Fragrance Market Research Report - Forecast till 2030

Fragrance Market Information: By Type (Natural, Synthetic), By Application (Fine Fragrance (Perfumes), By Cosmetics & Toiletry (Without Hair Care), Hair Care, Essential Oils & Aromatherapy, Household & Air Care, Soap, Detergent, Tobacco and others) - Forecast till 2030

ID: MRFR/CR/3268-CR | February 2021 | Region: Global | 151 pages

Fragrance Market

Fragrance Market is expected to grow USD 18.97 billion at a CAGR 5.30% of during the forecast 2030


By Type Natural Synthetic
By Consumer Group Women Men and Unisex
By Application Perfumes Fine Fragrances Cosmetics & toiletries (Without Hair Care) Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Hair Care Soap Household & Air Care Tobacco Detergent

Key Players

  • International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (U.S.)
  • Sensient Technologies Corporation (U.S.)
  • Givaudan S.A. (Switzerland)
  • Symrise AG (Germany)
  • Firmenich International S.A. (Switzerland)
  • MANE FILS SA (France)
  • Takasago International Corporation (Japan)


  • Growing prevalence of male-centric cosmetic products
  • Growing affinity towards skin color cosmetic products
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Fragrance Market Overview

Fragrance Market is expected to grow USD 18.97 billion at a CAGR 5.30% of during the forecast 2030, says market research future (MRFR) . Fragrances and perfumes have aided in the development of individuals' grooming habits and have become indispensable products in modern life. The fragrances and perfumes market's growth is mostly determined by unpredictable and constantly shifting fashion trends. As a result, prominent market players are concentrating their efforts on generating intriguing, unique, and innovative fragrances to appeal to a diverse range of consumer groups worldwide.

The increasing popularity of lighter-scented products, particularly among millennials, and the availability of inexpensive body splashes, body mists, and cologne body sprays are likely to improve perfume and fragrance product sales in developed nations.

As with many other industries, the fragrance industry's focus has shifted to sustainability and green innovation. Though this subject has been a long-standing one in the world of perfumes. The market is growing as a result of R&D and advertising. Innovative technologies will be critical in enabling perfumers and fragrance houses to produce more sustainable mixes with smaller carbon footprints and component lists. Significant players spend on these factors in order to influence consumer purchasing decisions. Additionally, the growing power of social media and celebrity endorsements is having an effect on the advertising methods used by significant industry leaders. With the growth of online sales, cosmetics and perfume merchants are increasingly including photos and videos into their websites in order to increase sales of scents and aromas. Additionally, several online cosmetics merchants allow customers to tailor their scents and smells.

Covid-19 Impact Analysis

During the coronavirus outbreak, the Fragrance Market Share was affected. At this period, the market values and supply chain has got down due to the lockdown and social distancing norms across the world.

However, this did not last for long because of the new strategies introduced by the fragrance market players. These players adopted various safety measures to propel market growth on a large scale.

Market Overview

Major Drivers of the Market

The global Fragrance Market is driving its market growth due to several factors, including the bolstering growth of perfumery, growing prevalence of male-centric cosmetic products, and growing affinity towards skin color cosmetic products.

Currently, nearly 80 percent of the global volume of fragrance has maintained the safety and purity standards by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). This is enhancing the growth of the Fragrance Market in the assessment timeframe. 

Opportunities of the global market

The Fragrance Market has lucrative opportunities for the players in the global market due to the amplifying usages of aromatherapy in various parts of the world and the growing preferences of the consumers towards aromatherapy.

The assurance from the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) and FDA regarding the purity and safety standard generates trust among the consumers and leads to the growing demand for the fragrance product. This can bring more opportunities for the global fragrance industry.

Market Restraints

In the present scenario, the Fragrance Market might get hampered due to the high cost of the fragrance product.

Another major market restraint can be the new policies and regulations by the governments regarding the safety of fragrance use.

Market Growth Challenges

The Fragrance Market might experience challenges due to the rapid changes in consumers' preferences in terms of scents and the highly subjective tastes of the individual consumer. This factor can affect the potential growth of the overall Global Market Trends.

Another major marketing challenge for the global market can be the high dependence on product promotions and new launches products, which can hamper the innovation in the Fragrance Market Trends.

Cumulative Growth Analysis

In the current period, the global market is showing potential growth in the forecast period due to the increasing demand for the various types of fragrances among the consumer group.

According to the Fragrance Market Analysis, many regions like North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific collectively participate in developing the fragrance product to thrive the global market growth.

Market Segment Overview

In the Fragrance Market Forecast report, the global market is segmented on the basis of types, consumer groups, and applications.

By Type:

In terms of type segment, the Fragrance Market has been classified into Synthetic and Natural.

Out of all, the synthetic fragrance segment is estimated to generate a higher Market Share at a 4.80% CAGR during the review period.

By Consumer Group:

The Fragrance Market has been categorized into Women, Men, and Unisex based on the consumer group segment.

All these consumers groups are propelling the Fragrance Market Growth by showing their interest in various types of fragrances.

By Application:

On the basis of application segment, the global Fragrance Market has been segregated into Perfumes, Fine Fragrances, Cosmetics & toiletries (Without Hair Care), Essential Oils & Aromatherapy, Hair Care, Soap, Household & Air Care, Tobacco, and Detergent.

Among all, the fine fragrance application segment is projected to hold the higher Fragrance Market Size in the forecast period. In addition, the cosmetics & toiletry (without haircare) segment is expected to acquire higher growth at a 5.20% CAGR in the research period.

Regional Analysis

According to Fragrance Market Analysis, the global market has its support from different parts of regions such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the rest of the world.

Out of all, the North American regional Fragrance Market is governing the global market in the review timeframe. This regional market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 4.80% in the research timeframe due to the elevated usage of soaps & detergents, incense, cosmetics, body care, spray perfumes, and home care products in the region. Also, this region is driving the growth of the Global Market due to the presence of market giants in the U.S.

Competitive Landscape Analysis

In the Fragrance Market, the market players are acting as an important part of the global market. Some of the leading market players of the global market are:

  • International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc. (U.S.),

  • Sensient Technologies Corporation (U.S.)

  • Givaudan S.A. (Switzerland),

  • Symrise AG (Germany),

  • Firmenich International S.A. (Switzerland),

  • MANE FILS SA (France),

  • Takasago International Corporation (Japan).

According to the Fragrance Industry Forecast report, these market players are adopting new strategies and ideas to show their presence in the global market. These market players are employing new product launches by looking into the customers’ demands. Moreover, these market giants are propelling the Fragrance Market Growth by focusing on the research and development of fragrance products.

Recent Developments

  • March 2022: Nigeria's first digital tool for beauty entrepreneurs and formulators revealed that it is ready to give customised, individualized advise backed by scientific and technological advancements. COC Beauty School, a globally recognized beauty and lifestyle training institution, has launched its mobile app, a game-changing beauty industry digital tool that enables alumni and other beauty enthusiasts to deliver an entirely new level of personalized services to customers quickly, conveniently, and confidently.

Report Overview

As per the Fragrance Market Outlook report, this report is a combination of both qualitative and quantitative research analysis. This report is partly based on the interviews of various vendors, big dealers, executives, and other market players. In addition, various secondary resources have been involved in analyzing the relevant data related to the global Market.

According to the Fragrance Market Outlook report, the global market has more competition across various regions. Hence, the report includes regional analysis and competitive landscape analysis. Moreover, this report includes market segments, market dynamics, market overview, covid-19 analysis, and recent developments to understand the current performance of the global Market.

Segment Table:

By Type

  • Synthetic

  • Natural

By Consumer Group:

  • Women,

  • Men,

  • Unisex

By Application

  • Perfumes

  • Fine Fragrance

  • Without Hair Care

  • Cosmetics & Toiletry

  • Essential Oils & Aromatherapy

  • Hair Care

  • Soap

  • Household & Air Care

  • Tobacco

  • Detergent

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

North America is expected to dominate the fragrance market.

Rise in disposable income and product innovation are the key factors driving the fragrance market.

Cosmetics and toiletry will dominate the fragrance market.

The synthetic fragrance segment will lead the fragrance market.

Key competitors in the fragrance market include Sensient Technologies Corporation (U.S.), V. MANE FILS SA (France), Takasago International Corporation (Japan), Symrise AG (Germany), Firmenich International SA (Switzerland), International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc. (U.S.), and Givaudan SA (Switzerland).