High Purity Alumina Market Research Report- Forecast to 2022

High Purity Alumina Market Research Report- Forecast to 2022

ID: MRFR/CnM/1419-CRR | January, 2017 | Region: Global | 107 pages | Cooked Research Reports

Global High Purity Alumina Market Information-by Product Type (4N, 5N, 6N), by Application (LED, Semiconductors, Phosphor and others) and by Region - Forecast to 2022

Market Synopsis of Global High Purity Alumina Market:

Global High Purity Alumina Market is growing rapidly at the rate of CAGR of 18.56% over the years and is expected to grow at same pace in forecasted year. With wide array of application of LED products and semiconductors such as electric vehicles, home appliances, hybrid cars and others is driving the growth of High Purity Alumina market. HPA is known as High end valued product in non- metallurgical aluminum market due to its superior properties like high wear- resistance, thermal conductivity and chemical compatibility.

The Global High Purity Alumina Market is segmented based on Products, Application and region for forecasted period 2016 to 2022. On basis of High purity alumina, it is segmented by product type as 4N, 5N and 6N.

  • 4N - 99.99% Purity and 0.01% impurity

  • 5N- 99.999% Purity and 0.001% impurity

  • 6N- 99.9999% Purity and 0.0001% impurity.

On basis of application, LED accounts for high market share of 54% in forecasted period. LED products have high life span, durability and reliability which makes adoption rate high in end user. This increase in adoption rate is expected to boost the market in forecasted period. Phosphor used in manufacturing of plasma displays and protective coatings increase the market share of HPA product. Others products like Sapphire are used in manufacturing of scratch resistance glass for smartphones and watches.

Geographically, APAC region dominates these HPA market both in terms of volume and value and is expected to grow significantly at a CAGR of 20.75 % in 2022. China is major revenue generating country due to rapid industrialization, low cost of raw material and labor and high manufacturing of LED products. North America, Europe accounts for second and third market share in this segment.

Global High Purity Alumina Market Share, By Region (2015)

 Global High Purity Alumina Market Share, By Region (2015)

 Key Findings:

  • Asia-Pacific accounts for the largest share in the global high purity alumina market in 2015

    • Due to the presence of established producers and growing LED market

  • Asia-Pacific market is expected to witness the highest CAGR of 20.75% from 2015

    • China dominates the Asia-Pacific high purity alumina market with more than 55% of share in 2015 due to the presence of large number of producers and huge consumption

  • LED accounts for the largest share of 54% in the global high purity alumina market by application in 2015

Study Objectives of High Purity Alumina Market:

  • To study market overview of the High Purity Alumina.

  • To estimate market size by product type, by application and region.

  • To provide insights about market drivers, restrains and opportunities of High Purity Alumina market.

  • To provide geographically market analysis and outlook for North America, Europe, Asia, and Rest of the World (ROW) and their countries.

  • To analyze the Global High Purity Alumina Market based on various factors- supply chain analysis, porters five force analysis etc.

  • To provide strategic profiling of the key players in the market, broadly analyzing their core competencies.

  • To evaluate competitive developments such as joint ventures, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, new product developments, and research and developments in the Global High Purity Alumina

Market Segmentation:

  • By Product Type

    • 4N

    • 5N

    • 6N

  • By Application

    • LED

    • Semiconductors

    • Phosphor

    • others

Key Players:

The key players of Global High Purity Alumina Market are Alcoa Inc., Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd, Nippon Light Metal Holdings Co., Ltd, Zibo Xinfumeng Chemicals Co., Ltd, Sasol Limited, PSB Industries SA, Xuancheng Jingrui New Materials Co., Ltd, Altech Chemicals Limited, Hebei Pengda Advanced Materials Technology Co., Ltd and others.

Reasons to Buy:

  • This report includes in-depth study analysis of High Purity Alumina market

  • It covers market segmentation by type, by application and by end user.

  • It helps in identifying region-wise major suppliers and understand consumption patterns.

  • The report will provide useful and premium insights that will support in investments of High Purity Alumina and allied companies providing details on the fast-growing segments and regions.

  • In addition, it will provide key findings that will help the companies to improve profitability by using supply chain strategies, cost effectiveness of various products mentioned in the report.

  • The data used in the report is primarily based on primary interviews with the major producing companies and industry experts and supported by authentic industry data from secondary sources.

Target Audience:

  • High Purity Alumina producers

  • Traders and distributors

  • Association and government bodies.

  • Application industries

  • Electronic manufacturers

  • Research institute

Geographic Analysis:

The report covers brief analysis of geographical region such as:

North America

  • US

  • Canada


  • Germany

  • France

  • Italy

  • Netherlands

  • U.K.

  • Rest of Europe


  • China

  • India

  • Japan

  • Rest of Asia-Pacific


  • South America

  • Middle East

  • Africa

The report for Global High Purity Alumina Market of Market Research Future comprises of extensive primary research along with the detailed analysis of qualitative as well as quantitative aspects by various industry experts, key opinion leaders to gain the deeper insight of the market and industry performance. The report gives the clear picture of current market scenario which includes historical and projected market size in terms of value and volume, technological advancement, macro economical and governing factors in the market. The report provides details information and strategies of the top key players in the industry. The report also gives a broad study of the different market segments and regions.


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2.1 Market Definition 14

2.2 Scope of The Study 14

2.2.1 Research Objectives 14

2.2.2 Assumptions 15

2.2.3 Limitations 15

2.3 Markets Structure 15

3.1 Research Process 16

3.2 Primary Research 17

3.3 Secondary Research 17

3.4 Market Size Estimation 17

3.5 Forecast Model 19

4.1 Introduction 20

4.2 Drivers 21

4.2.1 Growing Demand of LED Lightings Coupled with Decreasing LED Prices 21

4.2.2 Growing Demand of Lithium Ion Batteries Due to Increased Use of Electric Vehicles 22

4.2.3 Increasing Application in Smartphones and Smartwatches Boosting the Market Demand 24

4.3 Restraints 25

4.3.1 Stringent Environmental Regulations on Residues Challenging Market Growth 25

4.3.2 Limited Knowhow on the Technical Expertise Restraining Market Growth 25

4.4 Trends 26

4.4.1 Capacity Expansion By Major Players 26

4.4.2 New Entrants Focusing On Cost Effective And Environmentally Sustainable Production 26

4.5 Opportunity 27

4.5.1 Emerging applications of high purity alumina in medical and defence creating new opportunities for the manufacturers 27

4.6 Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis 28

4.6.1 Threat of New Entrants 28

4.6.2 Threat of Rivalry 28

4.6.3 Threat of Substitute 29

4.6.4 Bargaining Power of Supplier 29

4.6.5 Bargaining Power of Buyer 29

4.7 Supply Chain Analysis 30

4.7.1 Raw Material Suppliers 30

4.7.2 High Purity Alumina Producers 31

4.7.3 High Purity Alumina Distributors 31

4.7.4 End User 31

5.1 Introduction 33

5.2 4N 34

5.3 5N 37

5.4 6N 40

6.1 Introduction 45

6.2 LED 47

6.3 Semiconductors 50

6.4 Phosphor 53

6.5 Others 56

7.1 Introduction 60

7.2 Global High Purity Alumina Market By Region 60

7.3 North America 61

7.3.1 US 63

7.3.2 Canada 64

7.4 Europe 65

7.4.1 Germany 66

7.4.2 UK 67

7.4.3 France 68

7.4.4 Spain 69

7.4.5 Italy 70

7.4.6 Rest of Europe 71

7.5 Asia-Pacific 72

7.5.1 China 74

7.5.2 Japan 75

7.5.3 India 76

7.5.4 Rest of Asia-Pacific 77

7.6 South America 78

7.7 Middle East & Africa 79

8.1 Introduction 81

8.2 Market Share Analysis 81

9.1 Alcoa Inc. 85

9.1.1 Company Overview 85

9.1.2 Product/Business Segment Overview 85

9.1.3 Financials 86

9.1.4 Key Developments 87

9.2 Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. 89

9.2.1 Business Overview 89

9.2.2 Product/Business Segment Overview 89

9.2.3 Financials 90

9.2.4 Key Developments 91

9.3 Nippon Light Metal Holdings Co., Ltd 92

9.3.1 Business Overview 92

9.3.2 Product/Business Segment Overview 92

9.3.3 Financials 93

9.4 Zibo Xinfumeng Chemicals Co., Ltd 95

9.4.1 Business Overview 95

9.4.2 Product/Business Segment Overview 95

9.4.3 Financials 95

9.4.4 Key Development 95

9.5 Sasol Limited 96

9.5.1 Business Overview 96

9.5.2 Key Financials 96

9.5.3 Product/Business Segment Overview 97

9.5.4 Recent Development 98

9.6 PSB Industries SA 99

9.6.1 Business Overview 99

9.6.2 Key Financials 99

9.6.3 Product/Business Segment Overview 100

9.7 Xuancheng Jingrui New Materials Co., Ltd 101

9.7.1 Business Overview 101

9.7.2 Product/Business Segment Overview 101

9.8 Altech Chemicals Limited 102

9.8.1 Business Overview 102

9.8.2 Key Financials 102

9.8.3 Products Offered 102

9.8.4 Key Development 103

9.9 Hebei Pengda Advanced Materials Technology Co., Ltd. 104

9.9.1 Company Overview 104 

9.9.2 Products Offered 104

9.9.3 Financials 104

9.9.4 Key Development 104