customers to improve their security posture. It also addresses ever-increasing and complex regulatory requirements.


The report provides information about the new entrants into the market. It provides the entrepreneurs to understand the competitive landscape and gain more insights to make their position better and plan suitable go-to-market strategies. Identity and access management market analysis provides information about market drivers, restraints, challenges, and growth. It provides a detailed analysis of market structure along with the various segments of identity management. It provides analysis about the market concerning its size current market size and comprehensively analyses the stakeholder’s competencies. To track and analyze the competitive developments such as strategic alliances, a new development of the research in IAM globally.


  • The collaboration of Sourcepoint with Oracle cloud Customer Experience assists in strengthening customer relationships along with leveraging complaints and delivering customer experience.

  • Citrix in partnership with Microsoft provides IAM-based services and has discovered certain tools for simplification and implementation.

  • Wipro in assistance with IBM develops hybrid cloud offerings which assist the global access management market to migrate, manage and transform mission-critical applications on IT environments.

  • HCL collaborated with Broadcom in 2018 which along with SED creates security solutions.

Salesforce extended its partnership with Vlocity which assists in the world’s top communication, media, and entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

A USD 24 million earning level is anticipated to be achieved by the market with the help of a 16% CAGR.

F5 Networks (U.S.), Amazon Web Services (U.S.), HP (U.S.), IBM (U.S.), Microsoft Inc. (U.S.), Oracle Corporation (U.S.), Siemens AG (Germany), Dell Inc. (U.S.), CA Technologies (U.S.), ForgeRock Inc. (U.S.) among others are the strong contenders in the identity and access management market.

The Asia Pacific region is expected to follow the lead of the North American region in duration of the forecast period.

The increased efforts being undertaken to incorporate automation in key industries is expected to form the crux of the growth story in the market.