Singulus Technologies to Develop New Coating Machine to Advance CdTe Thin Film Technology, Partnered With CNBM

By Anshula Mandaokar, 03 January, 2023

Considering the strategy of providing innovative and superior products, Singulus Technologies AG has concluded with an agreement to develop the next-generation vacuum coating machines.  The Germany-based equipment manufacturer is set to expand its coating machine portfolio through its fresh collaboration with the China National Building Materials (CNBM). The company which has been known for its quality physical vacuum thin-film and plasma coating products has made a larger customer base throughout the globe, with its innovatively tailored products for its global consumers.

To enlarge the company’s business, Singulus technologies AG company has been focusing on the prominent factors that will alter consumer choices globally. Considering the new development through the new collaboration with China Building Material, which is significantly focusing on CdTe thin film that can be highly appreciated by consumers. Moreover, the ever-growing need for vacuum coating machines from various industries including automotive, packaging, optics, and glass industries has been a key factor in the development of these products. Additionally, the Singulus Technologies company has constantly focused on sustainability and being a responsible corporate entity. The company also responsibly emphasizes for innovative products that take care of environmental awareness, and effectual use of resources.

In the mutual agreement by Singulus Technologies Ag and China National, Building Materials will further develop and focus on the CdTe thin film solar modules with the new facility and existing CIGS facilities. The agreement seems to be a benefit in reducing the major production cost along with improvising the cell performances for better output. Nowadays, vacuum coating machines have gained popularity due to rising industrialization in developed countries. That has ultimately enlarged the overall demand for technically improved machines. Owing to the rising demand from numerous industries, the need for these advanced machines has been growing.
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