GRT Haul-Loc by Global Road Technology (GRT) Aids in Reducing Air Pollution

By Garvit Vyas, 17 November, 2022

GRT, the leading manufacturer in the Asia-Pacific region in the dust control field, is emerging from the outbreak with new technologies, process applications, and products.

A combination of products and processes has been developed to offer mining companies whole-of-site solutions to minimize the spread of polluted air. This evolution of its product and service offerings coincides with the industry's rapidly expanding sales to improve mining projects' onsite dust management strategies.

A specially formulated liquid polymer, GRT Haul-Loc, is added to watering trucks to minimize water waste by reducing the amount used to suppress dust. The resource industry can reduce the quantity of water needed for constant dust suppression by at least 65%. This product is specifically developed for the frequently dry and dusty circumstances in the resource and mining sectors. It was created to reduce the adverse effects of untreated dust from haul roads, cleared sites, hardstands, and massive soil/mineral stockpiles on the environment, workers, and living standards in nearby communities.

GRT has developed this technology to address problems with conventional dust suppression methods. Traditional methods that only use water to trap particulates are relatively ineffective because the two particles have different properties and repel one another like a magnet’s positive and negative poles.

The company invests in innovative goods with substantially higher efficacy than conventional approaches because of changing community pressure, legislative environment, and customer demands.

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GRT Haul-Loc by Global Road Technology (GRT) Aids in Reducing Air Pollution

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