World Innovative Countries Ranking, Saudi Arabia and Botswana Shows Investment in Technology

By Aarti Dhapte, 28 April, 2023

World Intellectual Property Organization has recently published the Global Innovation Index (GII) ranking of countries based on their innovations and outputs. The focus, along with orders, is usually on the highest-ranked countries. The countries like the United States, Switzerland, and Sweden have made significant strides in the GII rankings in recent years.

In 2022, Botswana made the most significant leap in ranking by investing heavily in technology and innovation, with a considerable focus on developing the education system and flourishing entrepreneurship. The efforts can be seen well as it ranked in the latest GII rankings compared to 2021. The GII ranking made Botswana one of the top performers in sub-Saharan Africa.

Another example of a country focusing on developing its knowledge and technology-based economy and making significant investments in innovation is Saudi Arabia. According to the reports, the country's Vision 2030 plan also strongly emphasizes innovation and technology. It helped boost its rankings in the GII by fifteen places in 2022.

Other countries shining bright in the global innovation race are Ghana, ranked 95, Qatar, at 52; and Indonesia ranked 75. Thus, the countries advancing in the GII rankings are the ones that have understood the importance of innovation and have made significant investments also in the field of research and development. And all these countries are expected to grow in the GII rankings, as the assets are supposed to pay off over time.

The Worlds Most Innovative Countries
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