Renewables Plays Major Role in the U.S. Electricity Generation

By Anshula Mandaokar, 17 April, 2023

Renewable resources have become more important in the United States nowadays. Electricity was generated from renewable sources over one year compared to coal in the U.S.

According to the reports, renewable energy sources generated more than 900 terawatt-hours of electricity in the U.S., whereas 800 terawatt-hours came from coal. Globally, changes are coming, and renewables are supposed to outweigh coal electricity generation by 2027.

The reports show that coal accounted for more than 2000 terawatt hours of electricity in the United States until 2007. But graph began to decline as regulations around fossil fuels limited the emissions of toxic elements and carbon intensity. Again, natural gas's electricity generation increased as it produces less carbon dioxide.

The United States has to continue growing carbon-neutral electricity sources like solar and wind energy to reach emission goals of the net zero age. All these have been on a steady upwards climb in the new millennium. Thus, they are also the second most significant source of electric power in the country. The report says gas made up almost 49 percent of the United States' electricity generation in 2022, whereas the share of renewables just passed 20 percent compared to coal and nuclear.

Thus, the reports prove that renewable energy makes up 12 percent of energy sources outside of the electricity- notably petroleum in the form of gasoline- are also added to the mix.

Annual US Electric Power Sector Generation by Energy Source  2012-2023
The image shows annual US electric power sector generation by energy source, 2012-2023

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