General Assembly Pizza and Schwan's Company Launches First Frozen Pizza in the World Created with Impossible™ Beef made from Plants

By Snehal Singh, 30 December, 2022

On November 3rd, General Assembly Holdings Limited, an innovative, premium consumer packaged goods ("CPG") brand aimed at making great pizzas available to everyone, everywhere, announced the launch of its first co-branded frozen pizza product in collaboration with Impossible Foods, a California-based business that creates plant-based meat that tastes just like animal meat. The New York Sicilian, the first frozen pizza made using Impossible Meat (a plant-based meat), was introduced by GA Pizza and will be sold at 118 Metro supermarket shops in Ontario. The naturally leavened, ready in under 10 minutes frozen pie pays perfect homage to the beloved New York-style slice. Curt Martin, the corporate executive chef of General Assembly, and the in-house culinary team at Impossible Foods created the vegetarian New York Sicilian. Using the distinctive 100% naturally leavened dough from General Assembly as their starting point, the two chefs collaborated to create the co-branded product. Impossible Beef is seasoned with fennel seed, cayenne pepper, and garlic combination and served with red onions, sweet-yet-subtle Lombardi peppers, and mozzarella. The pies are par-baked and then quickly frozen using cutting-edge freezing technology.

GA Pizza began as a fast-casual pizza shop in the center of Toronto. More than three years later, they also provide a freezer-to-table line of CPGs, a ground-breaking direct-to-consumer e-Commerce experience, and a pizza box containing many pizzas. In 2020, GA Pizza introduced the world's first pizza subscription service and its CPG better-for-you frozen pizza. Over 650 retail outlets in Canada currently sell their CPG frozen pizza product. GA Pizza's goal at Impossible Foods is to make plant-based meat as available and accessible as traditional animal meat.

In October, Under its Hearth & Fire brand, food company Schwan's Co. added pre-fired frozen pizza to its product range. Pizza in the Hearth & Fire brand comes in four flavors: Margherita, Pepperoni, Bianca, and Mushroom. A suggested retail price of USD 11.99 is charged for the Margherita and Bianca varieties, while a suggested retail price of USD 12.99 is charged for the Pepperoni and Mushroom variants.

In 1952, the Schwan Food Company began supplying isolated rural communities with ice cream. Today, Schwan's network of trucks serves homes in all 48 continental states with a portfolio of more than 400 food products. Through conventional retail and club grocery shops, the Schwan's Food Service business section manufactures and distributes branded frozen pizzas, desserts, side dishes, and ethnic delicacies. Chain restaurants, schools, delicatessens, and institutional clients can purchase frozen specialties, sandwiches, and premium desserts from Schwan's Food Service business section.
Frozen Pizza Market Worldwide from 2020 to 2027
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