Dental Consumables Market Research Report - Global Forecast till 2027

Dental Consumables Market Size, Growth and Industry Outlook by Type (Dental Restorative Material, Dental Implants, Dental Implants, Dental Regenerative Material and others) and Region (Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Middle East & Africa) - Global Forecast till 2027

ID: MRFR/MED/1274-CR | August 2019 | Region: Global | 107 Pages         

1 Introduction

1.1 Definition 11

1.2 Scope of Study 11

1.3 Research Objective 12

1.4 Assumptions & Limitations 12

1.4.1 Assumptions 12

1.4.2 Limitations 12

2 Research Methodology

2.1 Research Process 13

2.2 Primary Research 14

2.3 Secondary Research 14

3 Market Dynamics

3.1 Introduction 15

3.2 Growth Drivers 15

3.2.1 Increase in Dental Procedures 15

3.2.2 Ageing World Population 16

3.2.3 Rise in Dental Tourism 16

3.2.4 Increasing Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments 16

3.3 Growth Barriers 17

3.3.1 Lack of Technological Awareness 17

3.3.2 Gray Market of Dental Distribution 17

3.4 Opportunities 18

3.5 Macroeconomic Indicators 18

3.6 Market Analysis by Factors 18

3.6.1 Price Strategy Analysis 18

3.6.2 Supply Chain Analysis 19

3.7 Value Chain Analysis 20

3.7.1 Supporting Activity 20

3.7.2 Inbound Logistics 20

3.7.3 Operations 20

3.7.4 Marketing and sales 20

3.7.5 Outbound Logistics 21

3.7.6 Customer Services 21

4 Porters Five Forces Analysis

4.1 Bargaining Power of Suppliers 23

4.2 Bargaining Power of Buyers 23

4.3 Threat of New Entrants 23

4.4 Threat of Substitutes 23

4.5 Intensity of Rivalry 24

5 Demand & Supply – Gap Analysis

6 Dental Consumables Market, by Type

6.1 Introduction 26

6.1.1 Dental Restorative Material 27

6.1.2 Dental Implants 28

6.1.3 Dental Prosthetics 29

6.1.4 Dental Regenerative Material 30

6.1.5 Others 31

7 Global Dental Consumables Market, by Region

7.1 Introduction 32

7.2 Americas 33

Dental Consumables Market, by Type

7.2.1 North America 35

Dental Consumables Market, by Type

7.2.2 Central America 39

Dental Consumables Market, by Type

7.2.3 South America 43

Dental Consumables Market, by Type

7.3 Europe 49

Dental Consumables Market, by Type

7.3.1 Western Europe 51

Dental Consumables Market, by Type

7.3.2 Eastern Europe 59

Dental Consumables Market, by Type

7.4 Asia-Pacific 64

Dental Consumables Market, by Type

7.5 Middle East & Africa 76

Dental Consumables Market, by Type

8 Competitive Landscape

8.1 Market Share Analysis 83

9 Company Profiles

9.1 Septodont 86

9.1.1 Overview 86

9.1.2 Product Overview 86

9.1.3 Financials 87

9.1.4 Key Developments 87

9.2 3M 89

9.2.1 Overview 89

9.2.2 Product Overview 89

9.2.3 Financials 90

9.2.4 Key Developments 90

9.3 Straumann 91

9.3.1 Overview 91

9.3.2 Product Overview 91

9.3.3 Financials 91

9.3.4 Key Developments 92

9.3.5 SWOT Analysis 92

9.4 Henry Schein 93

9.4.1 Overview 93

9.4.2 Product Overview 93

9.4.3 Financials 94

9.4.4 Key Developments 94

9.4.5 SWOT Analysis 95

9.5 KERR Corporation 96

9.5.1 Overview 96

9.5.2 Product Overview 96

9.5.3 Financials 97

9.5.4 Key Developments 97

9.6 GC orthodontics 98

9.6.1 Overview 98

9.6.2 Product Overview 98

9.6.3 Financials 98

9.6.4 Key Developments 98

9.7 EnvisionTEC 99

9.7.1 Company overview 99

9.7.2 Product overview 99

9.7.3 Financial overview 99

9.7.4 Key Developments 99

9.8 Patterson Dental 100

9.8.1 Company Overview 100

9.8.2 Product Overview 100

9.8.3 Financial Overview 101

9.8.4 Key Developments 101

9.8.5 SWOT Analysis 102

9.9 American Orthodontics 103

9.9.1 Company Overview 103

9.9.2 Product Overview 103

9.9.3 Financial overview 103

9.9.4 Key Developments 103

9.10 PLANMECA OY 104

9.10.1 Company Overview 104

9.10.3 Financial overview 104

9.11 Dentsply Sirona 105

9.11.1 Company Overview 105

9.11.2 Product Overview 105

9.11.3 Financial overview 106

9.11.4 Key Developments 106

9.12 Nobel Biocare (Part of danaher corporation) 107

9.12.1 Company Overview 107

9.12.3 Financial overview 108

Dental Consumables Market

Dental Consumables Market is slated to register a CAGR of 6.2% and is anticipated to reach USD 49.0 Billion by 2027


By Type Dental Restorative Material Dental Implants Dental Implants Dental Regenerative Material
BY Region Americas Europe Asia Pacific Middle East & Africa

Key Players

  • Septodont
  • Straumann
  • 3M
  • Straumann
  • KERR Corporation
  • GC orthodontics
  • EnvisionTEC
  • Patterson Dental
  • American Orthodontics
  • Dentsply Sirona


  • Growing Popularity of Dental Tourism to Drive Market growth
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Dental Consumables Market Overview

Dental Consumables Market is slated to register a CAGR of 6.2% and is anticipated to reach USD 49.0 Billion by 2027. The main growth factor for cosmetic dentistry is the growth in demand for dental treatments.

COVID-19 Analysis

The latest COVID 19 epidemic has affected multiple facets of life. Excuses used by policymakers to instigate lockdowns have had a huge effect on supply chains, development, and all other facets of industry. It has made a worldwide impact on the corporate community.

The dental consumables sector has also been affected by the regulatory constraints in effect following the worldwide biometrics lockout. Output has been interrupted due to inadequate human capital. Production of raw materials was limited due the lack of trade and transport. Economic uncertainties by the pandemic have led consumers to pay less on products that are not completely required for safety, such as cosmetic dentistry and non-essential treatments.

Since the economy comes back to life, an increase in dental consumables market revenue is expected over the near term.

Dental Consumables Market Dynamics


Growing Popularity of Dental Tourism to Drive Market growth

The increasing demand for dental services, rising elderly population, and developing dental tourism would fuel the market. The dental consumables market is growing attributable to the increase in the incidence of oral diseases induced by consuming unsafe and inactive lifestyles. There also is more rivalry within countries and within countries, as more dental care units want to become popular and a first preference for the patient. This market has been directly influenced by the rise of cosmetic dentistry, which has skyrocketed in recent years. More people are becoming conscious of the importance of oral health, which plays an important part in its development. Tests suggest that oral health is closely related to general health, and studies have found that illnesses such as coronary cancer, heart attack and influenza transmission are linked with periodontal disease. Further, the growing awareness of oral hygiene, rising dental tourism, and government funding for awareness of dental disorders are stimulating the dental consumables market.


Growing Adoption of CAD/CAM to Create Growth Opportunities for Key Players

Computer-aided design (CAD)/computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) is rapidly becoming the industry norm for dental reconstruction and automated orthodontics due to the improved accuracy provided by these technologies. This drive to digitalization in the dental sector is also inspiring manufacturers to invest in the use of CAD/CAM technologies. Additionally, the increased demand for cosmetic dental procedures in developed countries such as South Africa and India, as well as the strong growth potential, offer lucrative opportunities for the dental consumables market players.


High Cost of Services to Impede Market Growth

due to lack of understanding in developed countries and a rising counterfeit industry in the U.S., the growth of the e-tobacco market is projected to be hampered. The high cost of services and insufficient supply of dental therapies are some of the reasons why there is poor demand for dental consumables in developing and developed countries.

Dental Consumables Market Segmental Analysis

By Type

Dental implants hold largest dental consumables market share with 24.4% in the global market. This can be due to product advances and the growing awareness of the advantages of transparent aligners / removable braces. (such as the easier cleaning of teeth as compared to fixed braces, reduced risk of future gum diseases, and improved oral hygiene).

Dental Consumables Market Regional Analysis

Presence of Major Market Players to Drive North America Market

The Americas will lead the global dental consumables industry as it is expected to manufacture and export greater volumes. Various technological advances, growing prevalence of dental diseases, and increased understanding of dental procedures are significant driving factors for the growth of the industry. North America, led by the U.S., is expected to see stable growth over the projected period due to increasing government healthcare spending and disposable income.

High Healthcare Spending to Drive Europe Market Growth

The Dental Consumables market is estimated to be one of the highest in the European Union . The ageing population and the growing cost of healthcare in the country would increase the overall size of the sector. Additionally, businesses in this region are looking to expand through strategic alliances and mergers and acquisitions which would create favourable conditions for continued expansion.

Japan to Lead APAC Market

The Asia-Pacific dental consumables market is projected to expand at the fastest rate due to the presence of huge patient population, rising geriatric population, and the prevalence of dental diseases. Due to enhanced healthcare facilities, there have been major improvements in study fields. In Asia, Japan accounted for about 20 percent of the industry in 2015.

MEA to Witness Gradual Growth

Furthermore, the Middle East and Africa's healthcare sector is projected to expand rapidly due to the shortage of sufficient healthcare facilities. The MEA area is expected to experience substantial growth in the immediate future, owing to a rise in retirement population and an increase in the number of people suffering from dental disorders. Constantly rising demand for aesthetic appearance and awareness of dental consumable is expected to propel dental industry growth. Rising dental tourism and numerous strategic moves taken by key vendors to improve their presence in this area will boost the dental consumables market during the forecast period.

Dental Consumables Market Competitive Landscape

Key Players Focus on Mergers and Acquisitions to Expand Market standing

A few of the main strategies adopted by players in the dental consumables business include product growth, acquisition, and the extension of industry activities. The global dental consumables market is highly competitive and is split amongst several international and regional players. To stay ahead of competitors, key players are focusing on the new innovations and new product launches in the market. Utilizing computer-assisted modeling and engineering technology to more efficiently build and manufacture orthodontics, periodontics, and endodontics is another way to bring in precision and accuracy. It is also necessary to follow up acquisitions and partnerships with other companies as this will help achieve a competitive edge in the dental consumables industry.

  • Septodont

  • Straumann

  • 3M

  • Straumann

  • KERR Corporation

  • GC orthodontics

  • EnvisionTEC

  • Patterson Dental

  • American Orthodontics

  • Dentsply Sirona


  • Nobel Biocare

Recent Development

January 2021: DenMat Holdings, LLC announced that it has launched another new product in the Oral Hygiene category, ZEN CP+. This special desensitising gel alleviates tooth irritation and pain by providing fine particles of calcium phosphate to the tooth surface. The patent-pending microsphere technology utilises enzymes to rehydrate the mouth and replenish minerals.

In January 2021, DENTSPLY SIRONA Inc announced the purchase of Byte Inc for USD 1.04 billion in an all-cash transaction. Byte is a leading vendor in the direct-to-consumer, non-invasive, transparent aligner segment. As a result of the deal, Dentsply Sirona solidifies its alliance with orthodontists and expands its collaboration with dentists. With the geographic scope and supply chain experience of Dentsply Sirona and the creative direct-to-consumer framework Byte brings, the merged company's clear aligner strategy is well placed to fuel further business growth.

Dental Consumables Market Report Overview

By Type

  • Dental Restorative Material

  • Dental Implants

  • Dental Prosthetics

  • Dental Regenerative Material

  • Others

Report Scope:
Report Attribute/Metric Details
  Market Size   USD 49.0 Billion
  CAGR   6.2% (2020-2027)
  Base Year   2019
  Forecast Period   2020-2027
  Historical Data   2018
  Forecast Units   Value (USD Billion)
  Report Coverage   Revenue Forecast, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, and Trends
  Segments Covered   Type and Region
  Geographies Covered   North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (RoW)
  Key Vendors   WellGen Inc. (U.S.), Metagenics, Inc. (U.S.), Genomix Nutrition, Inc. (U.S.), Nutrigenomix (U.S.), NutraGene (India), XCODE Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. (India), Cura Integrative Medicine (Australia)
  Key Market Opportunities   Growing Adoption of CAD/CAM to Create Growth Opportunities for Key Players
  Key Market Drivers   Growing Popularity of Dental Tourism to Drive Market growth

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Dental Consumables Market is projected to grow at an 6.2% CAGR between 2020-2027.

Dental Consumables Market is predicted to touch USD 49.0 Billion by 2027.

The Americas are predicted to have the highest share in the Dental Consumables Market.

Key competitors in the Dental Consumables Market include Nobel Biocare (Part of danaher corporation), PLANMECA OY, Dentsply Sirona, American Orthodontics, Patterson Dental, EnvisionTEC, GC orthodontics, KERR Corporation, Straumann, 3M, and Septodont.

Counterfeit products and lack of awareness regarding dental treatment may deter market growth.