Dermabrasion and Microneedling Market Research Report - Global forecast till 2030

Dermabrasion & Microneedling Market Research Report: By Dermabrasion Device Type (Manual, Motorized), Microneedling Device Type (Dermapen, Dermarollers), Microneedling Needle Material, Indications (Skin Rejuvenation, Acne Scar)- Forecast till 2030

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Dermabrasion & Microneedling Market

The Dermabrasion and Microneedling Market is projected to reach USD635.5 Million by 2030 at 4.6% CAGR during the forecast period 2022-2030. Dermabrasion is a surgical skin resurfacing procedure performed by the dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. It is commonly used to treat deep acne scars, surgical scare, and sometimes used to remove the pre-cancerous growths known as keratosis. Procedure requires local anesthetic and is performed in the hospitals or other medical centers. Dermabrasion is also performed along with other dermatology procedures such as laser treatment. After the procedure, the skin appears bright pink which gets faded in three months.

Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure for skin rejuvenation. It is mostly used for the treatment of acne, wrinkles, and surgical scars. It can be combined with other treatment methods such as topical treatment, and PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy.

Increasing demand for skin care treatment options, increasing patient pool for skin diseases, and growing emphasis on dermatology drive the market for dermabrasion & microneedling market. Furthermore, availability of various invasive and non-invasive treatments for skin problems fuel the market growth. Additionally, development in dermatology and cosmetology sector, and availability of skilled healthcare professionals such as dermatologist influence the market growth. The growth of the market is hampered by high cost of dermabrasion and availability of alternative treatment such as laser therapy, and microdermabrasion. According to an article published in the Adolescent Health, Medicine and Therapeutics journal, acne vulgaris is the most common skin condition diagnosed in adolescents worldwide.

Dermabrasion & Microneedling Market Segmentation

The dermabrasion & microneedling market is segmented on the basis of dermabrasion device type, micro-needling device type, needle material, application, and end user.

On the basis of dermabrasion device type, market is segmented into manual dermabraders, and motorized dermabraders.

On the basis of microneedling device type, market is segmented into derma-stamp, dermapen, dermarollers, and others

On the basis of needle material, the microneedling market is segmented into silicon, glass, and metal.

On the basis of application, the dermabrasion & microneedling market skin rejuvenation, acne scar, traumatic & surgical scars, acne vulgaris, and others.

On the basis of end user, the market is segmented into hospitals, dermatology clinics, and others.

Regional Analysis of the Dermabrasion & microneedling market   

The Americas is the largest market for Dermabrasion & Microneedling owing to an increasing demand for skin resurfacing rejuvenating procedures in the U.S. and increasing demand for non-invasive procedures for skin problems among women such as acne vulgaris. Chemical peel and dermabrasion are the commonly used methods for treating skin problems in the U.S.

According to Skin Cancer Foundation Statistics, one in every five Americans is likely to develop skin cancer in their lifetime. The National Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results Program (SEER) estimated that 87,110 new cases of skin cancer are expected to be registered by the end of the 2017. As per the American Academy of Dermatology, acne affects nearly 85% of people in the U.S. and the disease is common across all ethnic groups in this region. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 2016, the Americans spent more than USD 13.5 billion on aesthetic procedures (surgical and nonsurgical). The estimated increase from 2014 was about USD 1.5 billion.

Europe is the second largest market for dermabrasion & microneedling due to the increasing adoption of skin care and cosmetic procedures, rising demand for dermatology treatment, and growing emphasis on skin care. Furthermore, there is an increasing demand for dermatology procedures for skin resurfacing in the European countries. According to the Cancer Research U.K., skin cancer incidence rates are projected to grow by 7% in the U.K between 2014 and 2035.

Asia Pacific market is expected show a positive growth in the market owing to rising awareness about the advantages and side effects of dermabrasion & microneedling, changing lifestyle, and demand for new dermatology treatment for acne and skin pigmentation. Additionally, the availability of well-qualified cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists further stimulates the market growth. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), both malignant and benign skin cancer are found to be prevalent among the Asians.

The demand for dermabrasion & microneedling is found to be low in the Middle East & Africa. In the Middle East, the market exhibits positive growth owing to availability of specialty services, and increasing demand for dermatology products.

Key Findings

  • On the basis of dermabrasion device type, the motorized dermabraders is the largest market which is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.24%

  • On the basis of application, the skin rejuvenation holds the largest market share and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.04%

Key Players in the Dermabrasion & microneedling market    

Some of the key players in this market are Stryker (U.S.), Medtronic (U.S.), CONMED Corporation. (U.S.), MicroAire Surgical Instruments (U.S.), Delasco (U.S.), George Tiemann & Co. (U.S.), Bellus Medical (U.S.), Osada, Inc. (U.S.), Dermapen World (Australia), MDPen (Georgia),  DermaQuip. (U.S.), and Eclipse Aesthetics (U.S.). Other players are Salient Medical Solutions (U.S.), Emage Medical (U.S.), 4T Medical (U.K), Dr. Ron Shelton. (U.S.), and Bellaire Industry (U.S.).

Intended Audience

  • Medical Device Manufacturers

  • Medical Device Suppliers

  • Medical Research Laboratories

  • Research and Development (R&D) Companies

  • Market Research and Consulting Service Providers

  • Potential Investors

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Dermabrasion & microneedling market CAGR would be 4.6% during the forecast period.

The players included in the dermabrasion & microneedling market report are MicroAire Surgical Instruments (U.S.), 4T Medical (U.K), Dr. Ron Shelton. (U.S.), Delasco (U.S.), Stryker (U.S.), Medtronic (U.S.), Bellaire Industry (U.S.), CONMED Corporation. (U.S.), Bellus Medical (U.S.), George Tiemann & Co. (U.S.), DermaQuip. (U.S.), Dermapen World (Australia), MDPen (Georgia), Salient Medical Solutions (U.S.), Emage Medical (U.S.), Osada, Inc. (U.S.), and Eclipse Aesthetics (U.S.).

The end users discussed in the dermabrasion & microneedling market report are dermatology clinics, hospitals, and others.

Dermabrasion & microneedling market would be led by the Americas.

The applications of dermabrasion & microneedling acne scar, skin rejuvenation, acne vulgaris, traumatic & surgical scars, and others.