Most Liked Game Companies in 2023

By Aarti Dhapte, 15 March, 2023

The issue of consolidation has lifted its head in the recent months because companies like Sony, Microsoft and Swedish company Embracer Group are buying up video games studios right and left. Microsoft’s planned acquisition about Activision Blizzard King, franchises like Call of Duty and Diablo are expected to pass scrutiny by European watchdogs and Federal Trade Commission.

The main cause of disagreement is the popular shooter series. According to the reports, one of the biggest video game brands in the world when tied to one of the major console manufacturers among those three could hamper competition in the long run. And Nintendo, seems to manage to score much higher with the gaming fans concerning more on the popularity and awareness than at least one of its competitors.

As per the survey reports, three quarters of U.S. gamers know the Japanese company while 47 percent also like it. Again, the runner-up Electronic Arts is known for 52 percent of respondents and also liked by a third of the surveyed gamers. Data reveals that the company also generated revenues of $7.4 billion and a net income of $1 billion in 2022. It even recently announced the layoffs of two hundred quality assurance testers for the popular multiplayer Apex Legends.

According to the gaming industry experts, the estimated market volume in the games industry in 2022 was $184.4 billion. Half of this amount is generated by mobile games and in-app purchases. According to the reports, three biggest markets in 2022 are, China, Japan, and the United States with revenues of $45.8 billion and $20 billion, respectively.

Global Video Games Revenue by Segment
The image shows global video games revenue, by segment (US$bn)

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