3D Concrete Printing, with its Innovative and Sustainable Outlook, is Gaining Traction across the Building and Construction Sector

By Aarti Dhapte, 05 December, 2022

As the name suggests, 3D concrete printing is one of the recent building and construction technology that uses computer-operated robots to print 3D structures for buildings and other kinds of infrastructures. 3D concrete printing technique print and build intricate structures that conventional construction techniques struggle with. Leading and medium-scale players operating in the global building and construction market have already adopted this technology back on its economical and highly sustainable construction outlook. 3D concrete printing technology substantially avoids the need for a framework which is considered a waste in the conventional construction method. Furthermore, through its printing process, this novel method saves around 40% of the materials, depending upon the civil structure's shape, size, and geometry. The 3D concrete printing technique is anticipated to be a sustainable option among the industry players during the foreseeable future due to the mentioned factors.

The global building and construction sector is dealing with major issues such as carbon footprints and a shortage of skilled workers. 3D concrete printing can address both of these issues. The digitally enabled design and work functioning removes unnecessary waste and ensures the work is done on the first attempt. Furthermore, the factory setting of this technology offers certainty on construction quality and minimizes the extra on-site tasks with added safety and health benefits.

The futuristic outlook for 3D concrete printing technology is astonishing as it remarkably solves the issues that conventional construction methods cannot for several years. Based on its functioning, the technique provides freedom to construction designers and limits waste and carbon. Constructors and builders operating in the global market use this construction technique for commercial and industrial applications and residential homes. 3D concrete printing is an example of successful innovation that significantly helps brand owners in multiple ways. Also, incorporating and adopting sustainable 3D concrete printing techniques across all kinds of constructions can be a pivotal step towards net zero goals.
3D Printing Technologies and Materials Market Share 2022-2033
The image shows the evolution of market shares for 3D printing technologies and materials 2022-2033

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