US Consumer Product Safety Commission Frames New Rules for Cooking on Gas Stove

By Snehal Singh, 19 January, 2023

The indoor gas quality is getting affected negatively due to most US households using gas stoves. Thus, according to reports, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission is now framing new rules for gas stoves. They are also looking forward to banning or coming up with alterations for the appliances as an action.

The Environmental Protection Agency and World Health Organization both have said the natural stoves which are being used by most of the households in the US emit nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and fine, articulate matter, which are considered to be unsafe to breathe and may cause respiratory illness, cardiovascular problems along with cancer and other health-related conditions.

Thus, as per the reports by the American Chemical Society and Institute for Policy Integrity, harmful gases can cause various illnesses. And again, the reports in the country have urged the citizens to go electric after tests found traces of nitrogen oxide gases at a high level from the gas stoves.

Data by the Energy Information Administration show transparently which areas of the U.S could be more affected by imposing a ban on the sales of gas stoves.  

While reports also show that electric stoves are common in the state, the picture of natural gas comes into the frame. The areas like New Mexico, Oklahoma, and other states in the Northeast and Great Lakes have a more mixed picture regarding this.
Increasing demand for electric cooking
The image shows increasing demand for electric cooking

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