Nestle Launches Probiotics Targeted for Kids Growth

By Garvit Vyas, 04 November, 2022

Nestle Health Science’s probiotics brand, Garden of Life, has launched two new probiotics targeted at kids’ growth and immune health. The product has been launched in China to capture the kid segment further. The product, which comes in solid beverage forms, is widely sold in general stores throughout the country. Besides, probiotics are tiny delicate microorganisms that cannot survive in complex environments. The newly developed coated probiotic helps fight harsh environments and is the best supplement. The ultimate benefits of these probiotics have been recognized by Nestle, which has acquired a larger share in the segment. For decades, the company has been focusing on the probiotic market and has launched multiple products in the global market.

The continuous research and new development in probiotics have resulted in an innovative probiotic product called Edible Coating Probiotics. The continuous efforts of scientists have turned into more excellent product development. The edible coating probiotics eventually prevent infection in the urinary and digestive tract. As defined by the WHO, the consumption of probiotics can provide health benefits if consumed correctly.

Furthermore, probiotics carry various promising health benefits and help boost immunity. Recent studies have showcased that consuming a specific combination of bacteria can treat respiratory-related diseases. The increasing health consciousness among the youth has further garnished the demand for probiotics. The enlarged benefits of various probiotics have forced consumers to choose these probiotics for better health gut. Furthermore, considering the growing region, Asia-Pacific is the most prominent market for probiotic products, which sums up most of the youth population in major developing countries.

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Nestle Launches Probiotics Targeted for Kids Growth

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