A2 Milk Market Research Report – Forecast to 2027

A2 Milk Market: Information By Category (Guernsey, Jersey, Holstein, Brown Swiss), By Packaging Type (Bottles, Cartons, Others), By Distribution Channel (Store-Based & Non-Store-Based) - Forecast till 2027

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A2 Milk Market Overview

A2 Milk Market is expected to register a CAGR of 14.6% to reach USD 13,970.0 Million by 2025. Generally, the A2 Milk is consisting of high nutritional value instead of regular Milk. Also, it includes healthy milk fats that cannot be found in regular Milk. The A2 Milk is also considered to clean the deposited cholesterol from blood vessels because it includes the Omega3 content.

As per the A2 Milk Market Forecast report, the jersey category is projected to acquire a strong growth rate and the largest market share in the forecast period. Overall, Jersey milk is very popular worldwide, especially in New Zealand and Denmark, where the big commodity is butter because it is rich in butterfat quality. Generally, consumers are more likely to visit the supermarket to purchase grocery goods, which is expected to enhance the sales of the A2 Milk. However, the growing e-commerce platforms will grow the highest CAGR in the A2 Milk Industry forecast period. Moreover, the A2 Milk has different applications such as dairy products, infant formula, Milk & milk-based beverages, bakery & confectionery, etc.

Recently, gastrointestinal problems have increased who have consumed the A1 beta-casein protein along with traditional Milk. This resulted in enhancing the growth of the global Marketing forecast timeframe. Similarly, other health problems occurred because of standard or A1 Milk across the world, which has propelled the A2 Milk Market Growth. In addition, the growing product recognition and growing health-consciousness among the population is predicted to grow the industry and the Global Market.

Covid-19 Impact Analysis

Recently, most of the global market has been impacted due to the unprecedented global pandemic, and A2 Milk Market Trends was one of them. The sudden lockdown of many countries has stopped sourcing raw materials for packaging, manufacturing, and delivery. As a result, the global Market has disrupted the value chain and supply chain. At this time, the demand for dairy products has decreased.

As per the A2 Milk Market Outlook report, the present situation of the global market is shown to be stable due to the continuous efforts of the market players and manufacturers. In the present context, the global market is projecting to account for the higher A2 Milk Industry Revenue in the review period.

Market Dynamics

Major Drivers Of The Market

The increasing health-consciousness among consumers is driving the A2 Milk Market Growth in the forecast period. Moreover, the rising demand for A2 Milk in infant formulas fuels global market growth on a wide basis.

The FDA has issued strict policies and guidelines regarding food safety, quality, and nutritional product level. Thus, the A2 Milk is certified to be free from hormones and antibiotics. In addition, the normal Milk contains 3.6% fat, while the A2 Milk contains nearly 4.8% fat content. This factor is fuelling the demand for the A2 Milk Market.

Significant Opportunities For The Market

Recently, the demand for functional drinks has increased due to their offering digestive benefits. Also, the a2 milk preferences are increasing due to the increasing market purchasing, growing health consciousness among the consumers, and growing product awareness & information via advertisements. This is bringing lucrative opportunities for the global A2 Milk Market.

Additionally, the demand for organic drinks is growing among consumers, including no additives or preservatives, simpler labels, identifiable ingredients, and non-GMOs. This can be one of the major opportunities for the global A2 Milk Industry players and manufacturers.

Market Restraints

  • In general, the A2 Milk consists a higher price as compared to the traditional Milk. Thus, the high price of A2 Milk can hamper the growth of the global A2 Milk Market.

  • Hence, the global market is employing more key players with innovative ideas to combat the market restraint and provide better affordable solutions to the consumers.

Market Growth Challenges

  • According to the A2 Milk Market Outlook report, the high cost of A2 Milk can be a major challenge to the global market.

  • In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic can be one of the major Global Market challenges as it has disrupted the supply chain of the A2 Milk.

Cumulative Growth Analysis

The A2 Milk Market Trends are registered to generate a significant market share in the current year and is further estimated to grow in the upcoming years.

The North American market is registered to acquire a higher market value of USD 4.75 billion during 2025. Many dairy farms are growingly transitioning to cattle breeds like Jersey and Guernsey in this region as they mainly produce A2 Milk. Moreover, this region is fueling its growth due to supermarket chains such as Kroger, Walmart, and Costco in the U.S.

Market Segment Overview

By category

Based on the category segment, the global A2 Milk Market has been categorized into Holstein and Jersey.

Out of all, the Holstein segment is predicted to hold the dominant position by generating the highest CAGR of USD 3,948.6 million during the A2 Milk Industry Forecast period. This segment is growing because the Holstein cows are considered the largest producer of Milk across the world.

By Distribution Channel

Depending upon the distribution channel segment, the global A2 Milk Market has been classified into supermarkets & hypermarkets, e-commerce, convenience stores, and others.

The store-based category is projected to hold the dominant position in the industry by creating the higher A2 Milk Market Size during the research period. The supermarkets & hypermarkets segment is propelling its growth due to its appealing different plant-based goods and a high degree of exposure. Further, it also helps the consumers to explore the new variants.

By Packaging Form

The A2 Milk Market has been segregated into Cartons, Cans, Glass Bottles, and Plastic Bottles & Pouches in the packaging form segment.

In 2019, the carton segment was projected to lead the global market by generating the highest A2 Milk Market Share. This segment is propelling its growth as it pays lower shipping costs, allows the product to have a long-lasting shelf life, and is safe and convenient and for the utility of customers. Further, the carton segment is registered to hold the higher A2 Milk Market Share in the forecast period due to its rising consumption and growing preference.

Regional Analysis

Presently, the global Market has been segmented into different geographical locations such as Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Latin America, and other parts of the world.

In 2017, the Asia-Pacific regional market was projected to hold the largest A2 Milk Market Size, 40.88 per cent and is further projected to generate a significant CAGR in the research period. In this region, the Indian market holds the highest growth rate of 15.3 per cent in the assessment period. Moreover, Australia & New Zealand is projected to hold the highest market share in the review period as this region has leading economies.

Competitive Landscape Analysis

Presently, several giant market players relatively dominate the global Market. In the global market, the competitive major market players are:

  • The A2 Milk Company Limited

  • Nestlé S.A.

  • Provilac Dairy Farms Pvt. Ltd

  • Olivia Foods Pvt. Ltd

  • Ripley Farms LLC

  • Freedom Foods Group Limited

  • Taw River Dairy

  • Vinamilk

  • Urban Farms Milk

  • Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd.

According to the A2 Milk Market Analysis, the emerging global players and new regional players are presently focusing on new advanced strategies like product growth, joint ventures, recent innovations, mergers & acquisitions, partnerships, and alliances to enhance the market growth in the research period.

Recent Developments

  • In January 2021, The Australian Dairy Nutritionals Company has targeted one million dollars to offer a public share buying scheme and fund a child formula factory. Further, the company is using its current facilities to construct a new dietary goods manufacturing plant.

  • In January 2021, New Zealand's A2 Milk Co., a local dairy nutrition company and infant formula and milk seller, partnered with Mataura Valley Milk (MVM) to acquire a controlling stake. The partnership has aimed to develop world-class nutritional production at MVM.

Report Overview

  • As per the A2 Milk Market Analysis, this report measures the market performance by involving the secondary and primary data collection methods.

  • Overall, the Global Market report is consisting of the segments, dynamics, regional analysis, competitive landscape, covid-19 analysis, market overview, and recent developments. Further, this report has also highlighted the ongoing developed strategies by the key players of the global market.

Segmental Table

By Category

  • Holstein,

  • Jersey

By Distribution Channel:

  • supermarkets & hypermarkets,

  • e-commerce,

  • convenience stores,

  • others

By Packaging Form:

  • carton,

  • Cans,

  • Glass Bottles,

  • Plastic Bottles & Pouches

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