Svitch Introduces a New Foldable Bike to Gain a Foothold in the Booming Indian Market

By Aarti Dhapte, 18 November, 2022

Svitch Bike, a native Indian premium electric cycle business, will add another unique selection of electric cycles to its premium portfolio of foldable luxury e-bikes in November 2022. The LITE XE electric cycle series provides exceptional characteristics. Because of its 36V, 10.4AH battery pack, the LITE XE can ride up to 80 kilometers on a single full charge. It can be folded 360 degrees and features a 36V, 250W motor. Because of its Aircraft Grade Aluminum 6061 frame, the e-bike is lightweight. It has adjustable handlebars, seats, and suspension. An LCD digital display displays information such as battery life and distance traveled. The bike also boasts 20x3 slim tires, 7-speed Shimano gears, 5 Pedal Assist System (PAS) settings, and an indication taillight.

The Svitch CSR 762, an electric bike, is also slated to be released by the end of 2022. In India, the popularity of e-bikes and e-bicycles is skyrocketing. The increased customer demand for electric bicycles for recreational and adventurous activities and the use of e-bikes in various industries, such as logistics and rentals, are moving the Indian electric bicycle market ahead. The country's vast population and improved last-mile logistics are expected to enhance the e-bike industry over the projected period.

Svitch is a firm founded in 2018 with a novel idea for addressing last-mile mobility concerns. With the rising trend of customers shifting to eco-friendly lifestyle choices, the firm is likely to flourish greatly as the electric bicycle industry in India expands. The future of India's e-bike (electric) sector is bright, with opportunities for transport, fitness, and pleasure. Expanded consumer health consciousness, substantial traffic congestion, environmental concerns, and increased public cycling activities.
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Svitch Introduces a New Foldable Bike to Gain a Foothold in the Booming Indian Market

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