Americans Views where AI will be Most Useful in 2023

By Aarti Dhapte, 06 April, 2023

OpenAI has launched its new multimodal language model GPT-4 in the second week of March 2023. It is released just four months after the release of the first version. According to the reports ChatGPT has taken the tech globe by storm with its ability to create everything from lyrics of a song to the answers of a medical licensing exam in the US responding to the user’s written query.

A research carried out by an organization in December 2022 was carried out just after the release of the platform to get opinions of the U.S. adults on this. The research found that respondents were tied to whether the AI could advance the process of writing the articles of news.

Forty-four percent says it can also bring either major or minor advances. On the other hand, 45 percent said it would not and 11 percent said they were also not sure. As per the data, only a third of respondents heard of AI being used for article writing. There is a shift in the balance. But there are also reports regarding the initial version of having the backlash due to a series of factual errors and illogical answers.

According to the reports, 78 percent are of the view that AI technologies could have minor or major impact in having robots to perform the surgeries. This application of AI was known mostly that is 59 percent in comparison with other cases, for example predicting protein structures in cells that is 21 percent awareness or 25 percent heat resistant crops.

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