Nvidia Leading Global Chip Industry in 2023

By Aarti Dhapte, 01 June, 2023

Nvidia is playing a leading role in the global chip industry, and it is expected to be at the forefront of the artificial intelligence gold rush after its latest earnings release. Nvidia's market capitalization jumped by almost USD 200 billion on 25th May 26, 2023. The shares of Nvidia have soared this week, taking the company's valuation to nearly the trillion-dollar mark. It has dominated the market for chips used in artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

California-based Nvidia hardware underpins most AI applications today. It has almost 95 percent of the GPU market for machine learning. The AI chips Nvidia also sells in systems designed for data centers cost around USD 10,000 each.

Earlier, the company used to make graphics better for gaming and other applications, but later, towards the 2000s, it developed GPUs to enhance computer image displays. Recently the company invested more in the resources for creating tools to make GPUs programmable by opening their parallel processing capabilities for uses beyond graphics. Then a decade later, ChatGPT emerged, and Nvidia took advantage by investing in developing new kinds of GPUs that will suit more to AI and other software to make it easy to use the technology.

Nvidia's market cap increased by USD184 billion to around USD 940 billion, making it one of the biggest single days earns in the United States market history. Both Amazon and Apple have previously seen their market capitalization increase by USD 191 billion in a day in November and February 2022, respectively. Both were valued above USD 1 trillion at a time, making Nvidia's big leap even more attractive.

Nvidia s Market Valuation Dwarfs that of Intel and AMD
The image shows Nvidia market valuation dwarfs that of Intel and AMD

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