3D Systems Expands its Products Portfolio, adds Nickel and Copper Alloys to the Products List

By Garvit Vyas, 22 November, 2022

Recently, 3D Systems, one of the major players in the market, announced the addition of two new materials certified as Certified HX and Certified CuCr2.4, for use with the company’s DMP Flex 350 and DMP Factory 350 3D printers, with HX also approved for the DMP Factory 500.

This high-performance nickel alloy, Certified HX, allegedly contains a higher percentage of molybdenum (9.5 percent) which is higher than other nickel alloys. This high percentage of molybdenum enhances the resistance to corrosion and strength and sustains creep deformation, cracking, and oxidation in hot-zone environments. This makes it ideal for applications with service temperatures of around 1200 C. This superior material quality will help to produce tall, large parts with integrated cooling and flow channels in the ideal orientation for the industries like energy, industrial gas turbine, petrochemical, aerospace, and defense. In addition to this, the business manager of the company also stated that “The high heat-deflection temperature of the HX material combined with the surface smoothness, part accuracy, narrow tolerances and high repeatability of the DMP Factory 500 printing process addresses the essential performance requirements of these parts and critical features such as cooling channels.”

Introduction of H-13 Tool Steel Powder for Digital Metal Binder Jet Printers

Digital Metal announced the availability of H13 metal powder, also known as DM H13, for all its metal binder jet printers. The hot-work tool steel can sustain its strength and hardness when exposed to high temperatures and displays good resistance to thermal weakness. Due to its abrasion-resistant characteristic, H13 is widely used in forming tools such as extrusion dies and injection molds.

The new product will help print complex and detailed H13 parts and note the digital metal officials, with properties that can be tailored toward application-specific requirements through post-sintering heat treatments.
3D Printed Part Produced with Certified HX
3D Systems Expands its Products Portfolio, adds Nickel and Copper Alloys to the Products List

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