Agricultural Adjuvants Market Research Report- Forecast till 2030

Agricultural Adjuvants Market Research Report: by Type (Activator Adjuvants & Utility Adjuvants), Application (Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides), Crop-Type (Grains & Cereals, Oil Seeds & Pulses, Fruits & Vegetables), Region ‚Äď Forecast till 2030

ID: MRFR/AGR/3990-HCR | January 2023 | Region: Global | 110 Pages         

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Agricultural Adjuvants Market

The agricultural adjuvants market to advance USD 4.95 Billion at a CAGR 4.95 % from 2022 to 2030

By Type Activator Adjuvants Utility Adjuvants
By Application Herbicides Insecticides Fungicides
By Crop-Type Grains & Cereals Oil Seeds & Pulses Fruits & Vegetables
Key Players
Companies Profiled   Evonik Industries AG in Germany   Akzonobel N.V. in Netherlands   Nufarm Ltd in Australia   Dow Corning Corp. in the U.S.   Croda International PLC in the U.K.   Clariant International Ltd in Switzerland   Adjuvant Plus Inc. in Canada   Helena Chemical in the U.S.   Solvay in Belgium   Huntsman Corp. in the U.S.
Market Driving Forces   Need for food is increasing due to population increase    Use of agrochemical products is increasing    Usage of pesticides increases
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Agricultural Adjuvants Market Overview:

Market Research Future (MRFR) projects the agricultural adjuvants market to advance USD 4.95 Billion at a CAGR 4.95 % from 2021 to 2030, as precision farming gains traction among farmers and growers worldwide.

Rising prevalence of modern farming practices and the mounting adoption of cutting-edge technologies including ‚Äúagriculture 4.0‚ÄĚ, which is a form of precision farming has favored the agricultural adjuvants market in recent years. Surging concerns about food security has been another growth booster for the agricultural adjuvants industry and will enhance the size in the coming years as well. Monetary pressure is building due to the soaring use of pesticides for higher product yield. To address this issue, farmers have been increasingly using agricultural adjuvants, as these cut down the total amount of agrochemicals used, fostering the penetration, retention, and spreading ability.

Rise in health and environmental concerns have steered the focus of governments as well as surfactant developers towards sustainable and renewable products. This has given way to a significant demand for biologically sourced products that have almost no negative impact on the environment compared to traditional petroleum-derived products that bioaccumulate within the marine environment. Agricultural bio- adjuvants are gaining traction in the petrochemical sector, given their benefits including low toxicity, biodegradability, interfacial operation, and improved surface.

However, less awareness level among the farmers and growers, particularly in emerging countries where the adoption of modern farming practise is still low, can have a detrimental impact on the worldwide market.

On the other hand, in view of their significant advantages, bio-adjuvants are experiencing massive demand from industries like agriculture, chemistry, food production, pharmaceutics, and cosmetics. Adjuvants are considered to be a critical auxiliary in the manufacturing process, while the advances in biotechnology, along with the emergence of strict regulations have shed light on the importance of using these products. They are gradually becoming a feasible alternative to chemical adjuvants.

COVID-19 Analysis

The chemical production companies over different parts of the world were shut down due to the adverse effect of the pandemic, which affected the market. To control the spread of the virus, the government closed national and international borders, which put a pause on the production of agricultural adjuvants market. Due to the pandemic, international trades are at a halt. The export-import of raw materials, packaging, and manufacturing was also halted, which slowed down the market's growth in the pandemic period. Many companies' marketing slowed down, and many were still struggling.

Chief Variables Existing in the Market

  • Key Market Drivers¬†

Several market drivers of the agricultural adjuvants market are improving the market's growth rate. There has been a continuous rise in the population happening in the world due to which the need for food will also increase, which will drive the market in the forecast period. The use of agrochemical products is increasing among farmers, which will enhance the market growth in the forecast period. In those times, farmers were unaware of the products and protected and made better products. Still, recently, due to the enhancement of technologies, farmers are getting aware of the products used to improve production, increasing the market's growth. The usage of pesticides increases day by day, which is also a key driver of the agricultural adjuvants market.

  • Market Challenges

The high rate of raw materials could be an issue for the producers to use the agricultural adjuvants market. The low productivity of the crop can also be a market challenge for market. The profit value decreases of the farmers due to the high-cost rate of the raw materials, which is a major challenge for the market.

  • Opportunities in the Market

The demand for multifunctional and simple usage adjuvants can create opportunities for the market. During the production, the high foam production will also create opportunities for the market's growth. Many new companies are interested in trying the market, which is also a growth opportunity. Agricultural adjuvants market analysis shows a high market opportunity in the forecast period.

  • Restrains

The agricultural adjuvants must be used properly; if not, the effect will not be similar, and they may also damage the crop severely, which is a restrain for the market. The market should try to work on these factors.

Cumulative Evaluation of the Market

The increased population and growing business for food production increase the market's growth. The cumulative evaluation shows the drivers are maintaining the market's growth and are expected to increase the growth rate in the forecast period. Their many opportunities for market growth are mentioned here, which will impact the market's growth and experience growth due to newcomers. The Agricultural adjuvants market Outlook showcases there will be a growth of the market. The restraints and challenges of the market need attention as they can affect the market negatively.  

Overview of the Main Market Segment

  • By Type

The Agricultural adjuvants market is segmented based on type segment into activator adjuvant, utility adjuvant, and many others. As the demand for natural surfactants increases because of the farmer's usage, the activator adjuvants are expected to showcase a high growth rate in the forecast period. The natural surfactant is good for the market's growth; that is why farmers are increasing the market's growth rate.

  • By Application

The market is further divided into herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and others based on the segment application. The farmers of the world are using herbicides more than the other segments, due to which the herbicides segment tends to enhance the growth of the market in the forecast period. And the herbicides segment is growing at a high rate, which will increase the market value of the agricultural adjuvants market. The fungicides segment is also showcasing significant growth, and it is expected to grow shortly.

  • By Crop Type

The crop type segment of the agricultural adjuvants market is further segregated into oilseeds and pulses, grains and cereals, fruits and vegetables, and many others. Grains and cereals are major food produced at a high pace because grains and cereals are the staple food in many regions. In many parts of India, grains are pulses consumed daily, due to which the grains and cereal segment is growing and will more in the forecast period. However, due to change in lifestyle and changing foods habits, the fruits and vegetable segment is also growing significantly and will grow in the forecast period. There will be growth in the Agricultural adjuvants market Outlook due to several segments' growth rates.

Regional Analysis

The agricultural adjuvants market is segregated in many parts of the world like North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and others. Many farmers are present in North America. Due to the key contributors present in the U.S. and Canada, the North American region tends to increase the market's growth rate. There has been strict regulation by the government of North America regarding food safety which also fueling the agricultural adjuvants market in this region. Europe is also on the second line of growth as Spain and Germany are slowly contributing to the agricultural adjuvants market, which will show the result in the forecast period. Brazil is expected to showcase a high Agricultural adjuvants market Share in the forecast period. As in India, China, and Japan, the agricultural practice is increasing; it is expected the Asia pacific will improve the market growth shortly.

The Competitive Intensity of the Industry

The agricultural adjuvants market is growing as the food necessities are increasing in the market, due to which the crops need to grow properly to fulfill the food demand. The competitive intensity of the market shows that there would be significant growth due to the competition that is going on between different market players. Each player is enhancing the growth of the market with the profit value. The Agricultural adjuvants market Value will increase because of recent market development. All the market players who are prominent to the market are helping the market in the growth, and as the demand increases, many new players also want to contribute to the market growth by stepping into it. The key market players of the Agricultural adjuvants market are

  • Evonik Industries AG in Germany

  • Akzonobel N.V. in Netherlands

  • Nufarm Ltd in Australia

  • Dow Corning Corp. in the U.S.

  • Croda International PLC in the U.K.

  • Clariant International Ltd in Switzerland

  • Adjuvant Plus Inc. in Canada

  • Helena Chemical in the U.S.

  • Solvay in Belgium

  • Huntsman Corp. in the U.S.

Recent Market Development

January 2022

Farmers Business Network (FBN) has introduced its latest series of agricultural adjuvants as well as crop nutrition products under the brand, ‚ÄúFarmers First‚ÄĚ. One of the products is Catalyst ADV, which is a soil prebiotic solution that has over 400 active biomolecules that help bolster the native soil microbiome to heighten the availability of the nutrients to the plant.

The agricultural adjuvants market report overview showcases the market's overall situation in the report. The market effect and aspects are all mentioned in the market. The report provides deep insight into the market based on each factor that will emerge the market growth rate. All the ranges of research and information are gathered primarily to produce a hundred percent accurate and valuable report. The Agricultural adjuvants market trends, values, opportunities, drivers, and restraints are analyzed properly for the agricultural adjuvants market. The report is very important for the market players interested in investing in the market and increasing the market's growth rate. And they should also keep all the factors in mind before trying the market. 

Key Industrial Segment

By Type

  • Activator adjuvants

  • Utility adjuvants

  • Others

By Application

  • Herbicides

  • Insecticides

  • Fungicides

  • Others

By Crop Type

  • Gains and cereals

  • Oilseeds and pulses

  • Fruits and vegetables¬†

  • Others


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Adjuvants are commonly used in modern agriculture to improve the performance of products used for crop protection. Adjuvants improve the cost-effectiveness of the products used for crop protection by extending the length of time the active ingredients in these products are active.

Activator adjuvants dominate the Global Agricultural Adjuvants Market, followed by utility adjuvants.

The growing demand for higher crop yields and higher standards of crop protection in the agriculture sector is the major driver for the agricultural adjuvants market.

North America is the dominant regional entity in the market, followed by Europe.

Key players in the Agricultural Adjuvants Market include Croda, Evonik, and AkzoNobel, among others.