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Industrial Gearbox Market is predicted to reach USD 39.12 billion at a CAGR of 4.6% during the forecast period

Pune, India, August 2022, MRFR Press Release/Market Research Future has published a Cooked Research Report on the Global Industrial Gearbox Market.

Industrial Gearbox Market

An industrial gearbox is a system in which the mechanical energy is transferred from one device to another and is used to increase torque while reducing speed. Gearboxes can modify their speed torque to convert energy into a compatible format. They are useful in easing out the mechanical functioning in industries.

Industrial Gearbox

Market Synopsis

According to the MRFR analysis, the global industrial gearbox market size is projected to reach USD 39.12 billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 4.6%.

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The Industrial Gearbox market growth is mainly driven by growth in industrial automation in Europe and the rapid growth of the construction industry in developing nations. Moreover, the rise in the number of applications in renewable energy has fuelled the market growth. However, technical faults such as oil leakage and heating may hinder the growth of the industrial gearbox market.

COVID-19 has had detrimental effects on the global economy as many industries have been affected by the current circumstances, and operations of various sectors have come to a standstill. The power industry is among the major industries affected.

Lockdowns across countries have reduced the availability of skilled labour at construction sites. Furthermore, many key players in the industrial gearbox market have been downsizing in the last few months to reduce capital expenditure, as many industrial gearbox projects have been indefinitely delayed. The prices associated with industrial gearbox construction are expected to remain constant once the power industry stabilizes in the forthcoming months. However, if international trade does not resume, prices of raw materials will increase, leading to an increase in the final prices of industrial gearbox construction.

Industrial Gearbox Market Competitive Landscape

The Global Industrial Gearbox Market is characterized by the presence of many regional and local vendors. The regional industrial gearbox market is highly competitive, with all the players continually competing to gain a larger market share. The vendors compete based on cost, product quality, reliability, and aftermarket services. Therefore, vendors must provide cost-effective and efficient products to survive and succeed in a competitive market environment.

Siemens (Germany), Abb Group (Switzerland), Emerson Electric Co(US), Schneider Electric(France), General Electric(US), Sew-Eurodrive(Germany) are some of the major players in the industrial gearbox market, competing in terms of a variety of applications of Global Industrial Gearbox and their components, as well as efficiency, reliability, affordability, and advanced technology.

Market Segmentation:

Industrial Gearbox Market Based on type:

  • Planetary: Planetary gearboxes are compact power packs designed for coaxial applications requiring higher torques in small locations. Users benefit from small top-of-the-line drive technology with extremely high-power densities and ultra-smooth operation even at high speeds.

  • Helical: Helical gears have a slanted tooth trace and are a form of cylindrical gear. They have a higher contact ratio than spur gears, are quieter, have less vibration, and can transmit a lot of force. The helix angle of a pair of helical gears is the same, but the helix hand is in the opposite direction. When two teeth in a helical gear system engage, contact begins at one end of the tooth and expands out as the gears rotate until the two teeth are fully engaged.

  • Bevel: A bevel gearbox is a mechanism that splits and distributes the power of a single spinning mechanical drive shaft through a predetermined angle, usually 90 degrees. Bevel gearboxes are perfect when a driveline needs to turn a corner, or a single driveline needs to power several devices from a single motor.

  • Spur: Spur gears are the most frequent form of gear. Straight teeth are cut or inserted parallel to the gear's shaft on a circular gear body, also known as straight-cut gears. These gears use the parallel axes design to transmit motion and power when connected in pairs. Spur gears are mechanical devices that transmit motion and power from one shaft to another through a succession of mated gears to raise or decrease the speed of a device or multiply torque. Spur gears are more efficient compared to helical gears of the same size. They are quite dependable and provide continuous velocity.

  • Worm: A worm gear is a gear that consists of a spiral threaded shaft that engages and drives a toothed wheel. The plane of movement also changes according to the worm's position on the worm wheel, which modifies the rotational movement by 90 degrees (or simply "the wheel"). Worm gears' main advantage is their capacity to generate high reduction ratios and, as a result, high torque multiplication. Low- to medium-speed applications can also be utilized as speed reducers.

  • Other: The other segment of industrial gearbox market is included Helical Bevel and, Planetary Worm, etc. Worm Planetary Geared Motors are a complete drive solution consisting of the worm planetary gearbox with an electrical motor mounted for input drive.

Industrial Gearbox Market Based on design:

  • Parallel axis: Parallel Axis Gears are gears with two axes parallel to each other. Spur, Helical, and Internal Gears commonly transmit rotation/power along parallel axes. These are the most regularly used gears in numerous industries, with a wide range of uses. The main disadvantage is that they take longer to assemble and disassemble than a standard parallel shaft gear.

  • Auxiliary axis: An angled drive is a system having a gear train that can transmit torque/rpm at a 90-degree angle. A gear reducer is a mechanism that uses a gear train to lower the output rpm. A right angle or inline drive is determined by the type of gear utilized in the gearbox. The driveshaft and output shaft meet at a 90° angle in a right-angle gearbox, which uses rotation to transfer power.

  • Others: The other segment of industrial gearbox market covers the Non-Coplanar and Non-Parallel Axis Gears connect the two non-intersecting and non-parallel i.e., non-coplanar shafts, and these gears are known as skew bevel gears or spiral gears.

Industrial Gearbox Market Based on size:

  • Up to 1 MW: Smaller machines under 1 MW have a long history in the industry, with numerous examples of good performance. . In terms of ratios and design philosophies, there are several gearbox designs. Direct drive (no gearbox), high-speed generator (three-stage gearbox), and medium-speed generator (one or two-stage gearbox) are still battling for industrial gearbox market share on larger equipment.

  • Above 1 MW: Wind turbine gearbox would not have been rated to 2 MW in many other industrial applications, at least not with the current goal of 20 years of life. It is more likely that this gearbox would have been rated at around 1 MW. This is based on the reliability to reach the expected life. However, reliability is not fully considered in all applications but is crucial for some, such as aerospace. High demands can also be found in marine applications.

Industrial Gearbox Market Based on torque:

  • Up to 50,000 NM: The sun, planets, and internal teeth make up the modular planetary gears. Due to their high-power density, planetary gearboxes generate a similarly large heat load when working in compact rooms with high torques. As a result, the gearbox's thermal performance must be examined.

  • Above 50,000 NM: The planetary drive train is an excellent choice for all heavy-duty applications in which shock loads and impacts are more common than not. Due to the primarily modular options for mounting, gear layout, output shaft, and motor interfaces, the product configuration is highly versatile. All attributes are for each of the 20 closely spaced frame sizes, spanning the torque range of 1,250-1,286,700 Nm.

Industrial Gearbox Market Based on industry:

  • Power generation: Power plants must run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to meet demand. Power plants ensure that electricity is produced at its highest capacity without fail. The high-speed gearboxes are mounted between the steam turbine and the electric generator. The gearbox's job is to lower the extremely high turbine speed to the specified generator speed. The gearboxes are extremely dependable and efficient.

  • Construction: By selling gearboxes to a wide range of industrial applications, many companies have carved out a position in the construction equipment business. All the products' key characteristics, such as modular design, flexibility, compactness (high torque/weight ratio), and efficiency, improve the performance and efficiency of construction equipment, resulting in long life and high reliability.

  • Material handling: Transporting, storing, controlling, enumerating, and protecting products at every step of manufacturing, distribution, consumption, or disposal, industrial material handling equipment comprises a varied range of tools, vehicles, storage units, appliances, and accessories. At logistics operations, a variety of material handling devices are used.

  • Industrial: An industrial gearbox is a mechanism that transfers mechanical energy from one device to another to enhance torque while decreasing speed. Gearboxes can change their speed and torque to transform energy into a format used. They assist with the smooth operation of machinery in industries.

  • Wind power: A one- or two-stage planetary gearing system, also known as an epicyclic gearing system, is used in most wind turbine gearboxes in the 1.5 MW rated power range. In this design, multiple exterior gears or planets revolve around a single centre gear, the sun. The majority of wind turbine drivetrains currently use generators connected to gearboxes, which speed up the rotation from the turbine's blades' relatively slow speed (typically 5–15 rotations per minute for a modern machine) to the high speeds (1,000–1,800 rotations per minute) required to generate electricity.

  • Marine: Marine provides entire driveline solutions from supply and design to installation, servicing, repair, and spare parts to all sections of the marine industry. Workboats, fishing, wind farm maintenance, tugs, military, and pleasure ships are just some of the applications.

  • Others: The other segment of industrial gearbox market includes Semiconductor, Robotics, Textile, and Healthcare etc. and are available in different designs and specifications.

Industrial Gearbox Market Based on region:

  • North America: In North America, the US held the largest market share during the forecast period due to the country's increase in power generated from renewable energy resources. The industrial gearbox market report also covers the country-level analysis of North America, covering the US, Canada, and Mexico. The constant investment in innovative machinery to deliver higher accuracy will fuel the sector's growth throughout the forecast period.

  • Europe: All the companies gained a reputation in the Europe region as best heavy-duty gearbox manufacturers. As a result, all the companies are the top choice among parallel shaft helical gearbox suppliers in Europe for a simple replacement or developing a new gearbox. Germany held the largest share of the industrial gearbox market in the region due to the increasing investments in the industrial sector in the country.

  • Asia-Pacific: Asia-Pacific region is anticipated to dominate the industrial gearbox market during the forecast period. Increasing investment in residential and industrial infrastructure development, especially in the growing economies including China, Japan, India, and South Korea, is one of the primary factors boosting the industrial gearbox market growth.

  • Middle East & Africa: Various production facilities in the UAE include aerospace, marine, medical, cement, steel, mining and earthmoving, oil & gas, and others. From the design through the testing of a gearbox, the companies have experts in every stage of the manufacturing process. As a result, all the companies are regarded as one of the best series helical geared motor manufacturers in the UAE. Despite their lower ranking on the list, the Middle East & Africa should not be overlooked.

  • South America: Within a short time, the industrial gearbox market in Brazil and Argentina has established itself as a reliable source for enterprises' market needs. The use of helical gearboxes in electric car transmissions is predicted to boost demand as the automotive industry shifts its focus to electric vehicles. The development of inexpensive all-electric transmission powertrains represents a big growth opportunity for the helical gearbox market as EV sales continue to rise.

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