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Digestible Sensors Market Research Report Information By Product (Strip Sensor, Ingestible Sensor, Invasive Sensors, Others), Application (Diagnostics, Patient Monitoring, Therapeutics), Technology (Image, Temperature, Others), End-User-Forecast Till 2030

ID: MRFR/MED/0370-HCR | 115 Pages | Author: Rahul Gotadki| April 2024

Digestible Sensors Market overview

The Digestible Sensors Market is anticipated to reach USD 2566.91 Million by 2030 at 16.40% CAGR during the forecast period 2022-2030. Digestible sensors are created from edible materials that are activated through ingestion. These sensors are ingested to patients to modify their medical treatment. Also, digestible sensors allow medication through mobile applications. These sensors are used to study patient conditions. It is a sensor containing a patch and pill. Substances such as magnesium and copper are used as a coating for these sensors. With the help of electrolytes, the body transmits signals that are available through the Smartphone application. These signals are transmitted through Bluetooth.

These digestible sensors can send signals to alert patients to take medicines on time. Further, not choosing prescribed drugs and overdoes can damage patients conditions. However, the digestible sensors help the patients to take medicines in the right way. Even if the patient is delaying treatment and checkups it can send signals. The overall recovery period of the patient is managed by the digestible sensors.

Doctors are not available for constant monitoring of the patient condition. However, through digestible sensors and their mobile applications patient well being is taken care of. There are plenty of segments in the digestible sensors market technology with high profitability. In the upcoming years, the demand for digestible sensors will constantly surge. Patients can recover faster and better through these sensors. Also, motoring about the patient condition is effortless for doctors. These factors will immensely raise the market value of digestible sensors. 

Covid analysis 

The covid 19 pandemic is a difficult phase for global markets. Economic problems and health emergency is causing many challenges to the business. The digestible sensors market is facing a few challenges in this period. The demand for digestible sensors is sustaining due to many factors. Today, many doctors and hospitals are focusing on covid patient care.

These factors have slowed down the digestible sensors market production. Supply chain disruptions are huge for the market. Due to lockdowns and restrictions, the market was unable to meet the demand. However, patient health condition monitoring at home is possible through technology. Even without visiting hospitals, many patients can get treatment for any condition. Due to these benefits, the adoption rate for the market is increasing. Post covid 19, growth opportunities are massive for the market. 

Market dynamics 

  • Crucial market drivers¬†

The prevalence of chronic disease is a crucial driver for the digestible sensors market. Chronic illnesses such as obesity, colon cancer and other diseases are ringing the demand for the market. These patients require more health monitoring. Also, recovering process from these diseases is crucial. Due to this, many hospitals ingest digestible sensors to track patient conditions.

The patient body’s response to the medication is tracked. Also, these sensors can remind the patients about important checkups and the time to take medications. These factors lead to high adoption of the digestible sensors market. The rising geriatric population is another factor leading to high demand. The elderly population is prone to many health issues.

Especially, cardiovascular issues and cancers are prevalent. Due to these conditions, the adoption of digestible sensors among the geriatric population is higher. The demand from also, the health and medical industry is the crucial end-user from the market. The high demand from this sector is a dean driving factor for the digestible sensors market. Through endoscopy and other procedures, the digestible sensors are ingested to patients. The rising demand in health facilities will contribute to high digestible sensors market revenue. 

  • Market growth opportunities¬†

The rapid technological advancements in the digestible sensors market lead to high growth opportunities. There are different types of digestible sensors available in the digestible sensors  market. Wearable’s sensors, ingestible, strip, implanted and invasive sensors in the market. However, the ingestible and wearable’s market will witness high growth possibilities in the upcoming years. These biosensors come with a wide range of applications and features.

These innovations in the market attract many end-users in the market. New product launches and variations will have separate demands that will lead to a high expansion rate. Furthermore, reimbursements for chronic illnesses in developed regions will enhance growth opportunities.

Cardiovascular and endoscopy procedures have exceptional reimbursement policies in many regions. It will lead to more adoption of digestible sensors market technology in many regions. The geriatric and cardiovascular patients will effortlessly adopt these sensors due to these policies. All these growth opportunities of the digestible sensors  market will bring favourable changes in the forecast period. 

  • The market restraints

The clinical complexities are the restraining factor of the digestible sensors  market. The ingesting of sensors is a complex process. The procedure requires more time and cost. Due to the clinical complexities, market growth can decline. The technologies used for ingesting the digestible sensor are complex.

Also, the digestible sensors are ingested to individuals who are aged and who suffer from illness. Operating and tracking records is complex for many. Further, in some regions, the awareness about the product is less. Lack of awareness can lead to less demand in the upcoming years. Less knowledge to operate and track the medical condition is a restraining factor for the digestible sensors market. 

  • The market challenges¬†

The high cost of digestible sensors is a challenge in the digestible sensors market. Ingesting sensors can be an expensive process. These ingestible sensors are made with magnesium and copper products. Also, through electrolytes that can transmit the signal to the application. These materials are edible and do not cause any harm to the digestive systems. To create such technology high-end materials are used.

These factors can affect the demand from end-users. The high cost of the process can lead to less adoption of digestive sensors. Also, the reimbursement policies for this process are less in developing nations. Many hospitals and health facilities do not provide proper reimbursements for this treatment. All these factors will decline the overall growth of the digestible sensors market in the forecast period. 

  • Cumulative growth analysis¬†

The Digestible sensors market analysis shows positive growth trend in the forecast period. There are plenty of factors leading to the high demand for digestible sensors. The crucial drivers such as the prevalence of chronic disease and the rising geriatric population are demand driving factors. The digestible sensors market has promising growth opportunities that will lead to immense expansion.

The innovation in the market is high in upping years. The key players of the market will launch new products and sensor technologies. Clinical complexities are a retaining factor of the digestible sensors market. Also, high costs can hamper growth. However, the overall digestible sensors growth trend is stable in the forecast period. 

  • Value chain analysis¬†

North America is a leading region with high digestible sensors market shares. The demand for medical technologies is high in this region. Also, the increasing rate of chronic illness leads to more digestible sensors demand.

The presence of op players brings easy adoption and high profitability to the digestible sensors market. The key players in the region are bringing high technological advancements in upcoming years. In the forecast period, North America will mark the highest growth rate. Further, WE and Canada are key regions with high contributions. 

Segment overview 

By product 

  • Strip sensors¬†

  • Wearable sensors¬†

  • Implantable sensors¬†

  • Invasive sensors¬†

  • Ingestible sensors¬†

By application 

  • Therapeutics¬†

  • Diagnostics¬†

  • Patient monitoring¬†

By technology 

  • Sensor¬†

  • Accelerometer¬†

  • Temperature¬†

  • Image¬†

  • Pressure¬†

By end-users 

  • Sports and fitness¬†

  • Consumer¬†

  • Pharmaceutical¬†

  • Healthcare providers¬†

By region 

  • Europe¬†

  • North America¬†

  • Asia pacific¬†

Competitive landscape 

The digestible sensors market has few powerful key players. Some key players hold higher shares of the market. Also, the new entry of market players is expected in the upcoming years.

The price competitiveness in the market will be severe. The sensors are high in price in some regions. It will create immense price competition among key players. 

Regional analysis 

The key regions in the digestible sensors market are Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. North America will outgrow other regional players with the highest shares. The adoption of advanced medical applications will lead to higher growth. IoT in healthcare will bring more profitability in North America. Further, Asia Pacific is the next largest region with high demand.

 The need for the digestible sensor is high due to chronic illnesses and the geriatric population. India, Japan and china are key players in the regions. With these top leaders innovation and cost, competitiveness is high. Europe is a merging market with plenty of expansion. In the forecast period, the adoption of digestible sensors will intensify. 

The key players of the digestible sensors market are 

  • MC10

  • CapsoVision, Inc.

  • Proteus Digital Health, Inc.

  • HQ, Inc.

  • Olympus Corporation

  • IntroMedic Co. Ltd

  • Medtronic PLC (Given Imaging, Inc.)

  • JINSHAN Science & Technology

Recent developments 

  • The key players in the Asia Pacific are developing the advanced endoscope named power spiral. This device can effectively rotate and peen rate deep within the small intestine. This process can help to ingest digital sensors effectively.¬†¬†

  • The key players are Europe is establishing plenty of partnerships. This partnership will lead to the launch cloud endoscopy.¬†

Market overview

  • Market overview highlights¬†

  • Analysis based upon COVID 19

  • Explanation upon the Market Dynamics

  • Value chain analysis

  • Market segmentation overview

  • The regional analysis

  • Competitive landscape analysis

  • Recent Developments

Report Attribute/Metric Details
  Market Size   USD 2566.91 Million
  CAGR   16.40%
  Base Year   2021
  Forecast Period   2022-2030
  Historical Data   2020
  Forecast Units   Value (USD Million)
  Report Coverage   Revenue Forecast, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, and Trends
  Segments Covered   Product, Application, Technology, End-User
  Geographies Covered   North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (RoW)
  Key Vendors   Proteus Digital Health, Freescale Semiconductor, Inc., Philips Healthcare, STMicroelectronics, Analog Devices, Inc., GE Healthcare, Honeywell International, Measurement Specialties, Medtronic Plc, Sensirion AG, Smiths Medical
  Key Market Opportunities   New product launches and R&D Amongst major key Players
  Key Market Drivers ·  Technical and Clinical complexities along with high cost associated with technologically advanced devices. ·  Unawareness about the digestible sensors are some of the factors hindering the growth.

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