Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnostic Market Research Report- Forecast to 2030

Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnostic Market Size, Trends and Insights by Type (Early-onset Alzheimer's, Late-onset Alzheimer's, Familial Alzheimer's disease), Diagnostic test (Genetic testing, Neurological exam, Mini-mental state exam (MMSE), Brain imaging), End Users (Clinics, Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers ) - Forecast Till 2030

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Alzheimer’s disease Diagnostic Market

The Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnostic Market for this is expected to reach USD 7,100 Million by the end of the forecasted period growing at a CAGR of 8.90%.

By Type Early-onset Alzheimer's Late-onset Alzheimer's Familial Alzheimer's disease
Diagnostic test Genetic testing Neurological exam Mini-mental state exam Brain imaging
End Users Clinics Hospitals Diagnostic Centers
Key Players
Companies Profiled   Eli Lilly and Company (UK)    TauRx (Republic of Singapore)    Alector LLC (US)    Accera    Inc. (US)    Treventis Corporation (US)    Neuro-Bio Ltd (UK)    Cognition Therapeutics Inc. (US)
Market Driving Forces   Increasing aging population   Technological advancement    macro economical and governing factors
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Alzheimer's Disease Diagnostic Market Overview

Alzheimers Disease Diagnostic Market is expected to reach USD 7,100 Million by 2030 at 8.90% CAGR during the forecast period 2022-2030. Alzheimer's disease is a common disorder in the ageing population. Alzheimer's Disease Diagnostic Market is progressing due to using biomarkers for diagnosis and drug development. The major driving factor, such as the growth of chronic diseases worldwide like dementia and the initiatives taken for drug development for complete cure and treatment, is accelerating the market. The involvement of technical advancements in the development in terms of diagnostics and detection of the disease is another factor driving the market.

The growing opportunities such as the efforts of the medical and academic institutes in the research and development activities for Alzheimer's disease Diagnostics and the innovation in clinical and pathological studies are propelling the market's growth.

The technological advancement in the diagnostic treatments and research activities in the companies to develop the products are aiding the market. The critical industrial player's development offers the launch of new products. This leads to market expansion and initiatives like strategic collaboration, mergers and acquisitions, and new investments. These features are driving the Alzheimer's disease diagnostics market growth.

COVID 19 Analysis

People across the globe are being affected by Coronavirus, the global pandemic. It has negatively impacted the operations of all the industries, except for the pharmaceutical industry. There has been a complete lockdown situation in almost every part of the world and people are forced to stay at their homes. Every nation has sealed its borders which means no international travel will be possible shortly. The businesses are also being shut down. Many people were laid off from their workplaces. This has affected the Alzheimer’s disease Diagnostic Industry as well.

It is being anticipated that post the Covid19 situation, Alzheimer’s disease Diagnostic Market Share will grow tremendously. According to a report published in the UK, the mortality rate from COVID 19 of the people suffering from dementia is the highest. Social distancing, which was the need of the hour during the coronavirus pandemic, has adversely affected the mental health of patients with dementia. The pandemic situation has caused numerous changes in the daily routine of Alzheimer’s patients and this has negatively impacted their health. 

Market Dynamics


The major factors driving the Alzheimer’s disease Diagnostic Market are the widespread prevalence of chronic diseases such as dementia, the drug development for its cure and treatment, and technical advances in the production of its diagnostics and detection.


The government and other medical & academic institutes are making extensive efforts and investments in the field of research & development for Alzheimer’s disease Diagnostics. An increase in the number of clinical and pathological studies is also pushing its industry.


The investment required to carry out the research and clinical trials is very huge. The risk of failure of clinical research is very high. This hinders the overall growth of the global Alzheimer’s disease Diagnostic Market.

Value Chain Analysis

Alzheimer's disease and issues relating to dementia are neurodegenerative disorders that hamper the function of the brain nerve cells. This may result in the loss of memory, thinking and associating capabilities, language, and speaking skills as well as behavioral changes. This chronic disease is widespread and the number of cases is increasing. This accurate diagnosis and in time treatment of Alzheimer’s disease is necessary because on average only one in four people with this disorder gets diagnosed.

Market Segmentation

According to the global Alzheimer’s disease Diagnostic Market Analysis, its market can be divided into various segments. These are based on products type and end-users.

Based on Product type

The market is further segmented into Therapeutics and Diagnostics. The therapeutics segment includes Cholinesterase Inhibitors, NMDA Receptor Antagonists, and many others. The Diagnostic segment includes Brain Imaging and CFS Testing for Alzheimer's disease.

Based on End-users

Various end-users of the Alzheimer’s disease Diagnostic Market are Healthcare providers, government, Research & development institutes, academic medical institutions, and healthcare consumers.

Regional Analysis

The Alzheimer’s disease Diagnostic Value is increasing rapidly. It is leaving a huge impression in every part of the world. The regions of the operation of the Global Alzheimer’s disease Diagnostic industry include America, Europe, Asia-pacific, and the rest of the world.

American region, which includes the area of North America (the US and Canada) and Latin America, provides the largest market for Alzheimer’s disease Diagnostic Market Growth and will continue to have a stronghold owing to the rise in geriatric and older population which is at high risk of getting this disorder.

The European region, which includes Germany, UK, France, Russia, and Italy, is also expanding and holds the second-largest market share of the Alzheimer’s disease Diagnostic industry. This is because of many technological advances as well as a huge investment in research and development projects relating to Alzheimer’s disease.

In the Asia-Pacific (ASPAC) alzheimer’s disease diagnostic market which includes China, Japan, India, Australia, and South Korea, is growing tremendously throughout the forecasted period. This is because the developing countries are providing a promising market for their industry.

The rest of the world region, which includes the region of the Middle East and Africa, is growing at a slower but constant rate owing to the lower technological development and fewer government initiatives.

Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnostic Market Competitive Landscape

The list of major Alzheimer’s disease Diagnostic Market Key Players is as follows:

  • Eli Lilly and Company

  • TauRx (Republic of Singapore)

  • Alector LLC

  • Accera, Inc.

  • Treventis Corporation

  • Neuro-Bio Ltd

  • Cognition Therapeutics Inc

  • Hoffmann-La Roche

  • Novartis AG

  • Merck & Co.

  • Pfizer Inc.

  • Allergan PLC

  • Daiichi Sankyo Co.

These companies form joint ventures or come together in partnerships for certain projects, mergers, and acquisitions to make technological advancements. They strive to develop end-products and services that are unique, cost-effective, and proficient in working and can deliver accurate solutions to the respective problems.

Recent Developments

In June 2022

Diadem SpA, a global player company that is developing AlzoSure Predict. AlzoSure Predict is a simple, non-invasive first blood-based test to predict the Alzheimer's disease (AD) early onset. The company announced it has partnered with Dementias Platform UK.

Dementias Platform UK is a public-private-based partnership that the UK Medical Research Council funds. It facilitates and accelerates discoveries to diagnose and treat dementia. The platform also facilitates access to proper information on over three million individuals based on 50 long-term health cohort studies.

In June 2022

SYNAPS Dx (SDx), a global private company, is now focusing on the research and development of neurological disorders diagnostics such as Alzheimer's disease (AD). It is also paying attention to commercialisation. The company acknowledges Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness Month in June to aware the public of brain disorders like Alzheimer's disease as a significant health issue. DISCERN diagnostic test assesses factors directly based on the formation of the synaptic connections in the brain, which impact memory loss and cognition in patients with AD.

Report Overview

This report about the global Alzheimer’s disease Diagnostic Market Trends includes the following elements:

  • Market Overview

  • COVID19 Analysis

  • Market Dynamics

  • Value Chain Analysis

  • Market Segmentation

  • Regional Analysis

  • Competitive Landscape

  • Recent Developments

This research report provides a comprehensive study about Alzheimer’s disease Diagnostic Market Outlook. It includes a thorough analysis of its Alzheimer’s disease Diagnostic market trends and the areas of new advancements. Diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease includes the complete assessment and screening of the brain and the possible causes of this disease. The common prevalence of this chronic disease has given a push to its industry at the global level.

Report Scope:

Report Attribute/Metric Details
  Market Size   USD 7,100 Million
  CAGR   8.90%
  Base Year   2021
  Forecast Period   2022-2030
  Historical Data   2020
  Forecast Units   Value (USD Billion)
  Report Coverage   Revenue Forecast, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, and Trends
  Segments Covered   Type, Diagnostic test, End Users
  Geographies Covered   North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (RoW)
  Key Vendors   Eli Lilly and Company (UK), TauRx (Republic of Singapore), Alector LLC (US), Accera, Inc. (US), Treventis Corporation (US), Neuro-Bio Ltd (UK), Cognition Therapeutics Inc. (US)
  Key Market Opportunities   joint ventures, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, new product developments along with research and developments
  Key Market Drivers

  • Increasing aging population
  • Technological advancement, macro economical and governing factors

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

    Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnostic Market is projected grow at 8.90% CAGR during the assessment period (2022-2030).

    The valuation of the Alzheimer’s disease diagnostic market is estimated to increase to USD 7,100 Million by the end of 2030.

    Technological advances in diagnostic devices and procedures, growing investments from industry players, and awareness about the importance of early diagnosis are the major tailwinds pushing the growth of the Alzheimer’s disease diagnostic market.

    North America holds the largest share in the Alzheimer’s disease diagnostic market, followed by Europe and the Asia Pacific, respectively.

    TauRx (Asia Pacific), Eli Lilly and Company. (US), Accera, Inc. (US), Neuro-Bio Ltd (Europe), Treventis Corporation. (U.S.), CogRx (US), are some of the major players operating in the Alzheimer’s disease diagnostic market.