Blue Biotechnology Market Research Report - Global Forecast to 2024

Blue Biotechnology Market Research Report - Global Forecast to 2024

ID: MRFR/LS/0242-HCRR | February, 2018 | Region: Global | 127 pages | Half-Cooked Research Reports

Global Blue Biotechnology Market Research Report By Categories (Food Product, Marine Algae, Marine Environment, Industrial Product, Marine Micro-organisms, Bio-Engineering, Cultivation) By Application (Laboratories, Medical Industry) - Forecast to 2024

About Blue Biotechnology:

The combination of aquatic and marine organisms that introduces new sources of energy, develop new drugs, extract new active ingredients is known as Blue Biotechnology. As the planet is covered with ¾ by water, Blue Biotechnology plays a very important role in discovering new products by exploring the ocean.

Blue Biotechnology also helps in creating new marine technology to monitor sea environment and health threats to human. Blue Biotechnology is categorized as follows marine environment, Bio-engineering of Marine Micro-organisms, Genomics and Meta-Genomics, Molecular Biology in Life Sciences, the Use of Marine Algae and may others. Blue biotechnology is the application of molecular biological methods to marine and freshwater organisms.

Blue Biotechnology Applications:

The major application areas of Blue Biotechnology are Marine Environment, Medical industry, Food industry, generating electricity etc.

Blue Biotechnology is used in marine technology by keeping track of environment and providing details of it. Blue Biotechnology is applicable in medical field as well by introducing and developing new drugs

This technology is used to generate electricity this is known as Marine Renewable Energy, this done by using waves to power the turbines to generate electricity.

Blue Biotechnology Market Segmentation:

The blue biotechnology market is segmented into following parts

  • Segmentation by categories

o Marine Environment

o Marine Renewable Energy

o Bio-engineering of Marine Micro-organisms

o Genomics and Meta-Genomics

o Molecular Biology in Life Sciences

o the Use of Marine Algae

o Cultivation of Marine Organisms

o Food Products

o Industrial Products and Processes

o Health

  • Segmentation by Application

o Marine industry

o Food industry

o Research Laboratories

o Generating Electricity

o Medical industry

Blue Biotechnology market regional analysis:

The regional analysis comprises of North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and rest of the world.

North America

North America is one of the leading markets in Blue Biotechnology is. The major growth of this technology in North America is due to increasing demand for biotech products in the fields of medicine, food and feed supplements, cosmetics. The rapid invention of marine natural products also helps in the growth of Blue Biotechnology market.


Europe region appears us the second largest market in Blue Biotechnology across the globe. The research and development activities and the infrastructure support to the marine is the main reason for the growth of Blue Biotechnology in Europe. There is a huge rapid technology growth working offshore in deeper water. The offshore renewable energy installation provides further more growth in Blue Biotechnology. The sea and coasts that deliver basic human resources such as food and energy also play an important role in the growth of this technology. The offshore renewable energy installation

Key Players

North Pacific Marine Science Organization, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center,Consigli Construction Co Inc., American Innovations, Inc., Ingenuity Systems, Inc, Deepsea Power & Light


  • North America

o US

o Canada

o Mexico

  • Latin America


  • Western Europe

o Germany

o France

o Italy

o Spain

o U.K

o Rest of Western Europe

  • Eastern Europe

Asia– Pacific

  • Asia

o China

o India

o Japan

o South Korea

o Rest of Asia

  • Pacific Countries

The Middle East& Africa

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