Henry Schein Increases its Portfolio in Several of Dentistry's Fastest-growing Categories, Including Clinical Software, Oral Surgery, and Orthodontic Products

By Rahul Gotadki, 21 December, 2022

The shareholders of Biotech Dental S.A.S., a rapidly expanding provider of cutting-edge clinical software and oral surgery and orthodontic products based in Salon-de-Provence, France, have signed a definitive agreement with Henry Schein, Inc., the world's largest provider of health care solutions to office-based medical and dental professionals, to acquire a major share stake in the business.

Henry Schein and Biotech Dental will expand the number of dentists, dental labs, and geographic areas that have access to Biotech Dental's complete line of high-quality software, products, and services, including dental prostheses, clear aligners, dental implants, regenerative solutions, and biomaterials. This transaction's implementation is dependent on receiving certain regulatory approvals.

Nemotec, a complete, integrated suite of planning and diagnostic software using an open architecture that connects dispersed devices to provide a digital view of the patient's overall health condition, offering greater diagnostic accuracy and an enhanced care experience, is one of several effective solutions supplied by Biotech Dental. In addition to producing the Smilers® brand of clear aligners, Biotech Dental is one of the brands with the fastest growth in France for custom abutments and implants. Moreover, LaGalaxy, a comprehensive, open, and secure software platform where both clinical and administrative procedures can be carried out, has been developed by Biotech Dental. Dentists and dentistry labs have access to end-to-end integrated technological platforms on a single platform that cut the price of implants, orthodontic, and prosthetic treatments while reducing treatment times and costs and helping to enhance case outcomes.

In accordance with the terms of the deal, Henry Schein will acquire a controlling interest in Biotech Dental. The remaining minority stake in the business will stay under the ownership of Upper side Capital Partners Group. The revenue for Biotech Dental's fiscal year 2021 was over $100 million. When amortization is not considered, Henry Schein anticipates that this deal will marginally erode 2023 profits per share. Non-cash acquisition accounting adjustments for inventories are the leading cause of the dilution. Financial information wasn’t publicly disclosed.
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