New Method in Blood Test to Detect Blood Cancer

By Rahul Gotadki, 05 May, 2023

With an invention, people could get themselves tested and diagnosed for prostate cancer with a new test for sugars in blood even if do not have symptoms. As per the reports, prostate cancer affects one in eight men in the UK and diagnosis has also tripled over the last three years.

According to the reports by Prostate cancer UK, Wales is one of the most affected regions in the UK for late prostate cancer referrals and its diagnosis. The data says, one in every five men with prostate cancer is detected and diagnosed too late for the cure. Also, in London this figure is one in eight.

Reports reveal that, Prostate Cancer UK has already funded the project at Swansea University, part of the charity’s Research Innovation Awards (RIAs).  An investment of £3 million has been done across seven UK institutions in the latest advancements to beat prostate cancer.

Hopes are intact that this new method of blood testing would lead to more effective testing and earlier diagnoses as it is often asymptomatic. Dr. Jason Webber has already received more than £400,000 to do research to create a new type of non-invasive blood test.

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