Blockchain in Retail Market Research Report – Global Forecast till 2027

Blockchain in Retail Market Research Report: By Type (Public, Private, Consortium), by Platform (Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, R3 Corda, Hyperledger Fabric, Multichain, Quorum and others), by Organization Size (Large Enterprises, SMEs), by Application (Compliance Management, Database Management, Auditing, Payment management, Inventory management, Loyalty and Rewards management, Fraud management and Others) - Forecast till 2028

ID: MRFR/ICT/6234-HCR | February 2021 | Region: Global | 100 pages

Blockchain in Retail Market Overview

The Blockchain in Retail Market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 89.9% during the forecast period. According to the MRFR analysis, the market value will reach up to USD 4.63 Billion during the forecast period 2021-2028. Various growing factors are propelling the market growth at a substantial rate. The growing demand to smoothen the workflow by streamlining the process is among the main factors for growth.

Various technologies such as order and payment management, incorporation of supply chain visibility, database management, product safety, and authenticity and safety among the e-commerce business are supporting the growth. It helps in providing instant and smooth transaction of data efficiently. It helps to keep track of the transactions and also builds trust among the supply chain distributors and retailers.

Thus, the blockchain in retail market has a huge potential to influence the functioning of the business. The retailers are also offering blockchain applications that help them to target their audience and enhance their experience. However, there may be some restraining factors, but the market will influence Blockchain in Retail Market Profit.

COVID-19 Analysis

The outbreak of COVID-19 disease adversely affected the Blockchain in Retail Market Sales. Various organizations shifted their business online that largely increased the demand for a holistic system. As a result, the Blockchain in the Retail Market observed significant growth with its various simplified solutions. Also, with the increasing use of digitalization, the market will record exponential growth during the forecast period.

Market Dynamics

Market Drivers

Several driving factors will promote the Blockchain in Retail Market Growth in the upcoming years. The major driving factors are the rising use of blockchain technology that is used by several retails. It is because it helps to enhance the regular business process such as database management, supply chain, inventory management, and many more. Thus, the market will register significant growth in the upcoming years.


One of the major restraints for the blockchain in retail market is evaluated to slow down the market growth is the concern regarding data safety. Also, the availability of other solutions can hinder market growth at a certain rate.


The Blockchain in the Retail Market will provide huge opportunities for retailers across the world. It will establish trust and ensure quality, product safety, and authenticity. The distributors in the supply chain will be able to make automated payments and help to forecast the right amount of products. They are largely adopted by various grocery stores and supermarkets to establish trust among their customers. Hence, the customers can track their products easily.


The blockchain in retail market has huge potential to flourish in the upcoming years. Some challenges will remain that can hinder the market growth. One of the major challenges that will arise is that tracking the number of loyalty programs. The retailers offer rewards and loyalty points to their customers to improve their services and customer satisfaction. But, later it becomes difficult to track the loyalty number which can be challenging to improve their services.

Cumulative Analysis

It is anticipated that the Blockchain in the Retail Market will register a beneficial growth of 89.9% CAGR in the upcoming period. According to the MRFR analysis, the market will expand up to USD 4.63 Billion during the forecast period 2021-2028.

Value Chain Analysis

The growing Blockchain in Retail Market Trends among enterprises is promoting market growth. It helps to enhance the workflow by instant transfer of data and keep a track of products. It helps to make automated payments for the enterprises as well. The retailers will be able to target their audience and cut down the risks of fraudulent activities. So, as the demand for blockchain technology will increases, its value will increase simultaneously.

Market Segmentations

The Blockchain in Retail Market Segments is divided into application, organizations, platform, and type.

On the basis of organizations, the Blockchain in the Retail Industry is segmented into Small and Medium Enterprises and Large Enterprises.

On the basis of platform, the Blockchain in Retail Market is further classified into R3, Corda, Bitcoin, Hyperledger, Ripple, Multichain, Fabric, and Others

Based upon the type, the Blockchain in Retail Industry is sub-segmented into Consortium, Public and Private.

Based upon applications, the Blockchain in Retail Business is bifurcated into Rewards and Loyalty Management, Compliance Management, Inventory Management, Payment Management, Auditing, Fraud Management, and Database Management

Regional Analysis

The Blockchain in Retail Market Size is divided into North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Rest of the World. It is evaluated that North America will dominate the market in the upcoming years. It is because of the presence of several retail enterprises in countries in countries like Canada and the US. Also, the early adoption of new technology promotes the blockchain in retail market.

After that, Europe holds the second position for the market share in the blockchain market. The rising investments and demand for a better system to enhance the customer are driving the market growth. Important countries like France, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy are driving the market.

However, the Asia-Pacific region will record substantial growth in the upcoming years. With the growing infrastructure and rapid development of industries, the region will drive huge benefits in the upcoming years.

Along with that, Blockchain in Retail Industry in the Middle East and African region is also expected to register significant growth. The growing infrastructure and awareness of new technology are further promoting market growth. Also, the growing investments by enterprises for streamlining the workflow are the vital reason for the gradual growth.

Competitive Landscape

There are various companies that are fuelling the growth with new techniques and innovation. They are focusing to develop advanced solutions and expand their business portfolio. Market strategies such as partnerships, mergers, product launches, acquisitions and many more are improve their brand image. These are crucial Blockchain in Retail Market Players-

  • Tata Consultancy Services Limited (India)

  • Microsoft Corporation (US)

  • Guardtime (US)

  • Oracle Corporation (US)

  • Amazon Web Services (US)

  • BlockApp (US)

  • Bitpay (US)

  • Microsoft Corporation (US)

  • Bitfury USA Inc. (US)

  • Cognizant (US)

  • Cisco Systems (US)

  • Blockpoint Systems (US)

  • Coin Sciences Ltd. (UK)

  • SAP SE (Germany)

  • IBM Corpration (US)


Recent Developments

  • In 2019, Dixy a renowned blockchain company in Russia announced the implementation of blockchain technology in its company. It is implemented with factories and suppliers.

  • A renowned company “Nestle” announced its partnership with OpenSC which is a popular blockchain provider. This partnership is aimed to improve the ledger system.

Report Overview

The report overview of the Blockchain in Retail Market Analysis is written in the following-

  • Market Overview

  • COVID-19 Analysis

  • Dynamics of the Market

  • Value Chain Analysis

  • Market Segmentation

  • Regional Analysis

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Recent Development

Report Score and Segmentation

  • Study Period- 2021-2028

  • Base Year-2021

  • Forecast Period- 2021-2028

  • Historical Period-2019-2020

The score of the report gives insight into the Blockchain in Retail Business during the forecast period.  The report is made by gathering information from secondary and primary sources. Along with that, the report further gives significant information about the key players in the market.


  • By Organisation Size

  • Small and Medium Enterprises

  • Large Enterprises


  • By Type

  • Consortium

  • Public

  • Private


  • By Application

  • Rewards and Loyalty Management

  • Compliance Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Payment Management

  • Auditing

  • Fraud Management

  • Database Management


  • By Platform

  • R3

  • Corda

  • Bitcoin

  • Hyperledger

  • Ripple

  • Multichain

  • Fabric

  • Others


  • By Region

  • North America

  • Europe

  • Asia-Pacific

  • Rest of the World

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The blockchain in retail market can thrive at 78.49% CAGR by 2024.

The blockchain in retail market can value at USD 1.76 Bn by 2024.

Cisco Systems Inc., Auxesis Group, and Cegeka are some reputed names in the blockchain in retail market.

Enterprises are actively deploying license management solutions; which cam prompt the global blockchain in retail market expansion.

The North America blockchain in retail market can surge due to the growing adoption of blockchain technology.