Automotive Battery Thermal Management System Companies

Automotive battery thermal management companies focus on developing systems to regulate the temperature of electric vehicle (EV) batteries. Proper thermal management is crucial for battery performance, longevity, and safety in electric cars and other EVs.

Automotive Battery Thermal Management Key Company

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Latest Company Updates:

October 2023 – Toyota Motor North America, Inc., and LG Energy Solution on October 15th disclosed that they have contracted a supply agreement for lithium-ion battery modules to be utilized in Toyota battery electric vehicles (BEVs) that will be manufactured in the United States.

September 2023 – DuPont, on September 28th, arranged a ceremony to formally launch its new adhesives production plant in Zhangjiagang (ZJG), East China. The latest manufacturing plant will create adhesives to cater to consumers in the transportation industry, mainly in lightweight and rapidly growing vehicle electrification applications. The plant, with the capacity to cater to local requirements, is engineered to offer a world-class customer experience with state-of-the-art process quality and capability, excellent access, and technical support to transportation for shipping and logistics benefits. The location incorporates a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) engineered to enhance the manufacturing process and link all parameters of the manufacturing workflow. MES will assist in making the manufacturing process trackable, reliable, and more visible. The global vice president of DuPont Adhesives & Fluids, Tedlar®, and Multibase™, Tina Wu, said that the company is happy to launch the latest production plant with its state-of-the-art equipment, outstanding colleagues, and innovative products. He further added that the latest ZJG plant will further progress its spot as a prominent supplier of auto electrification solutions and improve the company's offerings to customers in China and the Asian market. The Mayor of Zhangjiagang, Mr. Cai Jianfeng, said that the extraordinary geographic benefits of the Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone, situated in Zhangjiagang City, are solutions to attracting high-quality investments from various prominent global and local companies.

Top listed global companies in the industry are:

  • LG Chem (South Korea)
  • Continental (Germany)
  • GenTherm (U.S.)
  • Robert Bosch (Germany)
  • Valeo (France)
  • Calsonic Kansei (Japan)
  • DANA (U.S.)
  • Hanon Systems (Korea)
  • Samsung SDI (Korea)
  • Mahle (Germany)
  • VOSS Automotive (Germany)
  • CapTherm Systems (Canada) among others