Function as a Service Market Research Report - Global Forecast to 2027

Function as a Service Market by User Type (Operator Centric, Developer Centric), Service Type (Automation, Integration, Microservice Monitoring, API), Application (Web, Mobile, Research, Academic), Deployment and Vertical - Forecast 2027

ID: MRFR/ICT/2391-CR | January 2018 | Region: Global | 100 pages         

Function as a Service Market

The Function as a Service Market is expected to reach USD of 11,932.95 million by 2027.


By User Type Operator Centric Developer Centric
By Service Type Automation Integration Microservice Monitoring API
By Application Web Mobile Research Academic

Key Players

  • Amazon Web Services Inc
  • Dynatrace LLC
  • Fiorano Software And Affiliates
  • Flowgear
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • SAP SE
  • Tibco Software Inc
  • International Business Machines Corporation
  • Google Inc
  • Manjrasoft Private Limited
  • Rogue Wave Private Limited
  • Sixsq Sarl Infosys Limited


  • Increase in the usage of the application
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Function as a Service Market Overview

The Function as a Service Market is the process by which the cloud service enables serverless application development and also manage the whole process.

The Function as a Service Market is been valued at USD 6,213.77 million in 2018 and is expected to reach USD of 11,932.95 million by 2023. The overall Function as a Forecast period of the report is the years from 2018 to 2023. By using the Function as a Service Market it is possible to take the decision in the organisation, as this makes the easy availability of the currency exchange data.

COVID Analysis

The outbreak of the pandemic has caused a great impact on the regular life of the people. The spread of the pandemic has brought great losses in many sectors, even in many small business sectors, this has brought a long term effect. This is because of the lockdown implemented by the governments to control and avoid the spread of the pandemic. Which brought an impact on the economy of the country. Because of the lockdown, there was a demand for the Function as a Service Market. So this year is considered as the base year (2020). Even in this lockdown and strict restrictions many companies followed the safety measures and then got their place in the Function as a service market Share.

Market Dynamics

  • Crucial Market Drivers

The main reason which is driving the Function as a Service Market Size is the increase in the usage of the application in recent days. And also the increase in the introduction of the new application and the technology in this modern period. As the spread of the pandemic brought changes in the health care centre, there were many applications introduced related to the healthcare sector. So this also paved the way for the development of the Function as a Service Market Size. Even the growth of the sectors like automation, integration and microservice has increased the market value of the FAAS.

  • The Market Growth Opportunities

Rapid advancement in the technology and the development of the application without the use of the server or even by the minimizer of the server usage has created the growth opportunity for the Function as a Service Market. This process of allowing to manage the code while connecting the operating system had increased the attraction among the engineers. As this makes their work easy to reuse the code even multiple times have created interest among the people. In recent times time is being valued very much. So the continuous reuse of the coding strategy has increased the growth opportunity for the Function as a Service Market Size.

  • The Market Restraints

The main restraint in the market is that the issue is portability to the cloud. Then the second factor that hinders the growth of the Function as a Service Market is the spread of the pandemic among all the countries. Due to the lockdown implementation, many sectors have lost their growth in the market. Even they were been sent to the long term loss because of the pandemic issue, some companies using the health-related measuring process came to a higher position in the function as a service market.

  • The Market Challenge

As the spread of the pandemic has caused a great impact in many countries. The interest among the people in using the good application without any network issues is one of the main challenges faced by the creators. Because by this FAAS you can able to reuse the same code multiple times, so that the people may able to avoid the network troubleshooting issues, this may cause the waste of time to the people who are working. Then the main challenge is to overcome the loss which is being created by the spread of the pandemic. As many companies are working hard and trying to collaborate with other companies to compensate for their loss.

  • Cumulative Growth Analysis

The overall growth of the Function as a Market Share was stable and only after the spread of the pandemic did some companies come to long term loss. Even in the pandemic, some companies are working hard to retain their revenue. Only before the pandemic, the growth was not stable, but during the lockdown time, people were forced to stay at the house. Later on, people started to spend their time viewing the applications. So the application manufacturing companies are using their codes again multiple times via which the people get access to use the application. This process of using the code multiple times saves time, as well as the developing engineers, feels comfortable while working.

  • Value Chain Analysis

The growth of the Function as a Market Share was great during these locks down. But like other industries, the Function as a Service Market also got some losses because of the pandemic. As the growth of the FAAS has been seen in the sectors like defence, telecommunication, banking and finance, health care, media and entertainment, the hi-tech industry, manufacturing and etc. The increase in the usage of the FAAS in the application and the demand in creating the new technology are the main driving force for the growth of the Function as a Service Market.

Function as a Service Market Segment Overview

  • By Product

  1. Developers Centric FaaS

  2. Operator Centric FaaS

  • By Service

  1. Automation And Integrated Services

  2. Support And Maintenance Services

  3. Training And Consulting Services

  4. Microservice Monitoring And Management Service

  5. API Management Services

  6. Others

  • By Deployment Model

  1. Public Cloud

  2. Hybrid Cloud

  3. Private Cloud

  • By Organisation Size

  1. Small

  2. Medium

  3. Large

  • By End-Use Industry

  1. Defence And Surveillance

  2. IT And Telecommunication

  3. Banking And Finance

  4. Health Care

  5. Media And Entertainment

  6. Hi-Tech Industry

  7. Manufacturing

  • By Application

  1. Research And Academic Application

  2. Web-Based And Mobile Application

  • By Region

North America

  1. US

  2. Canada

Latin America

  1. Mexico

  2. Brazil

  3. Peru

  4. Chile

  5. Others

Western Europe

  1. Germany

  2. UK

  3. France

  4. Spain

  5. Italy

  6. Nordic countries

  7. Belgium

  8. Netherlands

  9. Luxembourg

Eastern Europe

  1. Poland

  2. Russia

Asia Pacific

  1. India

  2. Japan

  3. China

  4. ASEAN

  5. Australia

  6. New Zealand

The Middle East and Africa

  1. GCC

  2. Southern Africa

  3. North Africa

Function as a Service Market Regional Analysis

As North America is been calculated as the largest market shareholding in 2020, it is expected to get the growth of CAGR of 13% during the Function as Service Market Analysis period of 2018-2023. The growth of North America is great because of the advancement in technology and also they are providing the FaaS as cost-effective in nature. The second main reason for the growth of North America in the market is that the availability of the key players is high.

The second largest growing shareholder of the FaaS is the Asia Pacific region. This is being calculated with the 4% with the CAGR during the forecast period. The growth is being witnessed in the Asia Pacific regions is because of the adoption of cloud technology and also because of the highest population. The second main reason for the growth is the development in many sectors after the spread of the pandemic.

Competitive Landscape

With the increase in the development and the use of the FaaS, the main key players are working hard by using new strategies to develop their business. The key vendors are wishing to keep them up-to-date to maintain their business and also to keep their stakeholders engaged. Even many medium-sized companies are collaborating with the other companies so that they can compensate for the loss which was raised due to the spread of the pandemic.

Function as a Service Market Key Players

  1. Amazon Web Services Inc

  2. Dynatrace LLC

  3. Fiorano Software And Affiliates

  4. Flowgear

  5. Microsoft Corporation

  6. SAP SE

  7. Tibco Software Inc

  8. International Business Machines Corporation

  9. Google Inc

  10. Manjrasoft Private Limited

  11. Rogue Wave Private Limited

  12. Sixsq Sarl

  13. Infosys Limited

Function as a Service Market Recent Developments

  1. After the spread of the pandemic, small and medium-sized companies have faced much loss. So they are willing to get collaborated with other companies to compensate for their loss

  2. The main key players are focusing to increase their market value by expanding their companies and increasing the production to develop their company in the function as a service market.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

By vertical, the segments of the function as a service market are BFSI, healthcare, manufacturing, IT and telecommunication and others

BFSI and manufacturing segments, on the basis of vertical, are expected to exhibit robust growth.

By user type, the segments of the market are developer centric and operator centric.

The developer centric segment is projected to dominate the global market.

By service type, the segments are: automation and integration, API management services, support and maintenance services, microservice monitoring and management services, and others.

The automation and integration segment is likely to register 36.5% CAGR and dominate the market.

The BFSI segment is assessed to expand at 36.4% CAGR.