Floor Cleaners Market Research Report - Global Forecast till 2030

Floor Cleaners Market Research Report: Information by Form (Liquid and Powder), Type (Ceramic Floor Cleaners, Wooden Floor Cleaners, Marble Floor Cleaners, Multisurface Floor Cleaners and others), Distribution Channel (Store-Based [Supermarkets & Hypermarkets, Convenience Stores and others] and Non-Store-Based) and Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World) - Forecast till 2030

ID: MRFR/CR/7015-HCR | February 2023 | Region: Global | 111 Pages         

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Floor Cleaners Market

Floor cleaners market size is projected to reach approximately USD 20.46 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 4.88% from 2022 to 2030.

By Form Liquid Powder
By Type Ceramic Floor Cleaners Wooden Floor Cleaners Marble Floor Cleaners Multisurface Floor Cleaners and others
By Distribution Channel Store-Based Non-Store-Based
By Region North America Europe Asia-Pacific Row
Key Players
Companies Profiled   ASC   Polivac   Karcher   Tennant   Nilfisk   Duplex   Hako   POWER SWEEP   Comac   Rotowash   Clenco   Bucher(Johnston)   iRobot   Philips   Numatic International   SEBO
Market Driving Forces   Growing demand for household cleaning products   Availability of products offline as well as online   Varieties in the product    Increasing awareness regarding Hygiene
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Floor Cleaners Market Overview:

The global floor cleaners market has projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.88% to reach a market value level of USD 20.46 billion over the forecasted period of 2022-2030. The floor cleaners industry manufactures the types of equipment that are widely and commonly used for floor cleaning purposes such as brooms, wipers, cleaning liquids, floor cleaning scrubbers, etc. Amid the COVID-19 situation, the world is taking special care of hygiene and demanding products that can kill harmful germs. The floor cleaners market has reported an increase in demand and shown growth in productivity as per the growing demand. The markets are launching AI-equipped cleaning machines that can clean floors. Developing technology has attracted customers to comfort and convenience who can afford it. Apart from this, different floor cleaning products are available in the market for different floor types providing options for the end-users to treat their floor with care and gain the best hygienic floors at a cost of a few dollars.

The global leaders of the floor cleaners market are constantly striving hard to expand the market and bring the change in market total worth. The market is stretched around the globe providing its facilities to as many customers as possible.

COVID-19 Analysis:

A market or a business can be affected by three factors and they are either financial crisis or downfall in the world’s economy, or decreased demand and then production, or mismanagement in the distribution channel. Amid the COVID-19 situation, the whole world has faced severe conditions and a downfall in the economy causing severe loss to different markets and businesses.

The floor cleaners market was also affected negatively due to this reason. However, due to outbreaks of the deadly virus, people around the world became more aware of the hygiene and cleanliness of their places. This reason contributed to increased demand in the floor cleaners market and hence contributed to the growth of the market. Lastly, due to the imposition of lockdown worldwide, distribution of products safely became more concerning and safety guidelines for delivery, exports, and imports were laid to be followed.

Market Dynamics:

To analyze and to understand the market scenario, certain factors are checked such as growth drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges to the market. Market dynamics discusses all these aspects to lay down a foundation of understanding of the trends, growth, and future scope of a market. The floor cleaners market analysis is discussed below

Drivers: The growth drivers of the floor cleaners market have changed year to year as per the demand in the market. The driving factors of the market are:

  • Growing demand for household cleaning products: With the outbreak of coronavirus, the demand for household cleaning products has increased globally. Also, the increase in population has increased the number of houses in the world, again contributing to increased demand for cleaning products,

  • Availability of products offline as well as online: Ever since, the world has discovered the e-shopping market, an increase in demand for products has been observed. Availability of cleaning products in both kinds of mode, more customers are connected to the floor cleaners market.

  • Varieties in the product: The market is filled with varieties of cleaning products available for different purposes. Alone, floor cleaning products are available according to different floor types such as cleaners for laminate floor, cleaners for hardwood floor, etc. This factor has also contributed to increased customer demands.

  • Increasing awareness regarding Hygiene: The world is becoming more aware of home hygiene and hygiene at workplaces. Different types of products are used to clean the floor and immunize it towards germs than only using a single cleaning product.

Restraints: The factors that are affecting or controlling the growth of the floor cleaner products market are:

  • Toxic Chemicals used in cleaning product formulation: Cleaning products use certain harmful chemicals to kill germs and bacteria from the floor. The product is harmful if consumed in any way. Also, if the floor is not cleaned properly and the chemicals stay on the floor, they can reach into the body through indirect ways.

  • Low penetration to the market of few developing countries: The floor cleaners market is not effectively reachable to every house in few developing nations such as Syria, Nigeria, and Zambia. Large parts of these nations are still living in old ways and have not adapted to the modern style of living.

Opportunities: The floor cleaners market can seize many opportunities to look for future scope, development, and market expansion, Few opportunities laying for the floor cleaners market are:

  • AI-equipped cleaning machines: As science and technology are stepping into the world of AI and machine learning, many techno-based companies are launching AI-based robots or machines that can perform cleaning. People who can afford this comfort and convenience are demanding this technology. Also making this technology feasible to local market’s customers will help the expansion of the floor cleaning market. One such example of techno-based cleaning equipment is steam floor cleaners.

Regulatory Implications:

Regulation implications of the floor cleaners market is the research information about the law and regulations laid in manufacturing, use, and application of numerous floor cleaners. As many harmful chemicals are used in producing floor cleaning products, certain cautions are related to the application and use of the product by end-users. Certain guidelines and regulations are imposed by the government to regulate the proper use of chemicals and processes running in the market. Moreover, chemicals are harmful to the environment, therefore, important guidelines of use and regulations were to be made regarding sewage systems from the factories, and others. All the chemicals used in the product formula are subjected to different rules and regulations.

Segment Overview:

To study the floor cleaners market in detail but brief, segment overview of the market can be studied. The floor cleaner market is segmented by form, by product type, by distribution channel, by region.

By Form Type-

  • Liquid

  • Powder

By Product Type-

  • Ceramic Floor Cleaners

  • Wooden Floor Cleaners

  • Marble Floor Cleaners

  • Multisurface Floor Cleaners

By Distribution Channel Type-

  • Store-based

  • Supermarkets and Hypermarkets

  • Convenience Store and others

  • Non-Store-Based

By Region-

  • North America

  • Europe

  • Asia-Pacific

  • Rest of the World (ROW)

Regional Analysis:

The floor cleaner market is stretched around the globe as most of the developing countries and all developed nations use different types of floor cleaning products. However, the Asia-Pacific region is holding the highest floor cleaners market share and the reason can be the largest population size in that region. Also, the Asia-pacific region is projected as the global leader of the floor cleaner market by 2030. Other regions are also expected to report a good growth in market value by revenue.

The market is divided into four major regions which include:

  • North America

  • Europe

  • Asia-Pacific

  • Rest of the World (ROW)

Competitive Landscape:

The floor cleaners industry includes the companies that are manufacturing cleaning products such as brooms, sweeping wipes, etc, and other companies that are manufacturing chemical products used for killing germs. Many big companies have launched as many products as possible to expand their market size and value. Big companies are competing against each other which results in the benefit of customers by bringing the best floor cleaning product at a minimum rate. Electronics companies are collaborating with other types of companies to come up with a multipurpose product. The key players of Floor cleaners market around the globe are:

  • ASC

  • Polivac

  • Karcher

  • Tennant

  • Nilfisk

  • Duplex

  • Hako


  • Comac

  • Rotowash

  • Clenco

  • Bucher(Johnston)

  • iRobot

  • Philips

  • Numatic International

  • SEBO

Recent Developments:

  • Time to time investments are done by big commercial companies to give head start to many growing businesses to expand the market and reach as many customers as possible.

  • Developments are done to improve the technology used in manufacturing the floor cleaning products and also to improve the formulation towards harmless product ingredients.

Report Overview:

The floor cleaner market report gives a detailed description of market growth, trends, development, and key players of the market. The report discussed market dynamics that included growth drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges that the market might be facing. Further, it also gives a segment analysis of the market which describes the market by segments. Regional analysis of the market is also mentioned in the report content to understand the leading region of the rolling stock market and the region with the highest growth.

Report Scope:

Report Attribute/Metric Details
  Market Size   USD 20.46 Billion
  CAGR   4.88% (2022-2030)
  Base Year   2021
  Forecast Period   2022-2030
  Historical Data   2020
  Forecast Units   Value (USD Billion)
  Report Coverage   Revenue Forecast, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, and Trends
  Segments Covered   By Form, Type, Distribution Channel, and Region
  Geographies Covered   North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (RoW)
  Key Vendors   ASC, Polivac, Karcher, Tennant, Nilfisk, Duplex, Hako, POWER SWEEP, Comac, Rotowash, Clenco, Bucher(Johnston), iRobot, Philips, Numatic International, SEBO
  Key Market Opportunities   AI-equipped cleaning machines
  Key Market Drivers   Growing demand for household cleaning products, Availability of products offline as well as online, Varieties in the product, Increasing awareness regarding Hygiene

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Floor cleaners market is projected to grow at a 4.88% CAGR between 2022-2030.

ASC, Polivac, Karcher, Tennant, Nilfisk, Duplex, Hako, POWER SWEEP, Comac, Rotowash, Clenco, Bucher(Johnston), iRobot, Philips, Numatic International, SEBO are the key players profiled in the floor cleaners market.

Floor cleaners market is predicted to touch USD 20.46 million by 2030.

Ceramic floor cleaners segment will lead the floor cleaners market.

The liquid segment will dominate the floor cleaners market.

The Asia Pacific is expected to dominate the floor cleaners market